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Guest Post / Write For Us

Do we accept guest posts?

Yes, but only if you are a legitimate, established blogger who has a quality blog with unique content.

That means – please do not contact us if you are a content agency, or someone who wants to buy links. We do not sell links.

We accept guest posts from fellow bloggers only, who have websites which we can easily see, and we can verify the quality of the content you will deliver to us. Here are the minimum criteria for guest posts:

  • Content has to be over 2,000 words, about travel topics – such as destination guides, things to do in “X”, best restaurants in “X” etc
  • We expect around 4-5 images for every 1,000 words
  • Content needs to be 100% unique and original. It must return 0% match on Copyscape. You may not publish this content anywhere once it’s published on our site
  • Goes without saying, but the content has to be high-quality, we’re a large travel website and will not accept sub-standard posts
  • Note: if you’re a business looking for a mention, then please don’t contact us. We only work with bloggers

What’s the process to submit a guest post?

  • Get in touch with us via the Contact Page
  • or email lorena [ at ]  travelcroc [ dot ] com
  • Important: please provide your website URL. We only work with bloggers. If you contact us with a generic “Hi, I love your content, and have great ideas for your site”, we will not respond, as we get dozens of generic pitches every day
  • Let us know the proposed topic and targeted keywords of your guest post (we can provide you with keywords we’d like you to write on, if you don’t have any ideas)
  • Send the links to your blog, and some examples of articles you’ve posted on your blog

What kinds of guest posts are likely to get accepted?

The best thing to do is to read through some of our posts. If we’ve posted it before, it means that similar posts are likely to get accepted. Here are some examples:

We look forward to working with you!

Lorena, Greg, Alen and Ana