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Does It Snow In China? 7 Places With Snowfall You Have To See

Does it snow in China? I bet that this is the question we’re all asking and it’s not a very hard one to answer.

China is a beautiful country with a rich culture. You will find different temperatures, climates, and weather conditions in different cities.

So, don’t expect to experience the same weather everywhere.

If you’re planning on visiting China during winter, I’m sure you’re hoping to walk into a winter wonderland.

So, without further adieu let’s answer the question, “Does it snow in China.”

Does it snow in China?

Does It Snow in China?

Does it snow in China?


So, does it snow in China? The good news is that it does.

However, whether or not you will encounter any snow completely depends on which part of China you are planning on visiting.

You’re more likely to see snow if you visit the Northern regions of China. The Southern regions of China don’t really experience any snow.

So, if you’d like to see snow in China, you’d have to schedule your trip during winter and you’d have to choose the city that you visit wisely.

You could always go backpacking through a variety of cities if you want to ensure that you’ll definitely see some snow.

So, let’s take a look at some cities in China and discuss the likelihood of finding snow in each of them.

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Does It Snow in Beijing?

does it snow in Beijing?

So, does it snow in Beijing? The great news is that it does.

Beijing is one of the cities in China that turns into a winter wonderland during winter.

You’ll see spectacular views of snow resting on the Great Wall of China and on the roofs of houses.

As a matter of fact, it snows so much that there are ski resorts in the city where you can brave the snowy hills.

The snow usually starts to fall toward the end of November. So, if you want to see snow in Beijing, be sure to schedule your arrival date accordingly.

The greatest part is that the snow will be deep enough for you to make snow angels, build a snowman, or even have a snowball fight with your family.

How epic is that? Just be sure to pack some warm clothes, scarves, and gloves so that you don’t get frostbite!

Does it Snow in Qingdao?

where does it snow in China

The next question is does it snow in Qingdao? Well, that depends. In general, the city has high temperatures in the summer.

However, in the winter, the temperature can drop as low as 31 °F. Despite the low winter temperatures, you aren’t likely to encounter too much snow in Qingdao.

However, there may be light snowfall on certain occasions. So, Qingdao might not be the best city for those who want to build snowmen or have a snowball fight.

However, if you want to see the spectacle of snow gently blowing in the wind and resting on rooftops, you can expect to see this in the city as long as you visit during winter.

If you do want to see snow in Qingdao, I highly recommend reading through some weather reports before scheduling your trip.

You don’t want to arrive at the wrong time and miss out on the snow.

So, pack your warm coats and ear muffs and get ready for a winter adventure in Qingdao!

Does It Snow in Sichuan?

does it snow in China

Now, we know that it snows in Beijing and Qingdao. So, if you’re still asking “does it snow in China,” the answer is a definite yes.

However, does it snow in Sichuan? Let’s take a closer look.

Sichuan is situated close to the mountains which means that the temperatures tend to drop quite low during the winter.

Especially, if you move to more elevated terrains. You can climb up one of the mountains if you want to see heavy snowfall.

Just be sure to wear the right clothes and bring the right equipment. The weather conditions tend to become quite severe in the mountains.

Naturally, you’ll also encounter snow in the city if you don’t feel like climbing up the mountains.

You’ll see thick layers of snow on the ground and on the roofs of houses. If you plan on driving, be sure to drive carefully.

The roads get quite icy and may be slippery to drive on. At least you’ll be able to have that snowball fight in Sichuan.

There will even be enough snow to build a snowman. This makes Sichuan the perfect place to visit for a snow-filled family holiday.

Your little ones will love jumping around in the snow. So, does it snow in China? It does if you’re visiting Sichuan!

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Does it Snow in Shanghai?

does it snow in china?


Shanghai is one of the most popular cities to visit in China.

It is commonly known for having beautiful historical sights that make it an epic place to visit if you want to learn more about China’s history.

However, does it snow in Shanghai? Unfortunately, it is quite rare to encounter snow in Shanghai. However, you might see a little bit of snow if you’re feeling lucky.

Just because snow is rare in this city, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any snow at all.

It just might not be the best place to build snowmen or have a white Christmas.

If you’re looking for a guarantee that you’ll see snow in China and you have your heart set on visiting Shanghai, I highly recommend looking at weather reports before you schedule your trip.

I also recommend backpacking through Shanghai, Sichuan, and Beijing during the winter season.

This will help you to have a full snowy experience in case the snow in Shanghai isn’t satisfactory. Shanghai is still a great place to visit during the winter.

Especially if you want to experience gentle snowfall. So, get your hot water bottles and hot chocolate ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Places With Snowfall You Have To See

where does it snow in china

Now that we’ve answered the question, “does it snow in China,” let’s take a look at some of the places in China with snowfall that you have to see.

We’ll also be looking at some popular attractions that you can visit in each city. So, let’s jump straight into it!

1: Beijing:


Beijing is not only the most popular city to visit in China but it’s also the Capital of China.

As we’ve already established, you’re also quite likely to see snow in Beijing if you visit the city at the right time of year.

I’m sure that you’ve all heard about The Great Wall of China. This is the single most popular tourist attraction in China.

The Great Wall of China is a sight to behold as it is. Now can you imagine how much more beautiful it is when it’s laden with snow?

Yes, it’s a breathtaking sight that you won’t soon forget.

If you plan on climbing up The Great Wall of China during winter, be sure to pack some warm clothes as you’ll reach high elevation levels.

Also, be sure to mind your step since the steps may become a bit slippery. Another great place to visit in Beijing is the Forbidden City.

This attraction is composed of unique architecture that’ll leave you standing in awe. It was first built as an imperial palace that the public was forbidden to enter.

The Forbidden City is centuries old and was home to an imperial family. Only the imperial family and their servants were permitted to enter the premises.

However, the Forbidden City has now become a popular tourist attraction that tourists can visit.

Another one of the great places to visit in Beijing is the Prince Gong Mansion. The mansion has some of the most beautiful architecture that you’ll see.

The architecture also displays some of China’s architectural culture which is quite unique. Once you enter the mansion, you’ll also see beautiful gardens.

The best part is that the gardens will be laden with snow if you visit the mansion at the right time.

This will truly make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a winter wonderland.

The Ming Dynasty Tombs is also a must-see if you want to indulge yourself in China’s history.

The tombs were ones used to bury members of royal families.

You can stroll through the tomb or take a guided tour where you’ll get to learn all about the people who were once buried there.

Let’s just hope that you don’t run into any ghosts on your trip. If you do, let’s hope that they’re friendly ghosts!

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2: Qingdao

where does it snow in china?

If you enjoy beer, you should definitely add Qingdao to your holiday bucket list.

This city is most commonly known for having the second biggest brewery in the whole of China. This is quite good news actually.

We all know that a few glasses of beer will give you a lovely beer blanket to protect you from the icy weather during winter.

Since we’re on the topic of breweries, the first one of the best places to visit in Qingdao is none other than Tsingtao Brewery Museum.

This brewery has everything you need and more in order to have an epic time. You can go on a tour through the brewery or sign up for a beer-tasting experience.

On top of that, you can order your favorite beers from the bar area. Laoshan Mountain is probably the most likely place where you’ll encounter snow in Qingdao.

The snow will probably be resting on the mountaintops.

So, you’ll need to put your fitness levels to the test and climb up the mountain if you want to reach the snowy areas.

Don’t let the steep hike discourage you. Once you arrive at the top of the mountain and see the spectacle, you’ll realize that the hike was definitely worth your while.

Since it never really snows by the beach, you’re not too likely to see snow at the Golden Sandy Beach.

However, it is definitely worth mentioning. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in China.

You can take a dip in the ocean if you are visiting during the summer season. However, I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the ocean during winter.

The water temperature will be extremely cold which could put your body into shock. You might even get frostbite. So, it’s best to save swimming for summer.

The Yangkou Scenic Area is another place where you’re likely to see snow in Qingdao.

The area is quite elevated which means that it reaches much colder temperatures.

You can take a hike to one of the elevated terrains to get a bird’s eye view of the snow-laden scenery below.

You’ll also get to see snow falling around you which will be a sight to behold.

Just be sure to mind your step since the terrain may become quite slippery when it snows.

One thing is certain. Visiting Yangkou Scenic Area will definitely be worth your while.

3: Huangshan City

Huangshan City is a city in China that encounters quite a lot of snow during the winter season.

It is most popularly known for the amazing-tasting teas that are brewed in the city.

Especially their green tea. Huangshan City is located in the eastern region of China and has plenty of mountain views.

As we all know, mountain terrains are where you’re most likely to encounter some snow.

If you’re willing to brave the cold, be sure to take a hike up Huangshan Mountain.

Here, you are guaranteed to see some snow since you’ll reach high elevation levels.

The Huangshan Mountain is an awe-striking sight. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the scenery below.

On top of that, you’ll get to see the mountains surrounding you that are laden with snow. There is a safe walkway with a barrier fence on the mountain.

Just be sure to tread carefully since the mountain is quite big. If you’re climbing it while it snows, it might be a bit harder to walk than usual.

Also, the walkway might be quite slippery. So, mind your step while you take in the spectacular views.

If you’re looking to experience the snow while keeping warm, you could always try out the Huangshan Taiping cableway.

The cableway is high up in the sky and gives you a bird’s eye view of the city below.

During winter, you’ll be surrounded by falling snow while you glide through it. You’ll also get to see the snow that is resting on the mountains that surround you.

If you look carefully, you’ll see snow on the rooftops of houses that are below you. The greatest part is that you’ll feel warm and safe in the cableway cart.

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4: Tianjin

does it snow in China?

Are you still asking, “Does it snow in China?” If you are, then you should take a trip to Tianjin.

This is one of the cities in China that have the most snow.

The city is located in the Northern region of China which is exactly where you’ll find your perfect winter wonderland.

Believe it or not, Tianjin is most commonly known for having some of the best seafood that you’ll find in China.

So, what places are there to see in this winter wonderland? For starters, you simply have to take a ride on the Tian Jin Zhi Yan.

This is one of the biggest Ferris wheels in China. It is 393 feet tall which gives you a bird’s eye view of the beautiful city.

Winter is an especially good time to take a ride on the Ferris wheel since you’ll get to see all of the rooftops that are laden with snow.

Another great place to visit in Tian Jin Zhi Yan is the Dule Temple.

This is an ancient Buddhist temple that is surrounded by some of the most beautiful architectural structures that you can imagine.

Visiting the temple will also help you to get in touch with China’s religious culture.

Baxianshan National Natural Reserve is where you’ll find the best winter wonderland in Tianjin.

The nature reserve is beautiful as it is. During the winter season, the treetops are laden with snow and the rivers freeze over.

You’ll be walking through snowy forests that look like they’ve come straight out of a fairytale. How awesome is that?

Last, but certainly not the least, if you’re looking for the full winter package, be sure to stop by Jizhou International Skiing Center.

This is a breathtaking resort where you’ll find snow and more snow. You can go on a skiing adventure or go snowshoeing.

Naturally, building a snowman and having snowball fights aren’t out of the question.

However, Jizhou International Skiing Center has so many other fun things that you can do in the snow that snowmen will probably be far from your mind.

Apart from the variety of snowy activities that you can engage in, the skiing center also holds a lot of beauty.

You’ll see snow in the trees as well as mountains of snow that form slopes.

There are even places to buy warm beverages if the icy weather is making you shiver too much. Jizhou International Skiing Center is a true winter paradise.

Especially if you’re looking for a movie-like winter holiday that you won’t soon forget.


So, does it snow in China? It most certainly does. Whether or not you get to see the snow all depends on which city you visit.

Naturally, it also depends on the season. So, be sure to schedule your trip to one of the cities I mentioned during winter.

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