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Flea Markets In PA – A Complete Guide

Pennsylvania is probably best known for its gorgeous scenery and history. It’s also, however, home to a great deal of antiques and flea markets, for people searching for a bargain or hidden treasure not available at a major retail outlet. The following is a list of twenty of the best flea markets in PA.

They’re perfect for whether you’re looking for a specific rare item or just want to see what you may uncover.

Year-Round Flea Markets

Leighty’s Flea Market

Flea Markets In Pa

16148 Dunnings Highway, Newry, 16665

One of the most distinctive flea markets in PA is Leighty’s. The flea market here is actually only one element of a much larger business complex. It was established in 1909 by Harv and Lloyd Leighty as a farmers’ market and has since grown enormously.

Now, you can find not only fresh produce here but flowers, candy, Halloween and Christmas decorations, computers, photography, and flooring! And that isn’t counting the flea market, which has hundreds of vendors selling all sorts of antiques, housewares, and more!

This large outdoor market is open on Sundays from April 3rd until October 30th every year. It draws thousands of people per day. And between November and March, the flea market moves indoors! This means you can visit any time of year to find all sorts of treasures.

And that’s of course in addition to all of the other great shopping you can do at Leighty’s.

Pocono Bazaar Flea Market

Browsing Clothing at flea markets in PA

1 Municipal Drive, East Stroudsburg, 18302

Pocono Bazaar is one of the largest flea markets in PA, boasting a whopping 100,000 square feet of shopping. It also encompasses both outdoor and indoor areas for you to browse and shop.

Every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year plus holidays, no matter the weather, Pocono Bazaar is open. The fact that it’s open more often than some of the other flea markets and doesn’t close for rain helps keep it popular and bustling.

Each week, it features a stunning array of hundreds of different vendors. Things you might find on sale here include antiques, handmade items, food, records, perfume, bric-a-brac, and more!

This popular flea market is also known for its huge food court with selections the whole family will enjoy. This allows you to easily make a day our of your trip here rather than having to go elsewhere for a meal.

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Michaelangelo’s Sunday Flea

Couple shopping at flea markets in PA

2475 Benjamin Franklin Hwy (Us Route 422 W), Edinburg, 16116

One of the more recent flea markets in PA is Michaelangelo’s Sunday Flea. Open every Sunday throughout the year, Michaelangelo’s has both outdoor and indoor stalls. This allows it to stay open in any weather.

Michaelangelo’s features a wide variety of vendors with all sorts of merchandise, collectibles, and treasures to find. It also features a number of special events, attracting people to visit for reasons other than shopping as well.

It also has a snack bar with a rotating menu, so you never know what fun seasonal food you might find!

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Weekday Flea Markets

Root’s Old Mill Flea Market


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720 Graystone Road, Manheim, 17545

Most of the flea markets in PA are weekend only affairs. Therefore, Root’s Old Mill really stands out by instead running on only Tuesdays. It’s a fairly large flea market with more than one hundred and seventy five vendors. It’s also considered one of the best antique flea markets in PA.

Root’s regularly features antiques, estate jewelry lots, lighting fixtures, paintings, household items, and furniture. And of course you never know when a rare treasure might be found there.

It has been running year round since 1983 and has both outdoor and indoor stalls. Because of this, even in rain or other inclement weather, Root’s Old Mill Flea Market remains open.

Also, although it attracts healthy crowds, the fact that it’s only open one day during the week does mean it’s rarely as packed as the weekend markets. So if you want to browse but not feel overwhelmed, it’s a great option.

Rice’s Sale & Country Market


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6326 Greenhill Road, New Hope, 18938

Rice’s Market has attracted customers for over a century, making it one of the oldest still-running flea markets in PA. Spanning over thirty acres, this impressively large market sells antiques, collectibles, clothing, food, plants, gardening tools, and more. It’s also known for its breads, pastries, and Amish meats.

It’s so big, in fact, that it has more than 400 vendors each day its open. Over 8000 shoppers visit every week, both locals and tourists. People come from far and wide due to the popularity and fame it’s gained over the years.

The flea market is also very convenient to the adjacent Peddler’s Village. There, you can find some delicious food at its numerous restaurants. You can also ride the trains at the nearby New Hope and Ivyland Railroad.

Rice’s is open between the months of March and December on Tuesdays as well as Saturdays.

Quaker City Flea Market

Aerial view of flea market in PA

5001 Comly Street, Philadelphia, 19135

One of the most truly iconic flea markets in PA operates from the city center of Philadelphia. Called the Quaker City Flea Market, it’s been doing so since first being established in 1974.

Ever since it opened, it’s been gradually getting larger. Over the years, it’s established indoors areas in addition to the outdoors areas. It’s also gotten updated restrooms to make it more attractive and comfortable. But many of this flea market’s vendors have stayed the same since the very beginning.

Quaker City Flea Market is open Fridays through Sundays, all year round. Its enormous amount of vendors sell antiques, collectibles, homewares, clothing, comic books, games, DVDs, and everything in between.

It also boasts a wide array of food stalls featuring international cuisine from across the globe. This ensures that it attracts foodies in addition to bargain and treasure hunters.

Myerstown Indoor Flea Market

Assorted items for sale at flea markets in PA

115-119 E Main Ave, Myerstown, 17067

One of the most up and coming flea markets in PA is Myerstown Indoor Flea Market. Running Fridays through Sundays all year round, it’s another one that’s open in all weather due to being indoors.

It also manages to be an exciting place to visit and shop for a variety of reasons. On Friday nights, the market has performances of live music from local musicians and bands. On Sundays, the market holds auctions. And they sometimes even do door prizes and other fun perks.

It’s also worth visiting numerous times as the vendors and their ware rotates on a regular basis. You never know what you’ll find! But it’s included antiques, furniture, military paraphernalia, sports items, wood carvings, cast iron works, vintage glass, pottery, and more!

This is one of the newer markets but it’s already made a name for itself, and is continuing to grow. So definitely check it out!


Weekend Flea Markets

Phila Flea Markets LLC


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Various locations in Philadelphia

One of the best flea markets in PA actually occurs over a variety of different locations throughout Philadelphia, both outdoor and indoor. Phila Flea Markets cater to all sorts of customers’ needs but their most popular are probably their vintage flea markets.

Amongst their markets are an outdoor one that runs once every spring and once every autumn in the city center. They also have an indoors one that’s open the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from November through March. Additionally, they have other market events at different times and places.

Because Phila Flea Markets encompasses so many different markets and events, customers are advised to check their website. The schedule on there will tell them when and where each market is. It also gives information as to the general sorts of items sold at each one.

All Phila Flea Markets are free to enter and offer free parking as well.

Willow Glen Flea Market

94 Park Avenue, Sinking Spring, 19608

Willow Glen Flea Market is one of the best outdoor flea markets in PA. Furthermore, it’s open all year on Sundays!

Because this one is fully outdoors, however, this market is weather contingent. It will go on when it’s cold, but if it’s raining or snowing, it will be canceled. So make sure to check the weather report in advance.

The flea market is also fun for the whole family. In addition to all of the expected vendors stalls, they also have a number of games and entertainment stalls for the kids. This is gives it a fun carnival or fair atmosphere. Dogs are even allowed!

They also have fantastic food, courtesy of Knopelski Katering, making it worth heading down even if just for a meal! Parking is completely free.

Jonnet Flea Market


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9912 US-22, Blairsville, 15717

If you’re looking for one of the smaller but still fun flea markets in PA, look no further than Jonnet Flea Market. Like many of the flea markets in PA, Jonnet Flea Market is both indoors and outdoors so can run in all weather. It’s opens on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the entire year.

While Jonnet Flea Market is great at any time, we particularly recommend checking it out around Christmas. Their holiday stalls are a lot of fun, featuring toys, chocolates, desserts, decorations, stocking stuffers, and more! But come anytime for the sorts of antiques, collectibles, and crafts you’d expect to find.

Jonnet Flea Market also features a lot of scrumptious food, including baked goods. This tends to be a staple at the best PA flea markets, and Jonnet is no exception!


Outdoor Flea Markets

Rossi’s Pop Up Market


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200 Loews Drive, North Versailles, 15137

One of the best entirely outdoor flea markets in PA is Rossi’s Pop Up Market. It runs throughout the entire year, rain or shine, on both Saturdays and Sundays. Due to the fact that it’s open during all weather, however, it does tend to be more popular on warmer, bright sunny days.

But if you hate crowds and don’t mind cold or wet, an imperfect weather can be a great opportunity. It does tend to be much quieter on those days. Although, be aware, not all of the vendors will be out, either.

On a nice day, you’ll find between 75 to 100 vendors selling things such as collectibles, homeware, clothing, books, games, and more. And there are also some lovely food stalls as well.

The nice, warm atmosphere also deliberately provides a nice counterpoint to the glossy commercialization of most modern day retail shopping. You’ll often find live entertainment there as well.

Jake’s Flea Market

1380 PA-101, Barto, Berks County 19504

Jake’s Flea Market is one of the best, most charming small flea markets in PA. It has been running since 1980, when Jacob Triechler first set it up on Route 100. It started out with only a small group of vendors. Ever since then, however, it has grown, more sellers joining each year.

At first, it was more of a hidden gem but it became the popular destination it is today. People don’t just gather there to shop but to soak up the community and family feel of the place. This atmosphere makes it stand out amongst many other flea markets in PA. Locals gather to meet up with friends and socialize.

Jake’s Flea Market runs on Saturdays and Sunday from April until Christmas each year. In addition to the homeware, antiques, handmade goods, and local fruit and vegetables you’ll find there, Jake’s also hosts a series of special events that can be found on their website.

Blue Ridge Flea Market

648 Route 115, Saylorsburg 18353

One of the most scenically located flea markets in PA is the Blue Ridge Flea Market. It’s been running since 1976, nestled in the Pocono Mountains at what used to be the Blue Ridge Drive-In Theater.

It’s open on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of October each year, hosting approximately three hundred vendors. Items at the stalls include everything ranging from antiques to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Casual shoppers as well as serious collectors will find all sorts of treasures, jewellery, and odds and ends. Local artisans also often set up shop here, selling their items and crafts.

In addition to the fresh produce, the conveniently located KC’s Grill provides homey, delicious meals for shoppers and browsers. For people visiting the area, this flea market is very accessible from the Lehigh Valley, the Pocono Mountain Resorts, and numerous towns in the area. Parking is free to all.

Hazen Flea Market

6847 Route 28 N, Brookville, 15825

Hazen Flea Market isn’t open as much of many of the other flea markets in PA. In fact, it’s only open from May until October, and even at that, only for one weekend per month! Despite that, we highly recommend it.

It’s been drawing crowds for around 40 years, with about 10,000 people each market, and there’s clearly a reason. Besides the great deals you’ll find here, you’ll also be directly benefitting the community. Hazen Flea Market is actually a charity for Warsaw Township’s Volunteer Fire Company.

Because of this, the money spent here goes into improving the development of the community as well as the market itself. There is a small parking fee but otherwise there’s no entry fee. Shopping here is a fantastic way to find a rare, cherished item from their 400 vendors while also helping add good to the world.

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Indoor Flea Markets

Silver Moon Flea Market (Route 15 Flea Market)

150 Silvermoon Lane, Lewisburg, 17837

Silver Moon or “the Route 15” is another one of the oldest flea markets in PA. It’s been running since the ‘50s, located in what used to be a drive-in movie theatre. To this day, they play films on the big screen in the background while the market is running.

This gives a day there a fun, retro atmosphere. You can grab a bite, browse, and look up at the movie playing. And you’ll find so many things there, including antiques, memorabilia and other collectibles, clothing, electronics, jewelry, computers, and more!

To keep up this fun, energetic feel, the flea market also has regular events throughout the summer. These include travelling circuses and carnivals, as well as a regular bingo hall.

The market runs on Sundays all year. Much of it is outdoors, while the extensive antique selection is inside. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday.

Freeland Marketplace

166 Foster Avenue, Freeland, 18224

One of the best year-round flea markets in PA that has both outdoor and indoor stalls is Freeland Marketplace. Hundreds of thousands of people visit every year on Saturdays and Sundays for its wide array of specialty items.

And, again, due to it being indoors as well as outdoors, it runs in all weather. You don’t have to worry about planning for a sunny, warm day to enjoy.

Shoppers have so many bargain items to browse through here, including furniture, tools, clothings, toys, and more. Freeland also has food imports, as well as locally sourced food such as meat, cheese, and produce.

This flea market has a strong local feel, with a great deal of the items being crafted or produced in the area. This includes food at the variety of trucks available for meals, as well as the art, crafts, and historical items.

Hunters and Gatherers Indoor Flea Market

Indoor flea market in PA

400 N Walnut St, Punxsutawney, 15767

Despite being more modestly size, the Hunters and Gatherers Indoor Flea Market is another of the best flea markets in PA. It’s also one that you might need to do some advance planning to visit. It’s only open once a month, on the fourth Sunday.

But it runs all year long and in any weather, due to being indoors. The facilities also have both heating and air conditioning. Therefore, it’s pleasant to visit in the height of summer as well as the depths of winter. Whenever it’s open you’ll find a variety of treasures from the wide array of vendors.

It’s also located in Punxsutawney, the famed home of the annual Groundhog Day festivities with Punxsutawney Phil. So it’s nearby to Pittsburgh and can be part of a fun sightseeing visit.

Antiques Flea Markets

Renningers Antique Market, Kutztown

740 Noble Street, Kutztown, 19530

Renninger’s Market in Kutztown is a farmer and antiques market as well as being one of the best flea markets in PA. Having opened in 1955, Renninger’s in Kutztown has been a staple of the community for nearly 70 years. Each week, they feature over a thousand vendors.

In addition to the aforementioned antiques, other things on offer include furniture, art, and a variety of foods. The food includes fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh and smoked meats, poultry, fish, dairy prouducts, and baked goods. They also feature snacks, candy, and a variety of baked goods.

In addition to being a market, Renninger’s is a cultural hub, often hosting special events. These include a harvest festival and the Kutztown Musicians’ Swap Meet. And the market also has a Folk Art Shoppe and a number of small novelty shops on the premises.

The flea market runs every Saturday all year round, other than when certain special events are on. The calendar can be found on their website.

Renningers Antique Market Adamstown

2500 North Reading Road, Denver, 17517

Renningers Antique Market Adamstown is one of the best flea markets in PA for antiques. It’s open on every Sunday year round, in all weather, thanks to some of it being indoors. It’s also known throughout the United States for its dealers who have particularly encyclopedic knowledge. They often help buyers find rare items.

Weather permitting, there are over three hundred outdoor vendors, and another three hundred and seventy inside. This gives you tons of options for finding antiques, collectibles, furniture, handcrafted items, food, and more.

The outdoor market opens first, so getting there early can allow you to find some treasures before the crowds descend.

Additionally, Renningers Antique Market Adamstown is also known for hosting various regular events. One of the most popular is the record swap. People come to try to find rare albums they’ve been trying to track down.

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Fensty’s Flea Market

20 North 3rd Street, Bally, 19503

Fensty’s Flea Market is one of the best indoor flea markets in PA. Unlike some of the others, it’s entirely indoors, so weather is never an issue. Also, it’s open throughout the year on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Fensty’s is divided into three main sections. They have a large antiques and collectibles area that has a vast variety of different sorts of treasures. There you’ll find everything from vintage 40s memorabilia to Art Nouveau pieces to Amish items to records and coins.

Next, they have a fifteen thousand square food yard sale and garage section. The merchandise here encompasses everything you might expect to find at a suburban garage sale.

Third is a section devoted to previously unsold estate sales items, collector pieces, and other sorts of hidden treasures. They can include furnitures, records, coins, collectibles, and more! You never know what you may find!

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And there you have it, our list of 20 of the best flea markets in PA. All of them have great atmosphere and most importantly, great deals and discoveries to be found. And rest assured, there are plenty more, so take a trip to Pennsylvania and let’s get shopping and exploring!