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Biggest Hotel in Vegas: 10 Largest Hotels To Visit in Vegas

Getting out to Las Vegas every once in a while is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve stayed at a variety of hotels most recently at Circus Circus because the deal was inexpensive, but I’ve asked myself what is the biggest hotel in Vegas each time I have gone.

Sometimes it feels like you are in the same hotel for blocks. That is why I decided to research the biggest hotel in Las Vegas and compile this list of the top ten largest hotels in Vegas.

Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Did you know that since August 2020, Las Vegas has six of the ten largest hotels in the world? Asia has quite a few more of the others.

When it comes to looking at the biggest hotels, you can judge it based on the square footage, the number of Casinos, pools, bars, and entertainment halls.

I’ve decided to go with the biggest hotel in Las Vegas as determined by the number of hotel rooms. You should also know my choice has something to do with the Guinness World Records, which lists the largest hotel in Vegas by the number of rooms.

Having explained my reasons behind the ten biggest hotels, let’s look at which hotel ranks number one.

The Biggest Hotel in Las Vegas

Top of my list is the Venetian Resort, which combines the Venetian and Palazzo room counts to become an impressive 7 092 rooms. Until 2015, the Venetian was the largest hotel globally, but it lost this standing to a Malaysian hotel, First World Hotel.

When you stay at the Venetian, you can choose the Venetian or Palazzo tower. As the biggest hotel in Vegas, the Venetian is the epicenter of the entire resort complex where the old world meets the new world, with modern-day amenities in the ancient world of Italy.

The resort includes 160 shops, award-winning restaurants, Canyon Ranch Spa, and the Dorsey for nightlife. Its main attraction besides the opulence is the Gondola Rides, which happen on a manmade indoor river that roams through the first floor of the hotel and casino near the restaurants and shops.

There are thirty-seven restaurants in Venetian’s Restaurant Row and inside the hotel-casino. Cuisines include American, Asian, French, Greek, Italian, Latin, Seafood, Steakhouse, and vegan options. The bars and lounges include Electra, Rosina, Dorsey, Bar Luca, Bellini Bar, and the Cocktail Collective.

The biggest hotel in Vegas has three pools: Venetian, Palazzo, and Venezia.

For things to do besides the gondola rides and casino, you can enjoy the art and architecture and Madame Tussauds. The casino has introduced the Grazie Rewards, where you earn points at the tables, slots, and on what you spend throughout the resort. In addition, the casino offers electronic table games, table games, race and sportsbooks, slots, and poker.

Most consider the Cosmopolitan Resort to be the biggest party hotel in Vegas, but in terms of size, it does not make the top ten list, so when you look at the list, the Palazzo portion of the Venetian gains the honor as the best party hotel.

MGM Grand Second Largest Hotel in Vegas

MGM Grand Lion

The MGM Grand upgraded its entire hotel in 1993. They then added more attractions in 2006 to become the second biggest hotel in Las Vegas. The Signature added to the older hotel to bring the MGM Grand up to an impressive 6,852 rooms. At first, the MGM had the Grand Adventures Theme Park, which didn’t seem to bring clientele since most came for the gambling.

To make room, MGM demolished the theme park and built three condominium-style hotels called the Signature. Suppose you talk square footage, including the casino and attraction. In that case, the MGM is the largest, but it is second to the Venetian in terms of the number of rooms.

MGM owns more than one casino in Vegas, but this is the only one with its brand name all over it. There are 2,300 games and 170,000 square feet of space. Its claim to fame is the fights it hosts between greats like Mike Tyson and Holyfield.

The MGM provides freshwater pools, including a lazy river for families.

City Center Las Vegas

Las Vegas cityscape along the strip at twilight

The City Center Las Vegas Resort offers 6.790 guest rooms to make it number three on the list. The third biggest hotel in Vegas combines the Aria, Waldorf Astoria, Vdara, and Veers Towers to create it third.

An AAA-rated hotel, City Center has a casino complex, is dog-friendly, and offers an arcade for kids. In addition, there are seven bars and restaurants varying in cuisine and price.

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Wynn Las Vegas Plus Encore


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When erected, the Wynn and Encore Las Vegas Resort was one of the world’s biggest hotels, but now it ranks as number eight against other locations. Together the towers of the Wynn and Encore make 4,750 rooms. The Encore is seventeen feet taller than the Wynn and nine feet shorter than the Palazzo tower.

There are twenty restaurants, six bars, and a 19-hole golf course at the Wynn- Encore Resort. You also have shopping, a theater, a spa, and multiple pools.

Mandalay Bay – The Fifth Biggest Hotel in Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay is known for its aquarium but may not be known as the fifth largest hotel in Vegas. The resort comprises of Mandalay in one building, linked by the casino to the Delano and Las Vegas Four Seasons. A total of 4,426 guest rooms are available at Mandalay Bay, including 1,117 suites.

The Four Seasons portion of Mandalay Bay is on floors 35 to 39. The idea of the Four Seasons name is to give top suites to visitors who can afford it.

Besides the hotel rooms and aquarium, Mandalay Bay has 135,000 square feet of casino space with poker games, slots, and other table games. Its pool’s claim to fame is the 2-to-4-inch wave pool, and sometimes they offer 10-inch waves for special events.

Mandalay also hosted 15 episodes of the Amazing Race, which had contestants rappelling down the side of the main tower.

Luxor Las Vegas

Sphinx located outside Luxor hotel

The Luxor hotel and resort is undoubtedly one of the highlights of my trip, but then again, I am partial to Egyptian history. In this iconic hotel, you will discover 4,407 rooms and suites in the main pyramid and two towers. While Luxor misses as the biggest hotel in Vegas, it does have the distinction of holding the largest atrium by volume.

The atria and Egyptian architecture will bring you to this hotel, but you will want to stay for the Fantasy Event, which often showcases models, dangers, and live entertainment. There is also the Hyper Esports Arena that hosts competition gaming such as Fortnight challenges. This hotel also has a permanent exhibition space which houses Bodies and the Titanic.

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino

If you enjoy Arthurian legends, the Excalibur Hotel and Casino is a must-see, if not a must-stay hotel. Based on the legend of Camelot, the Excalibur has 3,981 rooms with faux castle turrets, crenelated walls, and drawbridges. It is the seventh biggest hotel in Vegas. Its claim to fame is the Camelot-based show complete with knights and a fair maiden to rescue.

Beyond the fantastic show and the Camelot castle, Excalibur has some amazing shops and 30,000 square feet of deck space for its four pools and water slide. The pool area has the Drenched Bar and Grill for poolside dining and drinks. There are a total of thirteen places to get beverages or food.

Places like Johnny Rockets, Starbucks, and Orange Julius give you available meal items. At the same time, Buca di Beppo, Camelot Steakhouse, and the Buffet at Excalibur offer more. There is also a food court, which houses Cinnabon, Panda Express, and various other foods.

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Caesars Palace

Also on the list of biggest hotels in Las Vegas is Caesars, a nearby hotel to the Bellagio. It was opened in 1966, making it one of the oldest and most decadent of hotels. It has 3,790 rooms. During upgrades, it has become a compilation of six buildings.

A claim to fame for one of the biggest hotels in Vegas is its 4,100 seat Colosseum, which hosts plenty of Hollywood stars like Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Elton John, and Reba. It also has some of the most popular restaurants with top-name chefs, including Guy Savoy, Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Nobu Matsuhisa.


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Aesthetically, Caesars will remind you of Rome and provides a visage of Greco-Roman sculptures. You will also note frescoes patterned after the great artists.

For entertainment, it has the top-billed names of the industry and the casino, while around it is luxury hotels like the Bellagio. In addition, Caesars Palace has the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis, which includes seven pools, four swim-up blackjack tables, and plenty of outdoor fun, including cabanas and daybeds to relax around the pool.


the fountain of Bellagio

Number nine on the list, the Bellagio offers the elegance of Italy’s Lombardy Region. The most unique feature of the Bellagio is its fountain show. Every night, every half hour, the fountains perform classical music, complete with lights. Millions of people line up to take videos of the fountains. The Bellagio had the world’s biggest fountain until 2010 when Dubai Bay opened its hotel and fountain.

The hotel has 3,933 rooms and suites in two buildings, including the main tower. Each room symbolizes extravagant wealth.

Besides the water fountain, the Bellagio is known for its Cirque du Soleil performances.

The Bellagio has five pools, which are in a Mediterranean-style outdoor location. For food, you can enjoy Le Cirque, which offers café style meals. There is also a smorgasbord for larger meals at the nearby restaurant.

Baccarat is the biggest game event at the casino; however, you also have blackjack, poker, sportsbook, slots, and electronic games.

Tenth Biggest Hotel in Vegas – Circus Circus

To end the top ten list is the very hotel I enjoyed the last time I was in Las Vegas, the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. It is the ultimate family-friendly hotel in the entire city. In 1968, it opened to encourage gamblers to bring their families. It has become 3,773 rooms during all the renovations, with the lower floor being all casino and Circus fun.

Circus Circus offers guests a daily Circus performance plus other entertainers. Circus games like water gun rallies surround a small stage. Since the circus has seemed to fall short of entertainment in recent years, the hotel turned its larger event space into a gaming attraction. The midway Carnival has 200 games, and there are twenty-five rides within the theme park.

You can reach the slots, tables, and other casino games from at least two entrances and then go up a floor to get the children’s attractions. The gaming area is 123,928 square feet.

It lacks restaurants as most are either pizza for children or on the main restaurant and shop floor to link the resort to the casino. The restaurants include Starbucks, a steak place for those seeking a luxury meal, and a few little fast food pubs. Gelato is famous, which at least two sites serve a variety of options.

There are two pools outside, a wading pool for children, and a larger pool with a hot tub. Kids can also enjoy the water slide. Unfortunately, while large, Circus Circus has lost some of its grandeur to the more extravagant hotels on this list.

Las Vegas skyline


When it comes to Vegas, there is never a shortage of hotels. You must decide whether you want to stay in the biggest hotel in Vegas based on the number of rooms, square footage, or attractions. You will have plenty to choose from, and the Strip makes it easy to walk from one entertainment to the next, such as the M&M store, which is closest to the MGM Grand.

Now, it’s your turn to let us know which hotels you have stayed in and what you thought was the biggest hotel in vegas, and any other attractions that we should all visit!

Thank you for reading!

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