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Things To Do in Weatherford tx – 16 Awesome Things To In Weatherford

Are you looking for effective boredom repelling things to do in Weatherford tx? Are you an outdoor person looking for exhilarating ways to blow of some steam?

Or are you more an indoor person who is dying to engage in a thrilling adventure that doesn’t involve stepping too far out of your comfort zone? If you answered yes to any of the above, then you may be pleased to realize that Weatherford has something just for you.

Aerial view of Weatherford Texas courthouse

From snake pits and engine-revving car museums to scavenger hunts and breathtaking garden strolls, there’s simply no way to stay bored in Weatherford, especially if you’re a boredom magnet like myself.

Are you excited yet? I know that I am! So, let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into our list of the top 15 things to do in Weatherford, TX.

Chandor Gardens

Things to do in Weatherford tx - visit the Chandor Gardens

If you’re looking for things to do in Weatherford, TX that will help you to find your inner zen while giving you a taste of the city’s rich, cultural heritage, be sure to take a stroll through the Chandor Gardens.

The posh, old-fashioned English garden styles and ancient Chinese architecture is bound to leave you gasping in awe at the beauty that the gardens have to offer.

If that’s not enough the raging waterfalls and gorgeous foundations add that much-needed touch of serenity that will make you feel as if you have travelled back in time and into a fairytale garden. 

If you are looking for an indoor experience, you can take a stroll through the majestic, English 5600 square ft mansion to live a day in the life of Chandor who used to own the mansion before he passed away.

After visiting such a luxurious place, you probably don’t want to downgrade your experience by settling for anything less than the best in terms of accommodation. So, book your stay at Holiday Inn Express & Suites that comes with an indoor pool, hot tub and private parking.

Vintage Car Museum – Things To Do In Weatherford TX

Things to do in Weatherford tx - visit the vintage car museum

This one is for the upcoming Michael Schoemaker’s looking for awesome things to do in Weatherford tx! Have you ever wondered what your modern, fancy sportscars looked like back in the day?

Well, you can see these mint-condition (but vintage) cars at the Weatherford Vintage car museum. What makes this museum so spectacular? I can see a variety of cars on the road when I drive right? Wrong!

You may have seen a Porsche or a Ferrari on the road (which is still an amazing sight) but this mind-blowing museum stretches further back than that. 

In fact, you’ll get to see famous vehicles that belonged to former presidents such as the 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible as well as some of Moncrief’s cars. Float like a Cadillac, sting like a beamer!

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The Parker County Peach Festival

Things to do in Weatherford tx - Parker County Peach Festival

Life is a peach, so grab some succulent peaches at The Parker County Peach Festival. The festival is full of exciting things to do in Weatherford tx for children and adults.

Not only can you choose your “peach of the litter” at the amazing stalls, but they also offer creative crafts tables for the kids and live music for the adults to enjoy.

If you are a fitness junkie, you can ride, ride, ride your bike at the Peach Pedal Bike Rides or if you are a fashion guru, you can browse through the variety of boutiques.

The area is highly secured and encounters up to 30000 visitors every year. So, join the festivities for a day of juicy fun!

The National Vietnam War Museum – Things To Do In Weatherford TX

Things to do in Weatherford tx - visit the Vietnam War Museum

War, huh. What is it good for? A lovely day out with the family at The National Vietnam War Museum! Explore the vintage Vietnamese artefacts and experience the living conditions in which brave soldiers fought for their country.

The museum is situated in the middle of a cypress forest which gives you the perfect combination of history and nature in one spectacular adventure.

Roam through the forests, explore the old, abandoned railways and gasp in awe at the raging waterfalls that surround the museum. If you’re looking for things to do in Weatherford, this museum is the way to go!

After a flaming hot day filled with historical excitement, you’ll need a flaming meal at Flames Seafood Grill and Bar in Weatherford. The element that makes this restaurant stand out ( other than the handmade and seafood dishes) is that you can bring your furry friends along for a full family meal.

Scavenger Hunt – Things To Do In Weatherford TX

Children explore nature collecting items for a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are by far one of the most exhilarating things to do in Weatherford on a bright sunny day if you are looking to challenge your family and friends to a battle of the fittest and smartest, especially during Easter

Engage in puzzle games, decipher digital codes or find those creamy Easter eggs before your competitors do. This is a great activity for kids, families, and grown-ups to enjoy.

You can sign up for your scavenger hunt here, or (since we are on the topic of peach festivals) you can join in on the 8 day Peach Week Scavenger hunt. Have you got what it takes to win?

Didn’t find any sweet treat treasures? No worries! There is a whole list of sweet treasures to be found at Tom’s Donuts & Kolaches!

So, bring your kids and let them choose between a variety of doughnuts and kolaches at one of Weatherford’s best doughnut shops so that they get their treasure regardless of how the treasure hunt went.

The Boardwalk at Lake Weatherford

The boardwalk at Lake Weatherford.

Are you ready for an outdoor adventure of a lifetime? Well, head over to Lake Weatherford and hop along what is currently known as the longest boardwalk in Weatherford.

I’m not sure about you, but when I’m looking for exciting things to do in Weatherford TX, the “est” factor must be present. Regardless of whether it is the brightest or the biggest, Thankfully, Lake Weatherford offers you just that.

The boardwalk floats upon the water and is 4,313 feet in length. It takes you through spectacular nature views, with peaceful waters and is home to a variety of bird species ( so be sure to bring your binoculars).

If that’s not enough, bring along your bait and fishing rods for a relaxing day of fishing!

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Stafford Air & Space Museum – Things To Do In Weatherford TX

Although there are so many exciting things to do in Weatherford, Texas, don’t forget to make some space for an otherworldly adventure to the Stafford Air & Space Museum.

The museum was created in memory of a former Stafford, NASA, Astronaut, Lt. General Thomas P. and takes you through the history of space travel.

Take a stroll through the museum and take a look at the spacy artefacts and memorabilia of space travel in the old days, starting from the first space flights that humans embarked on.

This is an excellent activity for children and adults and guarantees a memorable experience that is out of this world! With such an epic adventure, you’re bound to work up an appetite.

So, why not try a spicy dish at Oaxaca Mexican Cuisine. You can choose between crunchy tacos, mouthwatering quesadillas or cheesy tortillas to satisfy the hunger.

Parker County Courthouse – Things To Do In Weatherford TX

Parker County Courthouse

Now, you may be wondering why something a plain as a courthouse made it onto our list of fun things to do in Weatherford TX. Well, this isn’t your average everyday courthouse.

In fact, the courthouse has a museum-like effect that gives you a taste of Weatherford’s rich, cultural heritage. The building in itself displays intricate and jaw-dropping architecture and you can book a solo or group guided tour to get in touch with the history that the courtroom has to offer.

You can also book the venue for parties or Christmas events to make sure that your event stands out above all others. With such a sophisticated day out, why not add to the sophistication with a steaming cup of coffee at Rx Brew.

If the coffee doesn’t curb your appetite, you can always try out some authentic Asian cuisine at Lavie Garden. The choice is yours!

Holland Lake Park

Holland Lake Park Texas

Holland Park is the place to be when you are looking for a variety of things to do in Weatherford tx without doing too much travelling. For starters, the park is home to scenic landscapes and water fountains for hikers of all levels to stroll through.

It also has its own softball course where you can practice your pitches and swings while you get ready for the softball season. Once you’ve taken a hike or played some softball, you can sit down in the park’s recreation area and have a lovely lunch with your family while sharing your day’s adventures with each other.

Do you need some snacks for your picnic, but your morning was too chaotic to pack anything? Hutch’s Pie Shop is here to come to the rescue! Choose between a variety of pies for your picnic and indulge in the sweet and savory flavors with your family.

Clark Gardens Botanical Park

The Clark Gardens Botanical Park is unbelievable and is the perfect spot to find your inner zen. It is home to a variety of birdlife as well as a 35-acre oasis where you can set up a picnic with your family members and friends.

But, that’s not all! This magical piece of paradise is also home to beautiful swans and flamboyant peacocks that add to the park’s enchanting effect. If you travel during the spring, you’ll see the beautiful, pink blossoming flowers and the sun glistening off of the lake where the swans gracefully float. 

If you are a waterfall lover, you can hike to the park’s waterfall for the full nature experience. Wildlife, waterfalls, lakes and blooming flowers, the Clark Gardens Botanical Park has it all!

Film Alley – Things To Do In Weatherford TX

Watching movies at the movie theatre

Film Alley is another excellent place with plenty of things to do in Weatherford, TX. Don’t let the name deceive you. The Film alley offers a lot more than just films.

In fact, you can gather your friends for a competitive round of bowling, or you bring your kids for a thrilling day or first-person shooters and other exciting arcade games.

There’s nothing that can satisfy your child’s post-gaming appetite quite like a greasy, cheesy pizza. So be sure to stop by The Pizza Place for some of the best pizzas in town! If pizza isn’t your thing, you can try out one of Shep’s succulent burgers. Yum!

Grand Adventure

Things to do in Weatherford tx, try go-carting

Where can you find grand things to do in Weatherford tx? If the name hasn’t given it away already, stop by Grand Adventure for an adrenaline-pumping day of go-karting Weatherford’s grandest racing track.

In this case, it’s not survival of the fittest. It is survival of the fastest! That’s not all, Grand Adventure has an adventure for everyone, including a mind-blowing gaming arcade with a variety of shooters and ticket-winning games (for those who want to win some awesome prices after their day out.)

They also have a state-of-the-art miniature golf course, making this one of the best things to do in Weatherford if you’re looking for multiple adventures in one place.

If one day at Grand Adventure simply isn’t enough, book your stay at La Quinta Inn & Suites for a luxurious experience that your family will talk about for years to come.

The Inn comes with a few freebies including free wifi and free breakfast so that you don’t have to slave away to fill those hungry bellies.

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Theatre off the Square – Things To Do In Weatherford TX

Audience watching theatre performance

To go to the Theatre off the Square or not to go to the Theatre off the Square. That is the question. Well, I don’t know about you, but I will certainly be watching the appealing and cultural performances that the theatre has to offer.

I mean, who would want to miss out on seeing the spectacular works of world-renowned playwrights such as Agatha Christie and Neil Simon?

Watch some of the most prominent theatre shows in history and laugh your socks off with a comedy show, or bring along a box of tissues for a heartwarming drama. This is an excellent way to stay entertained while keeping up to date with Weatherford’s theatrical ambience. There’s no business like show business!

Any theatre enthusiast knows that if you watch theatrics and live theatrically, then you should dine theatrically too. So try out Rio Mambo for some classy margaritas and cocktails to chitter-chatter about the performance spectacle you just watched or share a plate of their cheesy nachos to end off your night with a bang.

Painting with a Twist – Things To Do In Weatherford TX

Painting for adults- Things to do in Weatherford Texas

This one is for the adults (or the kids with juice boxes) and it is one of my personal favorite things to do in Weatherford tx (or anywhere really) Also known as a Sip and Paint, Painting with a Twist is a great activity for adults who want to let their creative juices flow while holding a glass of wine in their hands

Simply bring along your wine, beer or whatever you hope to be drinking and let your creativity run wild with step-by-step painting tutorials that are hosted by professional artists. So, sign up for your girl’s night out and indulge in an unbelievable experience where you can socialize, sip and paint your worries away. Don’t hesitate, just sip and paint!

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Old School Texas West

Country style dancing in Texas

Hop, jump and twirl your worries away at Old School Texas West. Do you find yourself counting down the days to go dancing on a Friday night? Well, you’re in luck because at Old School Texas West every night is dancing night. 

They boast the longest tabletop bar in all of Texas and also play pumping music that will leave your feet bopping to the beat, whether you want them to or not.

If that’s not enough you can put your singing skills to the test with their karaoke nights (if you are brave enough) Or sign up for dancing lessons to wow your audience. It is Echo, Papa, India, Charlie!

Has the twisting and twirling caused you to build up an appetite? Stop by Lucille’s Roadhouse for some juicy burgers to make up for the calories that you already burned off. You deserve the treat.

Splash Kingdom

Girl having fun at splash park

There is no way that we could have left the most Epic Weatherford activity off of our to-do list, especially since I am a waterpark fantastic myself. Splash Kingdom is by far one of the most dynamic waterparks that I have come across, especially due to its child-friendly layout and the host of rides that it has to offer.

From lazy rivers to slide towers, the park has so many adventures that your kids will beg you to stay another hour, (and then another) which is why the on-site cabanas that they offer are such a great idea, especially for those who want to spend more time on their splashing adventure!


With such an endless list of things to do in Weatherford, TX, it’s hard to choose just one to engage in. Thankfully, you can make your trip to Weatherford a weekend trip so that you have more than enough time to indulge in all of the activities.

Is the space museum too boring for you? Why not try Grand Adventure? Otherwise, book your cabana at Splash Kingdom for a splashing adventure or put your creativity to the test at Painting with a Twist!

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