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Top 20 Interesting Things To Do In Joplin MO

Today we are sharing with you the top 20 things to do in Joplin, Mo. Whether you are planning a trip to explore Joplin or just stopping by for a day we have got you covered!

Joplin is located in the state of Missouri and it is well known for its historic Route 66, museums and the beautiful Shoal Creek. But there is more to Joplin than meets the eye, and you will be very surprised!

Our activity list is organized by categories, such as:

  • Attractions for a romantic getaway
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Art and culture
  • Must-sees for nature lovers
  • Adventure

Let’s dive in and explore what Joplin has to offer!

Things To Do In Joplin MO For Couples

You don’t have to fly to Paris for a romantic getaway with your partner. Joplin has a number of intimate places where the two of you can be alone and focus on each other. We have selected four lovely places for you to check out:

1. Couples Massage at Spa 529

Couple relaxing at a massage place - things to do in Joplin Mo

What could be better than having a nice, relaxing massage with your loved one? Spa 529 offers a 60-minute rub down, lying beside your partner. Two specialists come in and give you each a fully customized experience simultaneously, all as you listen to relaxing music. You will both walk out feeling refreshed and ready for the next phase of your trip.

2. Watch a Movie Over Drinks at Bookhouse Cinema and Pub

Couple at the movies - Things to do in Joplin Mo

Bookhouse Cinema is a local favorite in Joplin. A combination movie theater, restaurant and pub, you can have a meal before heading into your movie, or discuss the film over drinks on their patio after. They have a regular rotation of indie classics and newcomers, which you won’t see screened anywhere else in the city. If you like live comedy, they regularly host local comedians.

The food is standard pub fare, but the cocktails are creative and they have a great selection of beers on tap.

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3. Light One Up at El Guapo’s Cigar & Pipe Lounge

Glass of Wiskey and Cigar - Things to Do in Joplin Mo for couples

An alternative to the usual nightlife spots, El Guapo’s Cigar & Pipe Lounge is the adult version of a fun center. Offering a variety of pipe tobacco flavors, stogies, liquors, and more, you can settle in for a drink and smoke in one of their comfortable sitting areas. They also offer ax-throwing ranges, arcades, and special activity nights. Best of all, it is open 24-hours, so you can enjoy their services any time, day or night.

4. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At Candy House Gourmet

Want to indulge in a bit of sweetness with your sweetheart? Then head to Candy House Gourmet to select from their vast array of incredible handmade chocolates and candies. They have a tour that allows you to see how the candy is made and make some yourself. Plus, you get to sample the merchandise, and who doesn’t like that?

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Things To Do In Joplin MO For Kids

If you are planning on a family holiday and looking for things to do in Joplin Mo with toddlers and older kids, look no further! We did all the research for you and found some awesome places that your kids will absolutely love and probably ask to come back again!
There are plenty of attractions aimed at toddlers and older kids, so it’s fun for everyone!

5. Go On Safari At Eureka Springs Safari Park

If you don’t mind going a little out of your way, your family will love Eureka Springs Safari Park. Located an hour and a half drive into Eagle Rock, you can take a personal tour in a safari van. You will see zebras, kangaroos, gazelles, and more.

Adjacent is another park, the Branson Promised Land Zoo. Like Eureka Springs, it is family-owned and aims to give you a personalized experience unlike any other.

6. Play Under The Sea At Ocean Adventures Indoor Playground

This is a must visit and it will be one of your kid’s favorite places to visit in Joplin, Ocean Adventures Indoor Playground, is a hidden gem. There are two separate play areas. The first is for older kids with large and small slides, a ball pit with 80,000 balls, and obstacle courses. The second is for toddlers, with padded floors, a climbing bridge, and a mini slide.

Parents can sit back and relax while the kids play safely in the separate zones. Guaranteed good night sleep after this!

Located at the far end is also a photo booth with a beach chair set against sunset backgrounds, say cheese!

7. Have a Picnic at Cunningham Park

Picnic at the Cunningham Park Joplin Mo - Things To Do In Joplin MO this weekend

Joplin, MO is perhaps best known for the devastating tornado that ripped through the town a handful of years ago. Cunningham Park was a casualty of that storm, torn asunder in the dangerous gusts and losing both the man-made structures and much of the place’s natural beauty. Thankfully, it has since been rebuilt.

Cunningham Park is the perfect place to visit every day, have a picnic, go for a walk. Why not built a lavish picnic and spent hours walking around, playing on the playgrounds, and enjoying the shade.

Park amenities: basketball courts, gazebo, butterfly memorial, picnic area, pool, restrooms, ponds, walking tracks and playground

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8. Jump Around at House of Bounce

House of Bounce - Inflatable Castle - Things to do in Joplin Mo with toddlers

This is the perfect place to take your kids to burn all that energy. Another guaranteed good sleep nightfor the kidos! Also, this is a great option if the weather is not that great to be outdoors.

House of Bounce features several bouncy houses, castles, slides, and a soft playground. They offer annual passes, so if you live near by, the pass might be worth if you are planning to take your kids there often.

Things To Do In Joplin MO Arts and History

While researching for things to do in Joplin, MO, I came across several interesting places that you must check out this weekend!

9. Hideout at Bonnie and Clyde’s Basement Apartment

The garage apartment where outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow hid out in Joplin, MO in 1933 - Things to do in Joplin Mo this weekend

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barker are two legendary outlaws. Along with a gang of others, the two traveled across the United States, killing and robbing during the harsh years of the Great Depression. They would eventually die in a shootout in police, and the novelty of a criminal couple, in love and recklessly committing atrocities, would become surrounded by myth and glamour.

You can see the garage apartment where the two and several others they traveled with hid out. Not only did they kill several officers while fleeing the raid, but the dropped undeveloped photo found at the scene would be what led local authorities to the suspects.

10. Take In Some Culture at Spiva Center For The Arts

Local art galleries are some of my favorite. You will love seeing work by people who live in or around the region, celebrating the creativity of people who are living now. The Spiva Center For The Arts is a small galleria that features the artistic renditions of people living in and around Missouri. They run changing and static exhibits all year long, as well as classes/workshops and special events.

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11. See a Show at Joplin Little Theater

Audience watching a play - Things to do in Joplin Mo at night

At the Joplin Little Theater you can have an awesome night out and a good laughter. The actors were fantastic, and the atmosphere was intimate. There are lots of plays to choose from, you can check out their current shows here: ShowClix

12. Go Back In Time at Historic Murphysburg District

Feel like going for a walk? I would like to suggest Murphysburg District as a destination. The houses are almost all originals from 100 years past. Each has been lovingly restored and cared for, preserving the history of the place.

Things To Do In Joplin, MO For Nature Lovers

The natural landscape of Missouri is beautiful in its own right and worth taking in. You will see it all as you enjoy the fresh air,  from hiking trails to nature floral and fauna.

13. See The Wildlife at Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center

Conservation Site at Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center - Things To Do In Joplin MO for free

The Wildcat Glades provides an excellent opportunity for a scenic stroll along the many hiking and walking trails. The Audubon conservation center is the real reason for stopping by, especially if you want to see some of the animals being protected there. They have tours and exhibits, classes led by a dedicated staff, live tarantula, snacks, rabbits, and more. The perfect way to spend a warm, Spring morning.

14. Witness Beautiful Vista at Grand Falls, MO

Grand Falls on Shoal Creek in Joplin, Missouri - Things To Do In Joplin MO this weekend

Grand Falls is home to several waterfalls and natural bodies of water, including the largest natural waterfall in the state. Located within hiking distance of Wildcats Glades, you can witness it for yourself. The area is well maintained, free from the litter that has been thrown over so many other national landscapes. Take your camera and enjoy the picturesque area.

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15. Check Out The Birds at Shoal Creek Education Center

Overhead view of Shoal Creek in Joplin MO - Things To Do In Joplin MO on Sunday
The Shoal Creek is a place to connect with nature and wildlife. If you like watching birds, you are in for a treat! Stop by the Shoal Creek Education Center and learn about the present wildlife, which you can then find out while visiting the creek. There are many endangered birds and other animals that nest near the calm waters in the Shoal. It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon without spending a dime.

16. Toast Your Trip at Christine’s Vineyard


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You may not think “wine” when Missouri comes up in conversation, and admittedly it isn’t a state well known for its grapes and grape byproducts. Still, Christine’s Vineyard is an interesting little anachronism and a fun place to visit. They have a wide selection of dry wines that they make right there in Joplin and a few sweet wines from a partner company called Saint James Winery.

You will have a great time sampling them, along with a couple of their on-tap beers.

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Things To Do In Joplin MO For Thrill Seekers

Try out something more extreme and get your heart pumping with these attractions that Joplin had to offer:

17. Get Web at Calypso Scuba and Shop


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Calypso is a swimming pool and dive shop. In addition to offering basic swimming lessons, they also offer scuba diving. Put on the gear and hop into the pool. It is a great way to test the waters and decide if you want to get your real scuba certification. They also have snorkeling and free diving available.

18. Put the Pedal to the Metal at Smokin’ Mo-Kan Dragway


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There is nothing quite as exhilarating as a fast car…or so I found out. The Mo-Kan Dragway is a fantastic driving course with a number of flashy drag cars. There are lanes for different classes and types, with an announcer helping keep everyone on the right track. You can witness these races and even visit a forum on their main site where those races can be discussed.

19. Get Some Air at Soar Trampoline Park

Young woman0 jumping on a trampolin -Things to do in Joplin Mo

Believe it or not, jumping can be fun for adults, too. Why let the kids have all the fun? Think of Soar Trampoline Park as a bounce house for the rest of us. A place where you can let go and have a blast in the process. Be sure to check out their basketball and dodgeball areas.

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20. Solve a Mystery at Escape Joplin

Young people trying t solve a mystery -Things To Do In Joplin MO for couples

Escape Joplin offers four games to choose from, one for 3 to 6 players (easy), two for 4 – 8 players (medium and hard), and one coming for individual players where you get to diffuse a bomb (no word on the release date). This is a great activity for a family with teens and for couples.


There you have it, 20 super fun things to do in Joplin Mo for all ages and tastes. Whether you are passing by Joplin for a day or staying for the weekend, you are sure to have an awesome time!

Now it is over to you – Have you been to Joplin? Share with us what your favourite place was!