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Waterfalls in Vermont: 15 Breathtaking Falls in Vermont You Must See

Travelers know that the waterfalls in Vermont aren’t the only good reason to visit this state. Vermont is, perhaps, most famous for Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, maple syrup, and skiing.

However, once the snow starts to melt in the spring, Vermont becomes the perfect place to chase waterfalls.

Majestic Moss Glen Falls near Stowe, Vermont

Like many others, I always used to tour Vermont in the winter and that’s mainly due to the skiing opportunities. Vermont can be a winter wonderland with snow-capped mountains, but it’s a wonderful warm-weather destination as well.

Once the snow starts to melt and ice runs in rivers down the mountains, the waterfalls in Vermont come into play.

I particularly enjoyed exploring the falls of Vermont in the warmer months. So, I decided to make a list of fifteen of my personal favorites.

These waterfalls encapsulate the essence of Vermont and I highly suggest visiting at least one or two when you’re next in the area.


15 of the Best Waterfalls in Vermont:

The falls in Vermont are many and varied, from shallow little pools with small drips of water to cascading towers. There is truly something for everyone when it comes to the waterfalls in Vermont.

1. Moss Glen Falls in Stowe

Moss Glen Falls located near Stowe, Vermont.

There are two waterfalls in Vermont named the Moss Glen Falls and the first is in Stowe. The Moss Glen Falls in Stowe is one of the tallest falls in Vermont. It is truly a magnificent sight and even though it’s in the mountains, it’s still easy to reach.

The Moss Glen Falls is approximately 125 feet tall and it even has a pool where you can swim!

It must be noted that the water at these falls is usually fairly cold, but that doesn’t deter most. It is still a spectacular spot to cool off after a hike or on a hot spring day.

The summer heat in Vermont can sometimes reduce the flow of the falls, but there’ll always be space to swim. However, in the winter, the waterfall can ice over and so I highly suggest visiting in the spring.

The Moss Glen Falls requires a little bit of a hike to get to, but it is fairly easy. The town of Stowe has quaint restaurants and several things to do, which makes this the ideal family-friendly holiday. I suggest visiting for at least a weekend to explore all the sights and hike to the falls.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 0,2 miles

Features: Short hike, swimming, beautiful views


2. Moss Glen Falls in Granville

Moss Glen Falls in Granville - Falls In Vermont

As I’ve already mentioned, two of the waterfalls in Vermont are named the Moss Glen Falls. The second Moss Glen Falls is located in Granville and is much smaller than the first.

However, these falls are equally beautiful albeit not as tall and they are easier to access. The Moss Glen Falls in Granville is also on what can be considered one of Vermont’s most scenic routes.

The route is called Route 100 and it is the longest numbered highway of any type. It runs through the center of Vermont and is considered to be picture-perfect. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can actually see the falls from the road! Of course, this is a great photo opportunity.

However, if you do have time there is a very short boardwalk that leads to a vantage point. Although the falls are only 35 feet high, they are still beautiful.

You cannot swim here and that’s why I wouldn’t necessarily say this is the best falls to explore with kids. But it still makes for a great day trip and you won’t have to strain yourself to see the beauty.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 0,1 miles out-and-back

Features: Scenic route, beautiful views


3. Texas Falls


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They say that everything is bigger in Texas, but unfortunately, Texas Falls isn’t one of the biggest waterfalls in Vermont. The Texas Falls is located in the Green Mountain National Forest in the tiny town of Hancock.

These falls are only 35 feet tall but are easily accessible. The easy out-and-back trail means that this hike is suitable for the whole family.

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that swimming is now prohibited at Texas Falls. That means that you won’t be able to cool off in these falls, but you can still enjoy the view.

There is a wonderful little bridge that you can cross that offers a spectacular view of the falls. Additionally, if you continue on the road past the falls, you’ll find a picnic site where you can set up camp.

Due to the fact that you can’t swim here, it’s not as popular as other waterfalls in Vermont. The good thing about this is that, with the right timing, you may just have the place to yourself! It is also one of the most photographed falls in Vermont, so be sure to take your camera with.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 1-mile loop

Features: Bridge, beautiful views, picnic area

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4. Bartlett Falls


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Bartlett Falls in Bristol is probably one of the most popular waterfalls in Vermont and for good reason. The falls themselves aren’t particularly high or impressive, but what makes it great is the swimming pool.

The pool at the base of the falls is perfect for swimming and it is 120 feet long and 40 feet wide. It is also deep enough to properly swim and dunk under the water if you should so wish.

Other attractive features of these falls are the sandy spots on the side and the alcove behind the falls. The sandy edges mean that families can picnic here while the kids take a dip.

And the alcove behind the falls gives you access to see the falls from the backside, which is very rare. This is a very special place and, understandably, quite popular and very busy in the summer.

If you aren’t a fan of large crowds, these falls may not be the best option. Or you could simply choose to visit them during the fall when the water is too cold for swimming.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 0,2 miles round trip

Features: Alcove behind the falls, large swimming area, sandy shores


5. Bingham Falls

Bingham Falls waterfall in vermont

Bingham Falls is also located in Stowe, Vermont, and is rich in natural beauty. Although these falls are magnificent, it doesn’t top my list of family-friendly waterfalls to explore.

The reason for this is because of the strong currents in the swimming pools and the steep drops. The hike is also moderately difficult because of steep inclines and descents, but it is fairly short.

I would suggest taking a trip to see Bingham Falls if you’re an all-adult group. The falls are in the Mt. Mansfield State Forest and the natural beauty needs to be seen to be believed.

It is also a fantastic place if you’d love to explore deep gorges and swimming holes. However, be very aware of the currents when swimming as they can be strong.

I think Bingham Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on this list and it is surrounded by vegetation. The park it is located in also offers fantastic hiking and hunting opportunities. These falls are ideal for those that love the great outdoors and are a bit of a challenge.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 1-mile round trip

Features: Excellent swimming pools, deep gorges, natural beauty


6. Buttermilk Falls


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Buttermilk Falls is the child-friendly double of Bartlett Falls and for kids, I suggest making this one a top priority. These falls are split into two sections and both the middle and lower cascades spill into large swimming pools.

Even though the rocks can get slippery, the pools aren’t that deep and the currents aren’t strong. This means that children can very safely swim and play in the water.

Additionally, the Buttermilk Falls hike is one of the hikes to the waterfalls in Vermont that are very easy. It is an out-and-back trail and is very easy and accessible for the whole family.

Fathers will also delight in the fishing opportunities available at the Buttermilk Falls, so bring your fishing rod with you! The fishing conditions here are great and you can spend an entire day fishing, relaxing, and swimming.

The falls themselves are 15 – 20 feet high and exceptionally picturesque. The beauty and accessibility of these falls in addition to the swimming conditions make these falls very popular.

Although it can get crowded here, the pools are large and wide and there is usually more than enough space for everyone.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 0,2 miles

Features: Excellent swimming pools, natural beauty, fishing


7. Lye Brook Falls

The Lye Brook Falls are in Manchester in Vermont and are possibly some of the most spectacular on this list. If you love hiking and waterfalls, this is the place to be in Vermont.

The hike is a fair distance, but it isn’t very strenuous, so most novice and amateur hikers should be able to complete it. However, I wouldn’t suggest it for those that have difficulty walking long distances.

The Lye Brook Falls is 125 feet high and fans out in a horsetail which is especially impressive in April. The falls are best viewed in spring, so plan your trip accordingly.

These falls are considered very dramatic and unique and that is because of the thousands of steps in the rocks. These steps cause the water to drastically and quickly change direction, which makes it very special.

The falls are in the Green Mountain National Forest and I would recommend it to hikers. Because there is a significant hike to get to these falls, they are best suited to those that want to walk.

Take the trip, cool your heels in the water of the falls, and marvel at the impressive natural phenomenon that is the Lye Brook Falls.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 5 miles

Features: Impressive waterfall structure, beautiful hike

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8. Hamilton Falls

Hamilton falls is in jamiaca state park in Vermont.

The Hamilton Falls is in the town of Jamaica in Vermont and is perfect for a family day out with the kids. These falls are beautiful and some of the tallest on this list at 125 feet.

There are several pools to swim and wade in, but I suggest sticking to the lower ones. The pool at the top can best be described as a pothole and can be very deep and dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend it for swimming.

However, the pools at the bottom are shallower and wonderful for swimming. Children can safely explore and there is plenty of space on the rocks beside the falls to have a picnic.

Hamilton Falls is in Jamaica State Park and the park itself offers plenty to do. Children can hike and bike from the trailhead to the falls and there are picnic spots, campsites, and a playground.

The best time to visit is spring but it’s also a wonderful spot for a late afternoon summer picnic. I suggest making a day of it and visiting the park and the waterfall in one go.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 3,1 miles

Features: Swimming pools and picnic areas


9. Falls of Lana

The Falls of Lana is in Salisbury in Addison County and they are some of the highest on the list. These falls are approximately 100 feet tall and flow through a very impressive rocky precipice.

These rocks also form a swimming pool that is not very deep, so very safe for children and adults.

The hike to the waterfall is also fairly short and easy, which makes this an ideal day trip with the children. I think the best thing about this waterfall is that dogs are welcome, which is why it’s so family-friendly.

But it’s also very popular with tourists so you’re likely to encounter others either on the trail or at the falls.

The interesting thing about the Falls of Lana is that there are three distinct sections or cascades. This means that there are three separate sections and you can walk to each to see their natural beauty.

It is easy enough to scramble over the rocks to get to each separate section, and you’ll be rewarded with a refreshing dip in the cool water of the pool.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 4-mile loop

Features: Swimming pool, three separate cascades, tall waterfall


10. Thundering Brook Falls


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The Thundering Brook Falls has a fairly apt name because the cascade is strong and tall and makes a noise. The falls are split into two sections and that is what makes it so special.

The first part of the falls is approximately 80 feet tall and the combined height is almost 125 feet. This is a great place for a picnic after a family hike and I highly suggest visiting during the spring.

The Thundering Brook Falls are located on the picture-perfect Appalachian Trail in Killington. They are especially wonderful during the spring once the snow has melted and the rivers run strong.

The falls are one of the best things to do in Killington in the warmer months. During the winter it’s a snow lovers’ dream thanks to the ski resort, but the falls call in the summer.

The best part of these falls is the lookout point which is in the form of a raised viewing platform. It offers an excellent view of both sections of the falls so you’ll have the best photographs to take home.

After hiking and taking photos, there is also plenty of space to spread out a picnic blanket and have lunch.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 0.4 miles out-and-back

Features: Dual waterfall, raised viewing platform, picnic area


11. Big Falls

Big Falls in vermont

The name Big Falls may at first seem misleading because the actual drop of the falls is only 40 feet. However, when you consider that it is one of the largest undammed waterfalls in Vermont, the name makes sense.

Big Falls is the ideal place to simply sit and bask in the rugged beauty of nature and a cascading waterfall.

Big Falls is located in Troy and is just a little way away from the border of Canada. It’s one of the most stunning natural places in Vermont and is fairly remote so you need to drive.

However, the reward once you get there will make the tank of gas worth it. The falls cascade and ebb and flow over narrow and wide rocky gorges. There are also pressurized water squeezes and a gushing drop.

I highly recommend this waterfall because even though it is a little off the beaten track, the pristine natural beauty makes up for it.

Additionally, the area is fantastic for birdwatching and fishing, so be sure to pack the camera and the rod! It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking to explore a little more of the natural beauty of Vermont.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 50 feet from the parking area

Features: Natural beauty, rocky gorges, fishing, birdwatching


12. Warren Falls

Warren Falls

Warren Falls is another of the falls on this list that is located on the scenic Route 100. The falls themselves aren’t very tall, about 20 feet, but it’s one of the best places for families.

The reason for this is because the swimming conditions are excellent. The pools are also deep and clear which means that children and adults alike can safely engage in cliff jumping.

Of course, with what I’ve just told you, you can guess that these falls are very popular. You are unlikely to have the place to yourself and will usually have to share, but it is so worth it.

The emerald green of the water contrasts beautifully with the grey boulders and it’s just the perfect place to picnic.

If you find it too crowded for a picnic, there are several trails you can take to more secluded spots. It won’t take you long to find a less-trafficked spot and you can sit and enjoy your lunch.

I highly suggest visiting during the early spring to avoid most of the crowds.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 0,1 miles

Features: Swimming pools, cliff diving, picnic areas


13. Bolton Potholes

Bolton Potholes

There are many falls in Vermont and many of them are ideal for swimming, but Bolton Potholes is exceptional. This timeless natural wonder just invites you to take a jump into the cool depths of the pool.

The Bolton Potholes are named after the town they’re in, Bolton, and feature three separate falls. Each of the cascades spills into its own pool, which is what makes it so unique.

The cascades of the Bolton Potholes zig-zag down rocky cliff faces and the potholes are deep and clear. This means that swimming and jumping from the cliffs is entirely safe and encouraged!

And because there are three separate pools, there is room for everyone. It’s understood that the two upper pools are suitable for adults and the shallower, lower one is better for kids.

The hike to the Potholes is also short and easy which makes this an ideal outing for families with children. All you need is some hiking boots and your swimming costume and you’re all set!

These falls can be very popular, but as there are three pools, there is room enough for everyone.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 0,3 miles

Features: Three swimming pools, cliff diving

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14. Middlebury Falls

Middlebury Falls

The Middlebury Falls are a little different from the other falls on this list and that’s because they’re in town. They are framed by some of the most exquisite old architecture and a stunning stone bridge.

These falls are exceptional and truly make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. It is one of the most noteworthy features of the town of Middlebury in Addison County.

This is an urban waterfall, but it is still spectacular and that is why I included it in this list. Of course, you won’t really have to hike and you won’t see so much nature when visiting these falls.

However, you can explore the town of Middlebury and see the falls as part of your itinerary. The town of Middlebury is quaint and small and filled to the brim with eateries, galleries, and shops.

There are a few ways to view Middlebury Falls and I highly suggest taking a short walk. You can cross over a pedestrian bridge which offers an exquisite view, and then loop through Riverfront Park.

This way you will see the falls from all angles and truly get to experience their beauty.

Length of Hike to the Falls: 0,3 miles if looping around the falls

Features: Town of Middlebury, stone bridge, architecture


15. Green River Falls

Green River Falls

The last of the falls in Vermont on my list is the Green River Falls and it is a little more off-the-beaten-track. The reason I include it is because not all waterfalls are impressive because of their height or the volume of water. The reason why Green River Falls is so spectacular is that it is a little more remote.

It’s also one of the few falls on this list where you can engage in watersports like canoeing or kayaking. In fact, it is one of the few places in Vermont where you can only access the campsite by water.

This means that you have to use a kayak or canoe to access the campsite and that is half the fun.

I would recommend Green River Falls to the adventurous adult because the falls themselves aren’t that impressive. However, the natural beauty of the area and the ruggedness of the terrain is worth it.

I would suggest going in the early spring because that is when the falls will be at their highest. Otherwise, simply hop in your canoe and take the scenic route to your campsite.

Length of Hike to the Falls: Roadside

Features: Watersports, natural beauty, beautiful views


Best Time of Year to Go See Waterfalls in VT:

Waterfalls in VT

The best time to go see waterfalls in Vermont is during the spring. Vermont is known as one of the premier skiing destinations in the US and for good reason.

The mountains stay snow-capped all through winter and there are several ski resorts. However, once all that snow starts to melt, the waterfalls truly come into their own. And that is why I would recommend springtime.

During the spring, the waterfalls usually have the most water and they’ll be most impressive then. In the winter or fall, the falls may ice over, and in the summer, the heat can dry them up. Springtime is best because the falls will be full and you will be able to comfortably hike to the viewpoints.

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Chasing Waterfalls in Vermont:

There are many waterfalls in Vermont and of these fifteen, I think each has something unique to offer. Some may be more suited to families and others to adults, but they all have one thing in common.

All of these waterfalls are impressive natural wonders and worth a second look. If you’re interested in chasing waterfalls in Vermont, I suggest packing light and lunch.

There are many spots for a picnic and you can hike to where you want to go. Additionally, if it gets too hot, simply slip into your swimwear and go for a dip in the cool water.

I hope you enjoyed reading all there is to know about these beautiful falls. For more travel destinations be sure to check out our website for more amazing places to visit.