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Hiking Trails In Ohio With Waterfalls – Ultimate Hiking Adventure

There are so many amazing places to visit on this planet that many people don’t know about. That’s why I decided to share with you these hiking trails in Ohio with waterfalls. I think they are some of the most exciting places to hike in all of the United States.

Ohio homes some of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls. There is so much to see for people that enjoy hiking. While spring is an excellent season to photograph waterfalls, the cold Ohio weather can change them into spectacular ice sculptures in the winter.

Hiking waterfalls is best done in the region of Hocking hills of Southern Ohio. No matter the place you travel to see Ohio’s waterfalls, you’ll be mesmerized by such unexplored beauty that exists in the state’s natural landscape.

Below I have compiled the 10 best hiking trails in Ohio with waterfalls. If you are looking for an adventure-filled hike be sure to add one of these trails to your list!

10 Hiking Trails In Ohio With Waterfalls

Let’s look at some of the best trails with waterfalls in Ohio:

  • Sheepskin Hollow Falls Trail
  • Hayden Run Falls Trail
  • Chagrin Falls Trail
  • Dundee Waterfall Trail
  • Horseshoe Falls Trail
  • Ash cave Waterfall Trail
  • Cedar Falls Trail
  • Amphitheatre Falls Trail
  • Cascade Falls Trail
  • Big and Little Lyons Falls Trail

Sheepskin Hollow Falls Trail:

Sheepskin Hollow Falls Trail

This trail has everything to offer waterfall enthusiasts who are addicted to the thrill. This Ohio waterfall is considered a wild waterfall. It is located in Columbian County, at the Sheepskin’s Hollow Nature Preserve.

Only those who are genuinely up for an adventure should go out to find Sheepskin Hollow Falls, which is located in a wildlife preserve that is about as rustic as it gets. No official pathways or parking areas are leading back to the falls, but you can park on the side of the road.

Signs are pointing you to the appropriate route to the waterfall once you enter the protected area. It’s a challenging journey through dense vegetation and old railroad tracks before reaching the falls. To reach the waterfall you’ll need to cross the creek — it is a “Dora the Explorer” kind of hike. And if you’re up for it, you sure would enjoy every bit of it.

Distance: 14 miles
Difficulty: moderate to difficult
Waterfall Height: 20feet and 15feet (there are two falls)

Watch this awesome hike video of Sheepskin Hollows Waterfall:

Hayden Run Falls Trail:

Hayden Run Falls Hiking Trail

Although most of Ohio’s best waterfalls are found in forests and parks, Hayden Run’s Fall is located in the heart of Central Ohio’s urban growth. The waterfall sits near the Dublin suburb of Columbus, near a busy highway.

The two-acre area surrounding Hayden trails are ideal for a picnic, afternoon stroll, or simply some alone time. Picnic tables are available at the fall’s park.

The waterfalls have a 35-ft plunge and are really impressive after a strong downpour of rain. The waterfall is significantly smaller during other periods of the year, but its concealed position makes it enjoyable to visit. It is an all in one total package experience.

Distance: 5 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Waterfall Height: 30feet

Chagrin Falls Trail:

Chagrin Falls Hiking Trail

Chagrin Falls Trail is located near a lovely village called Chargin Falls and the waterfall is really easy to locate. Chagrin Falls is located in northern Ohio, approximately 25 miles east of Cleveland. The Chagrin River runs right through the heart of Chagrin Falls, and the waterfall is located on it. Although the main roadway bridge is above the falls, a boardwalk leads to the lower levels.

The Chagrin Overlook Loop Path is a 1.8-kilometer trail with moderate foot traffic and is suitable for all hiking skill levels. People of all ages come here for hiking, walking, and nature as they are the most popular uses of the trail.

Distance: 1.8mile
Difficulty: Very easy
Waterfall Height: 20feet

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Dundee Waterfall Trail:

Dundee Waterfall Hiking Trail

Dundee Falls, located in the north of Ohio, is a must-see attraction in the Beach City area. The woodland area and natural topography combine for a lovely hike to the falls.

Unlike some Ohio waterfalls, which only flow heavily at specific periods every year or after heavy rain, Dundee Falls have a reasonably continuous water flow all year.

Dundee Falls’ water cascades into a beautiful valley before flowing into Sugar Creek. The waterfall is located in Dundee and is part of an almost 2,000-acre Wildlife Area. Another fun activity you can try after hiking the trail is rock climbing.

Overall, Dundee Falls is a beautiful and enjoyable hike. It’s a lovely and short stroll down to a small cave with a waterfall. Take a 10-minute walk along the river to explore what else is beyond the falls if you wish.

The stroll to the falls is not difficult. The Dundee parking lot off Wilmot Road is where you’ll find the trailhead to the falls.

Distance: 2.1 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Waterfall Height: 15feet

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Horseshoe Falls Trail:

Horseshoe Falls Trail

A beautiful walk through the state park of Caesar Creek is included in a visit to Horseshoe Falls. Horseshoe waterfalls is located in the park and is accessible via a 1.8-mile loop on a level dirt trail.

This park is in Wilmington Ohio and the trailhead is in the Wellman Area of Caesar Creek Park.

While this Fall is not a large waterfall, it is one of the most picturesque (most beautiful) in the state, thanks to the surrounding environment and animals. The waterfall cascades into the brook below, providing a serene picnic place.

Take a stroll across Caeser Creek’s 109-foot Swinging Bridge before returning to the parking lot for a more enjoyable experience.

Distance: 1.8 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Waterfall height: 167feet

Ash Cave Waterfall Trail:

Ash Cave Waterfall Trail: Ohio Hiking Trail

The recessed grotto surrounding the Ash Cave waterfall in Hocking Hills is just as stunning as the mountainous water gushing from the limestone wall. Ash Cave’s waterfall is easily one of the state’s most accessible. It also has a wheelchair and stroller trail leading to the lower area. As you travel back to the waterfall, you’ll pass through old-grown trees and tall cliffs.

The cave is over 650 feet long and 100 feet wide, with a 100-foot recess. The waterfall runs into a little pool below the 90-foot-high cliff ledge. The cave was once used as a refuge by prehistoric people.

Summer is a great time to see the waterfall since the spray from the tumbling water cools you down. Winter is also a good time to visit the Ash Cave’s waterfall. The frozen water from above forms a remarkably seamless ice connection with the frozen water pile below and is amazing to see.

Getting to Ash Cave Falls is simple, the main parking area is marked and is located off of SR 56. The falls are just a five-minute walk from the parking area. The trail leads behind the falls and up to the edge of the cliff. If you Continue on the Grandma Gatewood Trail it will lead you to a 3-mile stretch of the Buckeye Trail that takes you to Cedar Falls.

Distance: 19.8 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Waterfall Height: 90feet

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Cedar Falls Trail:

Cedar Falls Trail: Best hikes in Ohio

This is one of the most popular waterfalls in Ohio. Cedar Falls is located within Hocking Hills State Park in southeastern Ohio. With a half-mile hike, it’s relatively easy to get there. The cascade of water seen in so many images and artworks representing the location is created by layered sandstone beneath the falls.

In the summer, tourists can often be seen cooling off their feet or skipping rocks in the pool below the falls.

The dynamics of Cedar Falls are influenced by the amount of rain that falls in the spring and summer. The waterfall frequently has rushing water in the spring, ending in an ocean-like smash into the pool below.

The falls are not as rapid in the summer, and if there isn’t enough rain, they can dry up completely.

The best time to visit Cedar Falls is in the spring when the forest floor is carpeted with tiny wildflowers, and the temps are more relaxed for your hike. Another fantastic time to go is in the fall when the brilliant colors of the trees make this a popular spot for an autumn trek.

According to Wikipedia, the last census of 2010 revealed the city of Cedar had over 39,000 residents in population.

Distance: 19.8 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Waterfall height: 879feet

Amphitheatre Falls Trail:

Amphitheatre Falls Trail

The Amphitheater waterfall is located in John Bryan State Park and is surrounded by a protected wildlife area, the Clifton State Nature Preserve. Which looks amazing frozen in the winter with flowing water in the summer. This is easily reached through the Gorge Trail in the state park in western Ohio, near Yellow Springs.

The flowing waters in the steep and narrow limestone valley may be seen as you proceed along the valley trail into the state nature park. There are several lookouts above the valley where you may stand and listen to the roar of the water.

Plan on spending some additional time hiking the trails and eating lunch at the Clifton Mill in the tiny settlement of Clifton, which you can reach via the Clifton Gorge’s rim route.

Distance: 1.3 miles
Difficulty: easy
Waterfall Height: 6000ft

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Cascade Falls Trail:

Cascade Falls Trail

If you are looking for a nice and easy hike and you want to see some beautiful waterfalls, Cascade Falls at State’s Ledges Park should be on top of your list.

The waterfall and park are located in the north of Ohio, near the community of Garrettsville. Cascade Falls is a half-mile stroll on the path of the Yellow Trail, with a lovely boardwalk to help you along the way.

Waterfall Falls can be viewed from three angles: above, below, and inside the cave beneath the cascade. You’ll like seeing the geology of the tight tubes and fissures. There is also the Old Maid’s Kitchen and the Devil’s Icebox, which are also unique rock formations if you have time to explore more of the park.

The USDA Forest Service lists recreational activities that are available at the Cascade hiking trails.

Distance: 1.4 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Waterfall Height: 8811feet

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Big Lyon and Little Lyons Trails:

Big Lyon and Little Lyon trail: Best hiking trails in Ohio with waterfalls

Big Lyon and Little Lyon are two of my favorite hiking trails in Ohio with waterfalls as it gives you the opportunity to do twice as much in one day. These waterfalls (Big and Little Lyons) are spectacular natural wonders located southeast of Mansfield in Central Ohio.

These falls are two low flow falls in the Mohican Park. The park centers on the 300ft depth of the Clear Fork Cave. Both the Big and little Fall trails are located on tiny creeks that pour into the gorge.

Big Lyons Falls, located in Clear Fork Gorge, is a beautiful cascade of flowing water. The cave below the waterfall gives dramatic and tranquil vistas in this woodland setting. The 80ft drop into a cave recess is known as the Big Falls.

If you are ever lucky enough to come here after a storm you’ll end up seeing lots of water on the falls. The cliffs made of sandstone are breathtaking, and one can easily walk behind the waterfalls.

The Little Falls are 25-ft deep into a narrow valley, narrowed even more by a portion of the valley collapsing in on itself. Because of the fallen rocks, it is not possible to observe the falls from above.

To see the complete falls, you’d have to negotiate through lots of fallen rock even if one travels into the valley. A two-mile round-trip hike leads to both falls.

The hike begins with a stop at the Bridge, then follows the clear fork upstream. The 1st left turn leads to Big Lyons Falls. The trail continues below the falls, finally climbing sharply out of the gorge. It goes on for another quarter mile, crossing over Little Lyons Falls.

The Pleasant Dam Hill is reached through a trail that extends past the Pleasant Hill Dam.

The 2-mile round hike that begins at the Covered Bridge is the most excellent way to see both waterfalls. The best time to see the Big and Little Lyon waterfalls is after a heavy downpour of rain when the water gushes the most. From the side of the river, you can stroll back to the bridge.

Distance: 2 miles
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Waterfall Height: 300feet


Where is the largest waterfall in the world?

Well, it depends on what you mean when you say “largest.”

If we’re talking about the world’s largest single waterfall, Victoria Falls is a strong contender on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border in Africa. It’s a large sheet of water with a width of 1.7 kilometres (just over a mile), a height of 108 meters (360 feet), and an average annual flow of 1088 cubic meters per second (38,430 cubic feet per second).

What other activities can I do in Ohio?

Ohio has it all, no matter your taste. Ohio has a wide range of outdoor activities, from rock climbing to fishing, that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. For example, go on an aerial zip ride adventure for a thrilling experience. There, you’ll be soaring over the treetops at speeds of up to 50 miles. The Zipline Safari is located in eastern Ohio. This giant zip-line will take you 2 hours to finish and will take you above endangered creatures like antelopes, rhinos, zebras, etc.

Where are the most remote places in Ohio?

Ohio is laced with perfect hidden jewels waiting to be discovered off the usual road. The National Forest, Ohio’s only forest, is located in southeastern Ohio. This gorgeous forest that runs across Ohio runs through quarters of the Appalachian foothills. It is ideal for anyone seeking to get away from the buzz. Again, A trip to the Marsh Wildlife along Lake Erie is a must for birdwatchers. This gorgeous refuge, home to over 300 bird species, may be the best bird-watching place in the state.Ki


Hope you all enjoyed my list of hiking trails in Ohio with waterfalls. Now you should have a list of cool things to see and fun things to do. Comment below, let me know what you thought, and thank you for reading!