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Trinity Beach Ultimate Holiday Guide

Trinity Beach is the perfect destination if you love sunbathing under the warm sun on a beach that is overlooked by beautiful palm trees.

Yes I do! Check!

Think of a relaxing place where you can take long walks at the beach, ideal destination for both introverts and extroverts. 

Trinity Beach has also become a popular holiday destination for both international travelers and local Australians. 

Sounds like you? Read this Trinity Beach Ultimate Holiday Guide to find out more!

Where is Trinity Beach?

Image of Cairns, Queensland

Trinity Beach is a coastal suburb in Cairns part of Queensland state, in Australia. 

Trinity Beach is around 20kms from Cairns city center. The suburb is approximately 2km. 

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What to Do in Trinity Beach

What to Do in Trinity Beach

If you’re planning a trip to this amazing place, you’ll never be bored! 

In addition to enjoying this tropical paradise, there is no shortage of other activities that you can make the most of. 

Some travelers might be concerned about swimming in Trinity Beach due to crocodiles. 

However, only one crocodile has been sighted in 2017 and it has been solved. So, this means you won’t need to worry about yours or your family’s safety when visiting here. 

Let’s take a look at all the things and activities you can do when you visit Trinity Beach.

Trinity Beach Esplanade Walking Trails

Trinity Beach Esplanade Walking Trails

While you’re on holiday, why not enjoy some fresh air in the mornings by taking a stroll or jog through the Esplanade walking trails? 

Enjoy the sightings of nature along the way with lush beautiful gardens and when you need a break, just simply stop under one of the shady trees. 

The Esplanade trail is also never overcrowded – no matter what time of the year it is which makes it a pleasant experience for most. 

Walkers and joggers can stop anywhere they like to take a break or just to appreciate the sightings. 

Walking from the northern end of Trinity Beach car park to the southern end of the Trinity Beach cliff face usually takes around half an hour. 

This makes it the perfect walking trail for those who are not used to walking for long distances. 

The Trinity Beach Esplanade walking trail is also a perfect family activity. Your kids can also enjoy a shaded playground. 


With the wide variety of shops on Trinity Beach, your needs are all covered! You’ll have everything you need. 

For food, you’ll have access to a butchery, bakery, and even grocery stores. 

To all the ladies, you can spoil yourself at the hair salon and with a nice massage. Or spend an entire day at the day spa to rejuvenate. 

Should you end up in a health care situation and you’re in need of medical care, there are doctors and dentists at the shopping centers. 

For all the shopaholics, you can enjoy a variety of retail stores and don’t forget to make a stop at the beach shop for stunning swimwear!

You’ll also have access to fitness and sports centers such as gyms, squash, tennis, bowls club, baseball, polocrosse and a pony club. 


Bar cheers

Trinity Beach has an exciting nightlife with a variety of places to enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the nightlife that you can visit.

Trinity Beach Tavern

Enjoy a variety of delectable dishes at Trinity Beach Tavern! Ensure that you make dinner reservations before you go. 

If you’re a food lover, then this place is a must-visit! If you’re looking for seafood dishes or you want to dig into a delicious steak, Trinity Beach Tavern has it all!

Events and functions can also be booked here. 

For all sports lovers, you can visit their sports bar and enjoy a night out in the bubbly and stimulating atmosphere. 

Smithfield Tavern

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Smithfield Tavern has it! It makes the perfect place for a night out!

You can enjoy a variety of things to do here.

Want to enjoy some karaoke or live entertainment? Then this is the place to be! 

There is also a gaming room that you can play around with 45 machines. You can jump from machine to machine as you please! 

If you are on holiday with your family, there is also entertainment for the kids! They can enjoy the kids play area. 

Let’s not forget about the food that you can enjoy including the tantalizing steaks. 

Tours and Sightseeing

Colorful Coral Reefs with fish and sea turtle

When visiting Trinity Beach, do add tours and sightseeing to your to-do list to make it an unforgettable experience.

Here are some tours and sightings that are a must-see:

Calypso Outer Great Barrier Reef Cruise from Port Douglas

Snorkeling and surrounded by fish

With this tour, you might get lucky enough to sight some rare marine life!

The Calypso Outer Great Barrier Reef Cruise from Port Douglas also has much more to offer. 

You can learn how to snorkel like a pro and enjoy a nice swim along your tour. You will learn snorkeling techniques.

They also offer diving with a professional instructor that teaches you how to dive like a pro!

Great Barrier Reef Sailing and Snorkeling Cruise from Port Douglas

Aerial View of Great Barrier Reef

Enjoy a full-day cruise with a marine biologist guiding you on the tour. Whether you’re in the mood for a fun-filled day or you just want to relax, this tour offers it all!

You can enjoy some relaxation time on the boat in the lounge. Or you can make it an action-packed day!

You can spend four and a half hours snorkeling – all equipment will be provided as well as training. 

The marine biologist will also provide you with in-depth education about the reefs and other interesting marine facts. 

Have questions for the marine biologist? You’ll be free to ask as many as you want!

You will also get to enjoy a delicious seafood lunch on this tour. 

Quicksilver Outer Great Barrier Reef Snorkel Cruise from Port Douglas

This tour is perfect for families and has much to offer!

Your kids will enjoy the Squid Squad Kids Club’s while you and your partner take advantage of all the adult activities. 

Enjoy a variety of activities on this tour. Guided snorkeling sessions are available and fish-feeding. 

You can also sight and explore underwater. As underwater viewing activities are available during your tour. 

If you’d like, you can also try out scuba diving with an instructor by your side and with all equipment provided. 

A buffet lunch is also available. 

Skydiving in Cairns

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then skydiving is for you! Experience a rush that you will never forget!

Whether you’re a professional or a newbie, you are still welcome to do it. 

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Trinity Beach Accommodation


There are plenty of Trinity Beach, Cairns accommodation options to choose from. 

Sea Change Beachfront Apartments

Sea Change Beachfront Apartments is situated on Trinity Beach and many tours are offered here. 

The apartments are also spacious and the kitchens are also fully equipped. They can have an Espresso machine!

The rooms also have spa baths making it perfect for relaxation. 

You can also enjoy an outdoor swimming and a tropical landscape! Restaurants and cafes are also within walking distance. 

Vue Apartments Trinity Beach 

Enjoy 5-star accommodation at Vue Apartments Trinity Beach. It is also a popular choice of accommodation. 

All apartments are super spacious and fully equipped. You can also enjoy views of the Coral Sea from the balcony of your apartment. 

You can also find out about tours from the front desk and enjoy a restaurant and bar right next to the Vue Apartments. 

Palms Trinity Beach

Palms Trinity Beach is approximately 2.5km away from Palm Cove Beach and 200 m away from Trinity Beach.

It is also an affordable accommodation option and the best part is that you don’t have to give up anything in terms of comfort. 

Apartments have fully equipped kitchens with coffee machines. The rooms also have free WiFi and air conditioning. 

You can also enjoy some timeout in the pool or the beautiful garden. 

Blue Lagoon Resort

Explore Blue Lagoon Trinity Beach and book one of these Trinity Beach apartments!

This resort offers a tropical paradise with 3 swimming pools and a gym.

Let’s not forget about the luxurious apartments here! You can also enjoy many facilities here and you can book tours. 

Coral Sands Beachfront Resort

This resort is located opposite the sands of Trinity Beach and it is suitable for both couples and families. 

It is located on two acres of tropical landscapes. The spacious and luxurious apartments also have ocean views. 

Apart from the stunning landscape, you can also enjoy their pool when you need to cool after a long day. 

Trinity Beach Restaurants

Trinity Beach Restaurants

Make the most of all the fine dining in Trinity Beach restaurants and the best is – you are spoiled for choice! 

You have a wide variety of different restaurants and cuisines to choose from. Explore all types of dishes. 

From seafood dishes to Italian, Indian, Australian and even Thai food. You can also enjoy a drink on some of the restaurant’s open verandas and watch the beautiful sunset. 

A lot of these restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

If you’re on a budget, you can also pick affordable restaurants without having to compromise anything in terms of taste. 

You can view all of the restaurants on TripAdvisor. They have a list of all the most popular restaurants and the most affordable ones. 

Here are my top choices:

Vivo Palm Cove: Australian Cuisine, they have on the menu a delicious soft shell crab dish and french toast to die for!

Chill Cafe: Australian Cafe, their breakfast is not to be missed – delicious eggs benedict and beautiful views.

Beach Almond Beach House: Seafood restaurant. Famous for chilli prawn and their whole fish and papaya salad.

Falafellicious: Mediterranean fresh and fast food that will satisfy your cravings! Best falafel ever!

How to Get to Trinity Beach

Shuttle bus

Whilst there’s no direct connection from Cairns Airport to Trinity Beach, there are various modes of transport that you can use to get you there. 

Trinity Beach is around 20 minutes from north Cains. You can take a shuttle, Uber or taxi to get you there. 

Or if you’d prefer to drive there yourself, you can rent a car. You can view the map for directions. 

If you are on a roadtrip heading north, Trinity Beach to Port Douglas is only 45 minutes by car. 

Trinity Beach Weather

The warmest month is in January (summer).

However, the months of January, February, March, April and December are the rainest and wettest months of the year. 

If you’re not in for rain, then you should try going there in August, the driest month. 

The coldest month is July. However, the temperatures are still pleasant, with minimum of 16.0°C (60.8°F) at night and up to 25.0°C (77°F) during the day. 

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