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Things to Do in Morgantown WV – 15 Fun Activities

If you want fun things to do in Morgantown WV, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice. I sincerely enjoyed visiting Morgantown simply because it offers so much to do.

Things To Do In Morgantown WV

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Although this is a quaint little town, it is by no means sleepy! I discovered that because it is home to a prestigious college, it exudes a lively vibe.

Morgantown annually draws tourists, solo travelers, and families. I firmly believe it is one of the best places to visit for an action-packed holiday or if you just want a full itinerary.

It is virtually impossible to be bored in Morgantown. I discovered that I had to categorize my activities and plan my days well if I wanted to get everything done on my wish list.

You can easily spend an entire week in this aesthetic little town. This article will explore fun things to do in Morgantown WV including places to eat and drink, outdoor activities, and arts and culture outings.


Places to Eat and Drink in Morgantown WV:

No holiday itinerary would be complete without including places to eat and drink. Exploring the local cuisine, breweries, wineries, and coffee shops will always be one of my favorite things to do on vacation.

I particularly enjoy sampling the places that the locals enjoy because it usually offers the best value for money and is generally not as busy as the touristy places.

1. Morgantown Brewing Company

Assorted beers for tasting

The Morgantown Brewing Company is the oldest brewery in Morgantown. It is a place that the locals love, but also attracts a lot of tourists.

The focal point when visiting the Morgantown Brewing Company is craft beer. They currently have eight different craft beers on their menu to try.

The brewery also boasts an impressive menu with appetizers, burgers, chicken wings, and sides. There are several options to choose from but my favorite was the Brewpub Style featuring blue cheese crumbles and crispy bacon.

They also have the option to build your own burger for those that are particular about burger toppings. Tourists and travelers alike can also purchase several different types of glasses with the Morgantown Brewing Company logo printed on them.

I highly suggest visiting the Morgantown Brewing Company on a lazy weekend afternoon. It should be nice and busy which is always a fun vibe. Their cold brews are best enjoyed on a warm summer afternoon, so be sure to work that into your itinerary.

Morgantown Brewing Company is also constantly involved in whatever may be happening in town. They participate in events, so look out for their stall when visiting festivals or bazaars in and around town.

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2. Pies and Pints

Pie and drink

If you are looking for a nice place to relax after a busy day sightseeing in Morgantown, then Pies and Pints is your best bet. It is close to the university, and therefore a favorite among the students.

This means that it always has an energetic and lively vibe and the college town atmosphere is more palpable here than anywhere else. Pies and Pints specialize in craft beer and craft pizza.

They have more than 20 beers on tap which means that you have more than enough to choose from. Pies and Pints also pride themselves on offering unique and interesting combinations when it comes to their pizza.

This means that you’re likely to see styles and toppings you’d be hard put to find anywhere else. Because Pies and Pints is so centrally located, it is the best place to grab a bite in between activities.

It is close to the nightlife of downtown, five minutes from the university, and nestled between many other shops. It is also just a mile from the Milan Puskar Football Stadium.

Therefore, regardless of what you’re planning to do before or after, this is the best place to grab refreshments. I highly recommend the Street Corn pizza featuring seasoned corn, jalapeno peppers, parmesan, and chipotle crema.

Or try the Sriracha Shrimp pizza with shrimp, sriracha aioli, and fresh pineapple – if you like that sort of thing.


3. Morgantown Farmer’s Market

Things To Do In Morgantown WV - Visit farmers market

Even if you don’t have that much time to spend in Morgantown, the Morgantown Farmer’s Market is an absolute must! It is one of the cutest and best little markets to find fresh items.

The biggest drawcard of the market is that it has the sole aim of supporting small family farms in and around Morgantown itself. All of the produce at the market comes from within a 50-mile radius of Morgantown.

This means that anything you buy is helping to sustain the farming community of Morgantown and its immediate surroundings. The vendors of the Morgantown Farmer’s Market host the market weekly from May to November at the Morgantown MarketPlace.

It is the very best place to find locally sourced and absolutely fresh produce, eggs, meats, bread, and more. There are also baked goods, flowers, nuts, grains, and farm-crafted items available for purchase.

This is a great place to stop by as this is where the locals do most of their shopping. It enables you to get a real feel of the Morgantown community.

It is also an excellent place to connect with the locals and have a chat regarding what they believe are the biggest drawcards of their little town.


4. Forks of Cheat Winery

Man holding glass smelling red wine close-up

Forks of Cheat Winery is hidden in the Appalachian Mountains in the north-central area of West Virginia. This winery is renowned for producing a large variety of award-winning wines with old-world tradition.

The winery is well-known among the locals and it is also prized as a premium facility when it comes to wine production. It produces 20 000 gallons plus of fine wines per year.

Jerry Deal is the winemaker at Forks of Cheat Winery and his story is incredible. He started making wine as a hobby after getting caught stealing grapes.

He was caught eating the grapes of a neighboring farm and afterward decided to plant his own. Making small batches of homemade wine soon turned into a lucrative hobby. Today he owns one of the foremost wineries in West Virginia.

It is a family-based business and when visiting, the staff always try and make you feel like part of the family as well. I enjoyed Forks of Cheat Winery tremendously and it has a wonderful vibe, especially in the summer.

If the weather is nice, I highly recommend taking a seat out on the deck before sampling some of their wine. The winery is open every day which makes it ideal regardless of when you go.


5. Mountain State Brewing Company

Burger and beer at pub

Of course, there is already a brewery on this list, but no list of places to drink and eat in Morgantown would be complete without Mountain State Brewing Company. This franchise is one of the great places that travelers from all walks of life like to hang out.

The locals know the Mountain State Brewing Company as one of the oldest distributing microbreweries in West Virginia. And not only do they serve excellent brews, but they have a fantastic restaurant side too!

The Mountain State Brewing Company drinks also don’t stop at beer, so don’t fret if you’re not into a brew. There will still be plenty of other options to choose from.

Their drinks menu includes some fun cocktails, specialized margaritas made with in-house sours, and flights. However, for the beer drinkers, they do have their four signature brews served in Mason jar pitchers.

As for the restaurant side, they are well-known for their excellent sandwiches and flatbreads. I highly recommend the Steakhouse flatbread with an alfredo base and prime rib. Otherwise, you can have something simple and get the Pesto and Prosciutto which is exactly as delicious as it sounds.


Get Outdoors!

I have always enjoyed active holidays and getting outdoors is one of the best ways to explore new places. Regardless of your fitness level, there will always be an outdoorsy activity that’ll be fun for you.

I tend to enjoy hiking and parks the most, but every town has more than enough other options as well. And Morgantown West Virginia is no different.


6. West Virginia Botanic Gardens

Things To Do In Morgantown WV - Visit Botanic Gardens

Image Credit: Rosemarie Mosteller/

The West Virginia Botanic Gardens is situated neatly between Cheat Lake and Morgantown. It is easily one of the most beautiful natural places in and around Morgantown.

It is set in a former reservoir and features a wide variety of flowers and trees. There are also numerous hiking trails that lead through the gardens, and you can choose how far you want to walk.

Currently, there are nine different gardens in the West Virginia Botanic Gardens and most are connected by the Loop Trail. This means that if you follow the trail, you are likely to see the best of what the gardens have to offer.

The nine gardens all vary in size and formality as well as in age and each has its own unique characteristics. For example, the Butterfly Garden is full of flowers and the Eclectic Garden showcases perennials and annuals that vary from year to year.

Then again, the Meditation Garden is shady and quiet with mossy logs, rocks, and rhododendrons surrounding a bench. The Rhododendron Garden features many plants that love acid soil including azaleas and even some herbaceous plants.

Families with children will be delighted to know that they are currently planning a Children’s Adventure Garden. It will have a conceptual design and will be a wonderful way to spend a summer’s day out with your kids.


7. Cheat Lake

Things To Do In Morgantownn WV - Visit Cheat Lake

Cheat Lake is the perfect place for couples or families that would like to spend some time by the water. If you have a boat, there are several public launching places on Cheat Lake.

However, because, of course, tourists and travelers don’t often travel with their boats, the Sunset Marina does have a boat hire service. So, rent one and spend a day on the water!

The launch areas are also suitable for launching smaller watercraft. This means that you can easily take your SUP or kayak to Cheat Lake as well.

It is a favorite among enthusiasts of this type of watersport, so you’ll have plenty of company! Otherwise, if you aren’t interested in renting boats or kayaks, you can simply enjoy the water the old-fashioned way – by swimming.

There are several restaurants along Cheat Lake, so it’s easy to make a day trip out of it. You can spend the day swimming or boating or just playing by the water, and then head off to lunch.

Alternatively, Cheat Lake is also known as one of the premier fishing destinations in West Virginia! There are 26 miles of shoreline to fish from and it is one of the best places to hook bass.

There is also a smaller area downstream where fishermen can expect to catch walleye and sauger.


8. Coopers Rock State Forest

Raven Rock overlook at Coopers Rock State Forest West Virginia

Coopers Rock State Forest is one of the West Virginia State Parks and it is absolutely beautiful. The park was established in 1936 and it has some of the most stunning views in Almost Heaven.

It is approximately 13 miles from Morgantown, so you will have to do some driving to get there. If you don’t have a car, it’s fairly easy to find a taxi or a shuttle to take you there.

The park has several key features that make it an idyllic place for an outdoor adventure. There are stunning outlooks from canyon faces, historical sites, several picnic spots with shelters, more than 50 miles of biking and hiking trails, sandstone cliffs that are excellent for bouldering or climbing, a cross-country ski terrain, and a lake for trout fishing as well as a river for rafting.

You can stay in the forest as there are several accommodation options. There are so many fun things to do in Morgantown’s Coopers Rock State Forest that you can easily spend a few days there.


9. Raven Rock Trail

Things To Do In Morgantown WV - Hiking

The Raven Rock Trail is an excellent option for families that are interested in a more active holiday. I would highly recommend this hiking trail for families with slightly older children.

It may not be as suitable for very young or inexperienced children as the descents can be steep and you may need to cross some debris and rocks. There are downed trees and boulders and it is best if you have good shoes.

It can be a little bit of a workout, so is great for the family that would like a challenge on vacation. The trail is approximately 4 km out and back and it is pet-friendly, so you can bring your dog as long as they’re leashed. Just be careful on the descents with your four-legged friend.

Raven Rock Trail tends to be quite popular and so you are likely to encounter others on the way. Just be sure to give way to those that would like to run the trail in order to avoid collisions. I would classify the trail as fairly moderate, but the views make it all worth it!

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10. WVU Zipline Canopy Tour

Things To Do In Morgantown WV - WVU Zipline Canopy Tour

Morgantown is home to West Virginia University and the university contributes a lot to the town. One of the best things about it being a university town is that Morgantown boasts a ton of great things to do. One of the best fun things to do in Morgantown is the WVU Zipline Canopy Tour.

Although not in Morgantown itself, the Zipline is just 15 miles away. It is to the north of the Coopers Rock State Forest and it is an excellent choice for the family looking for some holiday adventure.

If you like adrenaline and are looking for a fun day out, then this should definitely be on your itinerary. The Tour has 4 ziplines in total as well as 7 tree platforms, an aerial ladder, an aerial bridge, and a rappel station to exit the course.

It is one of the best outdoor adventure options in West Virginia. It is also very close to Cheat Lake, Coopers Rock State Forest, and Morgantown itself. This means that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do.

You can easily access the Zipline from Morgantown and it does offer fun for the whole family. Children just need to weigh at least 70 pounds in order to be able to complete the Zipline Tour. I guarantee that this will be an adventure the whole family will enjoy!


Arts and Culture in Morgantown WV

Morgantown is a quaint university town with a very modern vibe, but it does have historical significance as well. Many tourists and travelers are often interested in the history of a place when visiting.

It is well worth popping into some of the museums that Morgantown has and if you’re looking for more fun things to do in Morgantown, then some of the cultural attractions may interest you as well.

It is worth exploring the local culture and attractions if you want to get a real feel of any town. Morgantown boasts several wonderful arts and culture sites, so be sure to include some on your itinerary!


11. Spark! Imagination and Science Center

Children learning about, Excavating dinosaur fossils simulation

If you are traveling with children, you’ll know that it is important to find family-friendly activities. Spark! Imagination and Science Center is located in Morgantown and can be classified as a children’s museum. If you are looking for something interesting and educational to do with your children when in Morgantown, this is it.

The purpose of the center is to encourage people of all ages to explore the arts and science through hands-on exhibits. This is a very interactive center and children of all ages are welcome and will love it.

The center understands that when adults play with their children, children are stimulated and retain knowledge better. That is why this is a center focused on the entire family.

There are several stations including an engineering station, a space station, a dinosaur station, and imagination stations. Children can use their hands and touch, feel, explore, and play.

This is one of the most fun outings in Morgantown if you are traveling with children. They will enjoy interacting with the displays and as an added bonus, it’s educational as well.


12. Morgantown History Museum


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If you’re interested in history and the historical significance of Morgantown, pop into the Morgantown History Museum. The museum is open every day so regardless of whichever days you spend in Morgantown, you’ll always be able to visit the museum.

The museum started in 2011 when it became the very first museum to be sponsored by a city in the area. Their mission was to promote and preserve the regional and local history and make it accessible to visitors as well as the citizens of Morgantown.

The museum tells the story of Morgantown and its progression over the years. The collection features pieces from pre-history all the way through to the present.

You can see social and cultural, military, and industrial artifacts. You will also be privy to some wonderful photographs. There is a daily collection of exhibits that is always open to the public and never changes.

However, there are some feature exhibits that change throughout the year. The permanent exhibits include a fascinating vintage printing shop and local pottery and glassware.

I highly recommend a visit to the museum to any history buffs that travel through Morgantown. Be sure to keep an eye on their website for exciting feature exhibits and events that may occur while you’re there!


13. The Art Museum of WVU


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As previously mentioned, Morgantown is a university town and home to West Virginia University. This means that the university contributes to the town in many different ways.

Not only do the students bring a vibrant energy to the town itself, but the university itself offers many interesting activities and attractions. One of the attractions that the university prides itself on is the art museum.

Just be sure to check their hours of operation before you go as the museum sometimes closes over the summer break. This means that the museum may not be open if you happen to be traveling during these times.

However, if you go at any other time, admission is free and you’re sure to see some incredible art. The museum boasts more than 4000 paintings, works on paper, prints, sculptures, and ceramics.

It has been accumulated from both local and global artists and is truly a treat for any art lover. Some of the most recent exhibitions included a collection of photography that features the violin particularly.

There was also an exhibit featuring the prints of local, celebrated artist Marie Watt. She is one of the country’s foremost contemporary artists and the collection included more than 60 prints and sculptures.

This is one of the fun things to do in Morgantown that is easily packed into a single morning.


14. The Royce J. and Caroline B. Watts Museum

Old coal mine wagon

This is another treasure that West Virginia University has bestowed on Morgantown. History buffs will tremendously enjoy this museum situated in the Mineral Resources building at the university.

The aim of this museum is to promote and preserve the cultural, technological, and social history of the petroleum and coal industries of West Virginia. The purpose is to collect, preserve, research, and exhibit archival materials as well as historical objects.

Perhaps this museum is more tailored to the dedicated history buff with an in-depth curiosity regarding mining. The museum’s collections feature mine rescue equipment, working scale models featuring mining equipment, drilling and mining artifacts, global and local rare minerals, canary cages, and historic photographs.

I believe that anyone interested in the true history of mining will be fascinated by this museum. There are several exhibits that feature early equipment from the oil, gas, and coal industries.

You can even see some of the personal effects of the coal miners including lunch buckets, clothing, and carbide lights.


15. Catch a Game at Mountaineer Field

Things to do in Morgantown WV - Catch a game atMountaineer Field

Image Credit:1022 Project/

Nothing quite gets you into the spirit and culture of a place than supporting the local sporting teams. If you have an interest in sport, or even if you don’t, rooting for the local team along with the locals will give you a new perspective on any town or city.

The Milan Puskar Stadium is home to Mountaineer Field in Morgantown. If you have the time and the means, I highly recommend going to a game at the stadium on your visit. There is no better place to be on a Monday night in Morgantown than Mountaineer field.

As soon as the Mountaineers begin their warmup routine, 60 000 fans will abandon their tailgates and head to the stadium. There are no bad seats apparently, and each fan will have an unobstructed view of the field. There are also HD video boards to capture all the action.

I highly recommend catching the local football game at Mountaineer Field while you’re in Morgantown. Being surrounded by cheering, adoring fans and wrapped in the warm glow of the stadium lights, you’ll feel just like a local.

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Choosing the Best Fun Things to Do in Morgantown WV

There are so many fun things to do in Morgantown that it may be difficult to choose your favorites. I highly recommend choosing at least one thing to do from each category in this list.

By doing so you will ensure that you grab a bite to eat at a good place, get active and outdoors and enjoy nature, while also exploring the local art and culture of Morgantown. Happy travels!