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Isla Baru Colombia | The Ultimate Travellers Guide

Isla Baru is a major tourist attraction often rated as one of the most stunning places on Earth!

If you haven’t heard of this paradise, Isla Baru is a former peninsula south of Cartagena Colombia which was cut off by the mainland by the Canal del Dique. 

About Isla Baru

Beach in Isla Baru

Isla Baru is the ultimate vacation if you want to experience a tropical paradise. It is well known for its white sand, palm trees and stunning turquoise Caribbean water.

But there is more to Isla Baru than a tropical heaven.

You can also enjoy a colorful city with the most seafood dishes!  

And if you’re on a budget, Isla Baru can be an affordable destination. We will show you how!

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Cartagena to Isla Baru – How to Get There

Cartagena, Colombia at night

There are a few options to get from Cartagena to Isla Baru. You can take a ferry, bus, taxi or private transportation. 

Taking a bus is the cheapest option and it takes around 25 minutes to get there. 

The next option is by taxi or Uber which is a little more expensive than a bus but it will only take you around 13 minutes. 

The most expensive option is by private transportation which will also take you around 13 minutes to get there. 

You can view the map to get a better idea of where you’re headed. 

Isla Baru Hotels and Accommodation

Terrace on the sea with wooden table and chairs

Most of the Isla Baru hotels are comfortable and have extra features. Let’s take a look at the most popular options:

Hotel Playa Manglares Isla Baru

It is located on Barbacoa Beach and the hotel has a private beach. 

The rooms also come with garden views and you can relax on the hammocks, patios and open terraces. 

The hotel also has a restaurant and a regional breakfast is served daily with delicious tropical fruits. 

Aura Hotel Baru

Aura hotel offers private beach access and it can also be reached by motorboat. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities and water sports. 

If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet along with the beauty of nature, then this Aura hotel is the perfect option! All rooms here are surrounded by trees. 

You can also enjoy a restaurant on the beachside with fresh seafood dishes. It opens for breakfast, lunch and supper with both international and local Caribbean dishes. 

Playa Arrecifes Cabana

Playa Arrecifes Cabana is a cheaper option and it is situated near Playa Blanca. Rooms with sea views are also available for bookings. 

Spend your afternoon relaxing on the terrace and an on-site restaurant and bar. 

Baru Playa Eco Beach Resort

If you’re looking for luxury accommodation at its finest, then Baru Playa Eco Beach Resort is for you! 

This resort features 200m of private white sand beach. You can also enjoy many activities at the resort including a water park and outdoor activities. 

Each room also comes with air conditioning and a balcony. Extras also include a minibar and a terrace. Rooms also have sea views. 

What to Do in Isla Baru

People on the Beach in Isla Baru

There is no shortage of things to do when you visit Isla Baru. You can have both a relaxing and fun-filled vacation!

Isla Grande 

Visit Isla Grande where you can enjoy many family-friendly activities. From beach tours to city sightings. 

You can enjoy a variety of beach tours and hop-on-hop-off bus tours to make the most of the city. 

Take the Aviary tour of Colombia in which you can see 2000 birds of 190 species and let’s not forget the natural beauty along the way!

Isla Rosario

Isla Rosario is the perfect place for scuba diving. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, be prepared to sight crabs, lobsters, coral reefs, and starfish.

Visit Isla Rosario’s Oceanario Aquarium where you can watch dolphin shows and see different marine species such as sharks, turtles, fish and more. 

Isla Reina

Here, you can enjoy nature and the beaches. There is also a variety of water sports that you can try out. 

Isla Reina is a quiet beach that is perfected for introverts. It also has crystal clear waters and enchanting nature that cannot be missed! 

Playa Blanca

beach hut at Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca Colombia is one of the best beaches in Cartagena. It is a super popular tourist spot. 

Playa Blanca is famous for its fabulous boat tours and snorkeling. 

Have you ever done an island-hop on a boat tour?

You can island hop all the Rosario Islands which are Barú, Cholon and Playa Blanca from Cartagena. 

If you love your food, there you will enjoy some of the finest foods in a variety of different restaurants. 

You can also experience the nightlife and even some shopping here!

Or if you’re in the mood for some relaxation and quiet, you can rest and laze around at the beach. 

Water Sports

people snorkeling in the water

Isla Baru is popular for many different types of water sports. 

Some water sports you can enjoy are snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing, surfing and jet skiing.

If you’re in the mood for something a little unique and more thrilling, then you should try kitesurfing. You can take lessons on how to kitesurf and make the most of flying through the air. 

Be prepared to have lots of fun!

man kitesurfing


Ever thought about a vacation that included fishing? Well with this one, it’s possible!

You can take a fishing tour guided by local fishermen or even deep sea fishing.

If you haven’t done this before, they will teach you how to fish too, all sorted.

Fishing tours are up to 6 hours. 

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Sailboat Tours

Boats in Cartagena Colombia

Enjoy sailing through the stunning waters of Isla Baru with a variety of sailboat tours. 

Isla Coralina is a must-see. Here, the reefs are full of corals and you can even spot different species of fish. 

Isla Coralina is also a famous spot for snorkeling. 

You can take a full-day boat tour exploring all the islands. Depending on which islands you’d like to visit, you can choose a sailboat tour that offers visits to those places. 

These islands include Baru, Rosario Islands, Cholon, Isla Grande, Playa Blanca and more. 

Romantic tours, dinner cruises, VIP and private boat tours are also available. 

Visit Aviario Nacional

If you love birds as much as we do, then a trip to Aviario Nacional is worth the visit!

Aviario Nacional is a conservation organization that aims to protect the birds and they even have threatened species of birds. 

You can stroll through ecological walking trails and discover 3 ecosystems. There are main ecosystems here, a coastal zone, a desert and a tropical forest.

Find over 2000 bird species! Experience all types of beautiful birds in their natural habitat. 

From flamingos to macaws to condors, get your camera ready to capture these beauties!

Isla Baru Tours

There is no shortage of tours that you can enjoy on your holiday to Isla Baru. Let’s take a look at some options:

Baru, Quiet Beach by Land, Regular.

This tour offers a special lunch of the finest kinds of seafood. You can also enjoy some quiet time by the beach. 

Botanical garden route + Aviar Route, Regular

Experience natural beauty and Aviario Nacional on this tour.

You will get a tour through Jardín Botánico de Cartagena Guillermo Piñeres and Aviario Nacional. 

With this tour, lunch is also included and it is a guided tour. 

Four Islands + Placton Experience Baru Island

This is a beach tour that takes you to Playa Blanca, Isla de Rosario and Isla Baru. You will be greeted with a welcome cocktail.

You can also enjoy snorkeling for an hour and placton activity for 40 minutes at Playa Tranquila. 

Playa Azul

Playa Azul is also known as the Blue Beach. It is part of Cholon and Baru Island. Enjoy the crashing sea waters. 

You can also get tours around the island and you can rent a boat and enjoy boat parties. 

Enjoy water sports and fishing. Or just simply take some time out to relax and sunbathe.  

What to Pack

If you have decided to make Isla Baru your next vacation, then here are a few things that you’d like to carry along. 

Your beach stuff! If you’re visiting Isla Baru, you’ll need to carry these along: swimming costume, beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and a sunhat.

Also, ensure that you take comfortable shoes and bug repellent to prevent yourself from getting nasty bug bites. 

Don’t forget your camera! You’ll want to capture your precious moments here.

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