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Hiking Near Burlington VT: 20 Top Hikes Near Burlington

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I think of the perfect hiking expedition, I find myself debating between cave, mountain or forest hikes. Thankfully, you can experience all of the above when hiking near Burlington VT!

Hiking near Burlington VT in Vermont

Burlington is most commonly known for its friendly and open-minded culture which doesn’t come as much of a surprise since locals have access to some of the most spectacular hiking trails where they can get their daily dose of zen.

It’s also home to some breathtaking farms and majestic mountains for my fellow hiking enthusiast to enjoy.

If you’re planning your next adrenaline-pumping holiday or if you’re a local who wants to get in touch with nature while burning those unwanted calories, Burlington, VT is the place to be!

So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at the best hikes near Burlington, VT!

20 Top Hikes Near Burlington VT

Shelburne Farms

View of Shelburne Farms

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Length: 8 miles

Entry fee: Free

If you’re looking for an easy trail with spectacular views and a cultural touch, Shelburne Farms Hiking Trail is the way to go! It was established as a non-profit organization and leads you to a jaw-dropping, historical Inn and straight to a rustic barn. 

If that’s not enough, the glassy lake and breezy meadows are guaranteed to captivate you while you explore the views that Shelburne farms have to offer. The combination of cultural architecture and charming views most certainly make this one of the best hikes near Burlington, VT!

Are you looking for a full, weekend hiking experience? Why not book your family (or romantic) weekend away at The Inn at Shelburne Farms? Choose between the cozy guest cabins or experience the family life inside one of the rooms in the main house to experience the full essence of farm life! 


Colchester Pond Loop

Hiking near Burlington VT at Colchester Pond Loop

Length: 3.5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Entry fee: Free

Grab your swimsuits and your hiking boots and take a trip to Colchester Pond for an exciting day of hiking, swimming and birdwatching! When hiking near Burlington, VT there is never a shortage of invigorating experiences for everyone to enjoy.

The Colchester Pond Loop is a moderately difficult trail that is home to a variety of bird species and a modest pond where you can catch some fish for dinner or take a dip after breaking a sweat.

If that doesn’t quench your thirst for adventure, why not try out some tricks on the rope swings for an extra-splashing, outdoor experience? There’s no age limit on fun!

Feeling peckish? Make a pit stop at Joe’s Snack Bar for some authentic American hamburgers and fries to curb that post-hike appetite! If burgers aren’t your thing, you can always try out their mouthwatering baskets or prepare for your thanksgiving appetite with their juicy turkey dishes!

Take a look at their Facebook page for the full menu.

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Donahue Sea Caves

Sea cave seen when hiking near Burlington VT

Length: 0.6 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Entry fee: Free

If you’re a cave person such as myself, you simply cannot miss out on the invigorating scenery that the Donahue Sea Caves have to offer! This is one of the best hiking trails near Burlington VT- especially for winter hikers who aren’t scared of a little frost.

The caves were formed by nature more than 10000 years ago and are composed primarily of limestone. 

The clearly marked trail starts in a shady forest and leads you through the snowy landscape to the historical sea caves that are (surprise, surprise) also frozen over and laden in snow. The Donahue Sea Caves are truly a sight to behold. 

Thankfully, the floor isn’t made out of lava but ice and if you look carefully you might see some ancient relics and tiny fish swimming underneath you. Just be careful not to slip while you indulge in the hypnotizing views. 

If you are planning on a summer hike, be sure to bring along a kayak since you will need to row, row, row your boat into the caves when there is no ice to walk on. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your boats or snow coats for a hiking experience that you’ll never forget. Sea you later!


Centennial Woods Loop

Beautiful autumn landscape when hiking near Burlington VT

Length: 3.8 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Entry fee: Free

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if it went hiking at Centennial Woods Loop? Probably a lot since the trail is composed of 65 acres of woods!

If you’re looking for Easy hikes Near Burlington VT, this is the place to be! According to previous hikers, the trail isn’t well-marked which makes it easy to get lost. So, don’t forget to bring your compasses! 

The trail is only 3.8 miles in length and one of the more secluded hikes around Burlington, VT- especially if you’re looking for a peaceful hiking experience. It also takes you past fields of wildflowers and straight to a dam where you can watch some beavers that are going about their business. 

When hiking in Burlington, VT, it is important to take note of the trails’ fragile eco-systems. The Centennial Woods Loop is a low-traffic trail for this exact reason. If you go hiking on this trail, don’t forget to stay on the track and pick up any litter that you see on the way!


Bolton Valley Vista Lookout Tower

Bolton Valley lookout view of Mountain Range

Length: 1.39 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Entry fee:  Free

When hiking near Burlington, VT, choosing a trail with astonishing views are an absolute must! Thankfully, the Bolton Valley Vista Lookout Tower doesn’t disappoint when it comes to scenery.

It takes you up a ski ramp that leads to the Lookout Tower where you take indulge yourself in a birds-eye view of a few other hiking trails near Burlington VT including the Camels Hump and Mt Mansfield natural areas.

In other words, you can take a rejuvenating hike to get to the lookout point where you can scope out your next hike. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

If you are looking for extra-spectacular views, you can schedule your hike for dawn so that you don’t miss out on watching the sunrise as it peeks over the mountains.

Bolton Valley has a variety of restaurant options for you to refuel at after hiking in Burlington, VT. If you’re looking for a taste of home be sure to stop by BV Deli for tantalizing salads, turkey or a hearty breakfast! 

Alternatively, James Moore Tavern has a variety of meaty dishes and mind-blowing sandwiches that are bound to give you the rejuvenation that you need after your hike.


Camel’s Hump

Hikes near Burlington VT with view of camels hump mountain.

Length: 6 miles

Difficulty: Difficult

Entry fee: Free

In case the view at Bolton Valley left you begging for more, let’s take a look at some of Camel Hump’s wonders that are hidden from the tower’s sight. This is quite a difficult trail with a steep incline up the mountain, so it isn’t recommended for upstarting hikers.

However, it’s perfect for experienced hikers who are looking for challenging hikes near Burlington, VT.

The trail leads you through rocky terrains and is home to a wondrous waterfall that certainly makes the strenuous walk worth your while! Be prepared to meet some fellow hiking junkies along the way since this is a popular trail with heavy traffic.

So, grab your water bottles and get ready to reach the peak of adventure while climbing the Camel’s hump!

Do you want to take in the spectacular views in a private and comfortable setting? Why not book a few nights at Camel’s Hump View Farm?

The family-run farm offers bed and breakfast options and received a whopping 4-star average review from previous residents for its beautiful rustic style and service with a smile.

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LaPlatte Nature Park

Passing by LaPlatte river when hiking near Burlington VT

Length: 4.5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Entry fee: Free

Who’s that tripping under my bridge? It’s the hiking enthusiasts experiencing the thrills of hiking near Burlington, VT! LaPlatte Nature Park is not only home to the spectacular LaPlatte River and lush woods, but it also has an enchanting troll bridge that you can stroll across to relive your childhood bedtime stories.

This is an excellent trail for anyone who is looking for easy hikes near Burlington VT while experiencing a variety of terrains and views such including waterfalls, meadows and the occasional woodpecker! Just tread carefully over the bridge unless you want to be a troll snack!

If you’d rather have a snack than be a snack, be sure to make a reservation at Rustic Roots for a mouthwatering, farm-style breakfast! If you’d rather avoid the booking system, you can always try out Archie’s Grill’s speciality burgers, meaty dishes or delicious seafood dishes. The options are endless!


Mount Equinox

Beautiful view of Mt Equinox and Equinox Pond

Length: 6.3 miles

Difficulty: Difficult

Entry fee: $10 per car plus $2 per passenger

Ain’t no mountain high enough to stop you from experiencing mind-blowing hikes near Burlington, VT! Mount Equinox is another excellent trail for more experienced hikers due to the steep climb to the top!

Don’t get discouraged just yet, once you reach the top of the mountain the diverse range of mountain peaks will captivate your senses to such an extent that you’re bound to forget about your tired feet. Besides, who said that you can’t take some time to recuperate your body and mind while taking in the spectacular 360-degree views?

If you’re looking for a combination of nature and luxury when hiking in Burlington, VT, book your getaway at the Kimpton Taconic Hotel! This state-of-art hotel is commonly recognized as one of Vermont’s most classy hotels due to its elegant decor and professional service styles.

For a more budget-friendly option, you can always go with Four Winds Country Motel for conveniently located accommodation that comes with uncapped WIFI!


Delta Park

Bird spotting when hiking near Burlington VT

Length: 0.5 mile

Difficulty: Easy

Entry fee: Free

Attention all birders! If you’re looking for hikes around Burlington vt that are loaded with a diverse range of birds, then pack your binoculars, call up your friends and “flock” over to Delta Park. This is an excellent trail for bird fanatics who are looking for feather-filled hikes near Burlington, VT.

If birds aren’t your thing, the park is also home to a wide range of wildlife that can be accessed through their restricted area. So, pack your picnic baskets, gather your family and get ready for a memorable adventure that is filled with birds, wildlife and breathtaking scenery!

Are you looking for easily accessible accommodation that doesn’t dent your pockets? Well, the La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham South Burlington is a great option for short stays and offers its own airport shuttle for weary travellers.

The Inn also has a swimming pool for those who want to cool down after a sweaty day of hiking in Burlington, VT.

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Mt. Olga

Winter view of Mt Olga when going on hikes near Burlington VT

Length: 2.1 mile

Difficulty: Easy

Entry fee: $4

When hiking in Burlington, VT, there’s no shortage of breathtaking mountain views! Mt. Olga is another great option for those who are looking for easy hikes near Burlington, VT.

It takes you through beautiful, lush forests and straight to the top of the mountain where you can take in the stunning views.

Take a hike to the ranger’s cabin and check out the lightning-struck tree to witness nature in all its fury. As an added bonus, this is a pet-friendly trail so be sure to bring your furry friends along for a rejuvenating outdoor adventure!

Remember to pack your picnic baskets for a lovely outing to the park’s picnic area that is located to the right of the cabin!

Who can say no to a slice of greasy, cheesy and meaty pizza? I sure can’t! Be sure to make a pitstop at Pizzapalooza for some of Vermont’s best pizza dishes!

If you aren’t a pizza person, Alpenglow Bistro is a great alternative for hungry hikers who are looking for a tantalizing, fine-dining experience. 


Inn-to-Inn Walking Tours

Inn in Vermont

Length: up to 13 miles per day

Difficulty: Moderate

Entry fee: Between $1,798 -$3,398

Indulge yourself in Vermont’s cultural architecture with one of its inn-to-inn walking tours! This is a truly unforgettable hiking experience that comes as a full package deal.

You will start your expedition with a mouthwatering dinner at the first Inn where you will receive a sneak preview of the next day’s adventures.

The Inn-to-Inn Walking Tours is one of the best hikes near Burlington, VT since you don’t have to go through the extra effort of finding restaurants and booking accommodation. The experience includes accommodation, delicious meals and an unlimited amount of fun and adventure!

So, let the fun begin! Now that you’ve eaten and rested it is time to take a hike to four different premium Inns where you can refuel, relax and get ready for the next part of your hike. Hiking doesn’t get more interesting than this!


Sucker Brook Hollow Trail

Hiking near Bulington VT in Sucker Brook, Auburn, New Hampshire

Length: 2.4 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Entry fee: Free

If you’re a sucker for excellent hiking trails with exquisite scenery and a variety of wildlife, the Sucker Brook Hollow Trail is the way to go! This is a moderately easy trail that takes you up a small hill and through shady woods where you will cross the bridge that leads to Sucker Brook’s Overlook Point.

Once you reach the Overlook Point, you can unwind with your family and furry friends while taking in the gorgeous views of the towns below. So, if you’re looking for a memorable experience when hiking near Burlington, VT, you simply can’t “overlook” the Sucker Brook Hollow Trail!

Hungry much? From chicken and pork to burgers and steaks, Grazers restaurant has food options for anyone who worked up an appetite after hiking near Burlington, VT! The restaurant also offers a kids menu for your little ones and beers and cocktails for the adults.


Island Line Rail Trail

The Island Line Rail Trail on Lake Champlain

Length: 14 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Entry fee: Free

If you’re looking for bucket-list worthy hikes near Burlington, VT why not try the Island Line Rail Trail? This dynamic trail made it onto our list due to the experience within an experience that it offers.

Where most hiking trails offer a breathtaking experience that usually stops at a lake, the Island Line RailTrail takes you into the lake. Yes, there are no limitations to this experience!

The trail takes you through Burlington’s waterfront and to the Island Line Bike Ferry where you can take a ferry to the next piece of dry land. Ferries and fun? Bucket-list updated!

Are you looking for a place to reboot on your adventure? Try out Motel 6 for budget-friendly accommodation at a conveniently located, 2-star hotel.

Alternatively, you can book your getaway at Starlight Inn for a more luxurious experience with Hollywood-themed rooms that will make you feel like the hiking superstar that you are!


Winooski Nature Trail

View of Winooski River while hiking near Burlington VT

Length: 25 miles

Difficulty: Difficult

Entry fee: Free

Bridges, bogs and beautiful scenery- don’t miss out on a fruitful hike on the adrenaline-pumping Winooski Nature Trail! This is a great trail for adventure junkies who are looking for challenging hikes near Burlington, VT and has been rated as a fairly difficult trail due to its rocky terrains and steep inclines.

The trail takes you past the Winooski river, through murky bogs and leads to a magnificent waterfall that most certainly makes the challenging experience worthwhile. In case you build up an appetite, don’t forget to pack your fishing rods to catch your own mouthwatering dinner or you can end the day at one of these nearby restaurants!


Red Rocks Park

View of path in Smugglers Notch, Vermont.

Length: 6 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Entry fee: $15 per vehicle plus $5 per person ( year passes are available)

Nothing rocks like Red Rocks Park! So, grab your hiking boots, call your friends and get ready to burn those unwanted calories in the most exciting way possible. The park offers a variety of trails that range from easy to moderate in difficulty each of which comes with its own spectacular views.

Stroll through meadows, over rocky terrains and explore the sandstone-carved cave at the park’s overlook point with your family, friends or pets. This is one of the more popular trails for hiking near Burlington, VT so you can expect to meet some weary hikers along the way!

A hearty lunch can come in quite handy when you need an energy boost after a fruitful hike- especially at Handy’s Lunch! Choose between American-style breakfast, lunch and vegetarian dishes at what previous customers have described as an “A+ restaurant with A+ staff.”

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Hamilton Falls

Waterfall stream in forest near Hamilton Falls, Vermont,

Length: 5.8 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Entry fee: Free

The Hamilton Falls Hiking Trails will leave you “falling for the falls” with this breathtaking hiking experience. It is a moderately difficult trail which makes it perfect for semi-experienced hikers or beginners who want to put their skills to the test!

The trail leads you along a tranquil river and up to layers of turbulent falls. Yes, layers! The Hamilton falls have an upper and lower layer. So, if your legs won’t carry you all the way to the top, you can always unwind at the lower level which gives you the full experience and a little less strain!

Location is essential when deciding on accommodation for your hiking trip. Thankfully, Stone Boat Farm Bed and Breakfast is not only one of the top-rated Bed and Breakfasts near Burlington, VT, but it’s also conveniently close to the Hamilton Falls. So, be sure to book your holiday near the Hamilton Falls!


Cantilever Rock

Length: 3 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Entry fee: $4 per person

Are you looking for hikes near Burlington, VT that will give you that perfect Instagram selfie? Well, Cantilever Rock will give you all of that and more! The trail not only flutters with birdlife but also offers hikers a full, scenic experience without having to break too much of a sweat.

The highlight of this trail is (naturally) the Cantilever Rock formation which is a lot sturdier than it looks. It allows for an excellent climbing experience not to mention being the perfect spot to show off to your social media fanbase. So, grab your cameras and get ready for a hiking adventure that will rock your socks off!


Hellbrook to Haselton

Woman hiking on autumn day in Vermont

Length: 7.2 miles

Difficulty: Difficult

Entry fee: $14

Get on the highway to Hellbrook for a strenuous, but fruitful hiking experience. If the name didn’t give it away, this trail is more suitable for advanced hikers who don’t mind feeling that hellfire burn in their thighs.

The Hellbrook to Haselton hiking trail leads you through rocky terrains and up a steep incline to the Adam’s Apple. Previous hikers have recommended bringing some rock climbing gloves for the rocky climbs.

Despite the difficulty of the trail, the scenery and adrenaline that come with it are guaranteed to give you a hell of a good time!

If you’re looking for heavenly accommodation to add some luxury to your expedition, book your room at the Golden Eagle Resort! This is a great accommodation option for families due to its in-house game room and gym that guarantees a thrilling hiking adventure even when you’re not on the trail.

The Resort is also pet-friendly for those whose pets are tagging along!

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Brattleboro Retreat Trail Network

Top of mountain view when hiking near Burlington VT

Length: 9 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Entry Fee: Free

If you’re looking for historical, scenic and educational hikes in Burlington VT, you may be excited to hear that the Brattleboro Retreat Trail Network has it all! The trail was established by the Retreat Farm in the 1800s making it older than we are.

As a plus, it offers a variety of thrilling “bonus options” to your hiking experience. 

Are you brave enough to climb the stone tower or to test your limit’s with the Harris Ski Ramp’s very own stairway to hiking heaven? If not, then why not stroll through Brattleboro’s Interpretive Trail that contains information cards to tell you the story of the forest’s duel with lightning and overall history. 

If that’s still not enough you can hike through the meadows where you can stroll through the fruit frees, do some birdwatching or meet the pastured animals. But wait, there’s more! If you’re looking for family-friendly and easy hikes near Burlington, VT, bring your little ones to the half-mile nature trail for an exhilarating adventure at the forest playground!


Owl’s Head and Peacham Bog

Owls Head Summit Vermont

Length: 3.2 miles

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Entry fee: Free

Owl’s Head and Peacham Bog is a great place to go hiking near Burlington, VT regardless of your skill level! This breathtaking trail is an excellent option for those who are looking for easy hikes near Burlington, VT- especially for birders. 

From swamps and lakes to majestic mountains, the Owl’s Head and Peacham Bog trail gives you a taste of nature’s diversity by taking you through a variety of breathtaking terrains for all hiking preferences. To make matters better, this is a pet-friendly trail. So, bring your family and your furry friends for an adventure of a lifetime!

Vermont has no shortage of luxurious accommodation options. So, why not embrace its luxury at the 4-star Rabbit Hill Inn and choose between a variety of decor styles for your getaway. The Inn also offers exquisite cuisine and an in-house pub- what more could you ask for?


Barnes Camp Loop

Smugglers Notch Vermont

Length: 1.3 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Entry fee: Free

When hiking near Burlington, VT, there truly is something for everyone- especially at the Barnes Camp Loop that offers spectacular nature views and wheelchair-friendly terrains! This is an excellent trail for beginner hikers who want a taste of Vermont’s bucket list-worthy Long Trail without having to go through too much strain.

Are you looking for wetlands or mountains? Cliffs or wildlife? Well, the Barnes Camp Loop has it all! Also, don’t forget to pack your picnic baskets for a rejuvenating, family lunch at the Smugglers’ Notch Picnic Area!

Seasonal Warning: Due to poor weather conditions the Smugglers Cove Road that allows you to access the Barnes Camp Loop Trail closes during the winter season. So, be sure to plan your adventure outside of mid-October to mid-May!

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When hiking near Burlington, VT there is no shortage of spectacular mountain views, historical ambience and exciting adventures to embark on! Although the mountains are Vermont’s main attraction, you can also hike through forests, sea caves, swamps and meadows or go inn hopping on the Inn to Inn trail.

There are also a variety of trail options for beginners who are looking for easy hikes near Burlington, VT as well as a few strenuous trails for experienced hikers who are looking for a challenge.

Be sure to stop at one of the scrumptious restaurants that we mentioned on this list. Also, be sure to check out some of our other bucket-list-worthy experiences at