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About Us

Greg and Lorena Kononenko and Alen and Ana Sehovic

Lorena & Greg Kononenko, and Alen and Ana Sehovic (left to right)

Hi, welcome to our website!

We’re two families, we’ve been friends for well over 20 years, and our names are Lorena & Greg Kononenko and Ana & Alen Sehovic.

We live in sunny Sydney, Australia, and we LOVEĀ traveling.

Who Are We?

Just like about half of the population of Sydney, we have very international backgrounds. Lorena is originally from Brazil, Greg was born in the Soviet Union, and Alen and Ana have family roots from the former Yugoslavia.

We have always traveled, to learn more about our families’ past, and to experience new cultures. Among us, we’ve visited 36 countries, and we love sharing our experiences.

Greg on the beach in Brazil

Greg on the Beach in Peruibe, Brazil

That’s how we decided to start this website – initially we started creating posts about the travel destinations here in Australia, around Sydney.

Some of our first posts were about the Kiama Blowhole, various beaches around the Kiama area, and when we put up those posts, surprisingly we found that we’re getting Google search traffic to them!

Even though Australia isĀ very far away from the rest of the world, we try to travel as much as possible.

Some of our favorite places are tropical getaways such as Hawaii and Florida, and total wilderness getaways like Alaska.

Alen and Ana in Hawaii

Alen and Ana Sehovic in Hawaii

We try to take as many trips every year as our finances allow. We have visited many states in the US, traveled through South America, visited New Zealand, and driven through many countries in Europe.

The world is a stunning place, and life is too short, so we try to cover as many destinations as possible when we have a chance.

Greg and Lorena in Portugal

Greg and Lorena in Praia da Marinha, Portugal

About TravelCroc

Since our website unexpectedly started to get some search traffic from Google, we decided to expand the website and try to cover as many destinations as we can from countries that we have either visited ourselves or intend to visit in the future.

Our friends were interested in checking out the photos and reading more about the destinations we visit, so we thought that maybe this information would be useful to others as well.

We’ve visited remote places like New Zealand

Alen and Ana in New Zealand

Alen and Ana in New Zealand

… And some crowded, bustling places like Moscow and St Petersburg

Greg and Lorena in Moscow

Greg and Lorena in Moscow

… and realized that traveling is what makes us happy – seeing new places, having new experiences, trying new food, learning new languages, and discovering more and more about the world we live in.

So we hope that you find our website useful to help you uncover various destinations, places to see and things to do.

Thank you so much for visiting our site! You can get in touch with us using this Contact page.

Greg and Lorena Kononenko & Alen and Ana Sehovic

P.S. You can start here by visiting our Blog section