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Does it Snow in Australia? Best Places to See Snow in NSW | VIC

Kangoroo in snow Australia Perisher NSW - Does it snow in Australia?

Does it snow in Australia? Yes, it does!

Today we will share with you all the snowy places Australia has to offer and some fun activities for you and your family to enjoy the Australian winter.

When we think of Australia, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the australian cute wildlife such as the kangaroos, koalas and platypus.

Not to mention the most beautiful beaches, Whitsundays and its beautiful islands, the Great Barrier Reef! That all equals to summer!

The last thing you’d expect is “snow.”

Indeed, freezing weather isn’t a common occurrence on most os Australia, but it does, certainly, snow in Australia. Quite a lot in some regions.

Let’s find more about the climate in Australia and what to expect.

Does it Snow in Australia?

Climate zone map of Australia - Does it Snow in Australia?

It does snow in Australia, but only in particular places and during set times of the year. For the most part, the continent remains warm during the winter months, sometimes even hot.

The lowest average is 41 F (5 C), and it usually is higher. Some regions don’t see any snowfall at all.

Traveling to Australia in winter is quite good because it’s going to be versatile trip. You will be able to experience much more than winter because the weather varies depending on the state you are visiting.

You might be wondering which parts of the country you will find snow, so before we go ahead, here are the answers you might be looking for 🙂

  • Does it snow in Canberra? Yes it does but it is a rare occasion. It will get frosty in winter as Canberra is only a few hours away from the Snowy Mountains.
  • Does it snow in Melbourne? Also rare. You could find snow about 2 hours from Melbourne, in the state high country which we will cover later on.
  • Does is snow in Queensland? No and yes. It has snowed in Queensland in the past, maybe for a day but it is not common. Queensland has a warm climate in general.

As you can see, the weather in Australia varies quite a bit from region to region, making it an awesome continent to travel during winter.

The Aussie Winter Season – Does it Snow in Australia in July?

Australian boots in many colors - Does it Snow in Australia?

UGG boots are very popular in Australia.

Yes it does snow in Australia in July, and we will cover in this article the best places for you to enjoy snow in Australia in July and throughout the winter months: June, July and August.

While it doesn’t get super cold in Australia, you will find that temperatures around some of the places we have listed in this article average 25.34°F (-3.7°C) in winter which is from June to August, maybe even September.

You can rent ski clothes in most ski resorts, however you will need some warm clothes to walk around.

Most likely you will be in Sydney or Melbourne at some stage. So here is what to expect temperature wise in Sydney and Melbourne in winter:

Sydney (NSW) maximum and minimum average temperatures in winter:

  • June max 62.6°F (17°C) and min 48.2°F  (9° C)
  • July max 62.6°F (17°C) and min 46.4°F (8°C)
  • August max 64.4°F (18°C) and min 48.2°F (9°C)

Melbourne (VIC) maximum and minimum average temperatures in winter:

  • June max 59°F (15°C)  and min 46.4°F (8°C)
  • July max 57.2°F (14° C) and min 44.6°F (7°C)
  • August max 60.8°F (16°C) and min 46.4°F (8°C)

The Best Places For Snow In Australia

Here is our list of places where you can enjoy snow in Australia. Some places you can ski and others are more like a winter cozy weekend away by the fire. Whatever kind of winter holidays you are into, we have got it here!

Thredbo – New South Wales


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The incredible Kosciuszko National Park is located in Southeastern New South Wales. Nestled in the Snowy Mountains, there are a number of ski resorts and cross country trails here to enjoy.

This includes one of the most well-known, Thredbo. Thredbo has a ton of luxury accommodations for your stay, along with world-class restaurants on and off the resort.

Their slopes are made for all ages and skill levels, and they offer lessons for those just starting out. You can ski or snowboard, and there is some killer powder at the beginning of the season in particular.

Catch this pretty fast Merritts Gondola to get in and out of the resort. It takes skiers and snowboarders from the Village to the Resort in only 6 minutes. You can ride the Gondola and see amazing mountains views and enjoy a delicious meal at the Merrits Mountain House.

Thredbo snow season dates change a bit every year, check out their website here for season dates. Although the park is popular during winter, there are plenty of things to do in Thredbo all year around. Check out Threbdo activities here.

Perisher (New South Wales)

Perisher Ski Resort in NSW

Colourful sunrise over Perisher valley regional remote town in Snowy Mountains of Australia

Near Thredbo are also several other resorts located nearby, such as Perisher. This is the largest ski resort in Australia and draws in huge crowds every year to take advantage of its many slopes and massive cross-country skiing section.

The Blue Cow Mountain Resort is also very popular near Perisher. It is a day resort with complete facilities such as ski hire, restaurants, bars and a rail line. You can buy one ski pass and use it at both Perisher and Blue Cow mountains. Check out passes and season dates at Perisher official site here.

Things to do in Perisher in winter:

  • Cross-country trails – over 62 miles (100km)!
  • Tobogganing
  • Tube Down
  • Ski Tube
  • Fireworks At Perisher
  • Scenic Rides by Chairlift
  • Take Ski Lessons – Book here
  • For a lovely sunset view  – Check out The Overflow Bar
  • White Spider Bar is well known for its live music

Charlotte Pass – New South Wales


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Charlotte Pass Snow Resort also located at Kosciuszko National Park, is known as one of the highest resort in Australia. This resort is only accessible by over the snow transport from Perisher Valley Skitube terminal, so it’s less busy than Perisher and Thredbo.

Charlotte Pass is also famous for its many beginner-friendly slopes making it a perfect destination for families with young kids. The latter is thanks to the 6 – 8 hour long, 11 miles (18.6 km) return, giving you an awesome run with a great view. The lines are shorter (if there are any at all, that day), and you can catch a lift up without doubling up with strangers.

Far fewer guests come to this resort, making it a nice, secret place to head up for a day of fun.

Things to do in Charlotte Pass resort and facilities:

  • Ski gear rentals
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Accommodation
  • Kids under 4 ski for free
  • Kids Flare Run
  • Frosty’s Chill Out zone

Check out pass pricing here.

Kanangra/Boyd National Park – Blue Mountains (New South Wales)


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Kanangra-Boyd National Park  – The Blue Mountains is a very popular tourist destination in NSW, specially because it is only 1 hour away from Sydney. So you could do a day trip or stay for the weekend.

The Blue Mountains can be visited at anytime of the year. The views are just amazing, and there are lots of trails to explore the area, from beginners levels to advanced. There is even a 50 km hike between Kanangra to Katoomba! While you are there, don’t miss visiting the Scenic World for some real breathtaking views!

It only snows for 5 days maximum per year there, and it is more likely to happen in August, mid winter. Check the forecast before going as the roads tend to close when snows, so you need to get there before it happens!

Kanangra Wall, picture above is considered a must-see for people visiting the NSW. The Katoomba city is super charming, with lots of lovely cafes, fine dining places and culture.

Oberon (New South Wales)

Snow in Oberon Australia. Everything fresh coating of soft snow

One of the best-kept secrets in New South Wales, Oberon is a beautiful little area with cozy cottages and plenty of snow. A small town in the tablelands, it is only a couple of hours away from Sydney, making it perfect for popping in for a couple of nights. This isn’t the place for active people who want a ski resort or sick slopes for snowboarding.

People who come here prefer to enjoy the peaceful ambiance, the soft sounds of land covered in fresh snow, and roaring fires. There are horse riding tours in winter and plenty of lovely farm aninals to see such as the Alpacas.

If you are there during the warmer months, you could visit the Jenolan Caves or go truffle hunting.

They have some absolutely incredible gardens to walk through in Spring (September /October) and awesome watersports activities. You could also go fishing, mountain biking, bushwalking, 4W driving and canyoning!

Jenolan Caves - The River Cave, Oberon NSW Australia

Jenolan Caves – The River Cave

Mount Hotham (Victoria)

Dinner Plain village after fresh snow on a clear winter's day in Victoria, Australia

In the Victorian Alps, Mount Hotham Resort is a great place to enjoy skiing in a fun and beautiful environment.

There you can rent equipment, include sleds, snowshoes, skis, snowboards, and more.

Plus, they have lessons for anyone, including more skilled people who want a refresher or to learn new tricks.

The most exciting are the breathtaking scenic flights by helicopter which go over the beautiful Alpine mountains and surroundings. An unforgettable experience!

Victoria has snow on its peaks into the spring season, giving you more opportunities to enjoy the snow season when it is not too busy (after the school holidays).

Sunset over the Mount Hotham Ski Resort in Alpine National Park Australia

Sunset over the Mount Hotham Ski Resort in Alpine National Park Australia

Mount Buller (Victoria)

Little Buller Spur at Mt Buller after a snow storm in the Australian Alps in Victoria

A few hours from Melbourne, Mount Buller is a favorite for people looking to go on a day trip to the slopes.

The resort has aimed to offer a ton of luxury activities and unique experiences in their village, as well as some awesome bars and restaurants both on and off the main resort.

If you want to a break from skiing there are plenty of other things you can do in Mount Buller. There is a Sculpture Park Walk which is a nice activity to do with kids.

There are tours where you can have snowball fights and building snowmen, and the famous Australian Sled Dog tour!

The best time to ski in Mount Buller is in late July and August. The ski season starts in early June and finishes in early October.

Falls Creek (Victoria)

Falls Creek Sunrise Delight Rocky Valley - Does it Snow in Australia?

Falls Creek Sunrise Delight Rocky Valley

If you aren’t ready for the big slopes, how about going to a resort that is almost entirely made for beginners and intermediate skiers/snowboarders?  Falls Creek Resort fits that bill, with much less intense slopes, the longest green run in Australia and lots of cross-country tracks, in fact over 40miles (65Km) of cross-country trails!

Even though Falls Creek is not that big, you will find a large number of bars, restaurants, beauty and massage parlors, cafes, and shopping options for a resort.

The views are gorgeous, so you won’t feel like you are missing out by choosing a smaller resort with less elevation.

Things to do in Falls Creek:

  • Twilight Skiing
  • 7 Peak Ride Cycling Challenge
  • Trail Running
  • Mountain and Castle Trail
  • Halley’s Ski Shop
  • Snow Tubling
  • Massage
  • MTB Trails
  • Hiking

Mount Wellington/ Kunanyi (Tasmania)

Mount Wellington, Tasmania - Does it snow in Australia?

In the heart of Hobart, Tasmania lies a very special mountain, and on that mountain a very special park: Wellington Park.

There are so many fun things to do at Wellington Park, you will want to stay there for longer. There you will find activities such as walking and hiking trails for every level of experience.

Horse rides are available to gallop up the peaks and go on guided tours. You can rent four-wheelers and snowmobiles. If you are into rock climbing, check out the Organ Pipes, a wide vertical rock high on Mount Wellington. This is an internationally recognised rock climbing place.

Check out the wildlife, including an impressive collection of natural birds while bushwalking. There are many lookout and sighseeing places to visit. Some famous lookouts: Pinnacle road, Springs and Chalet. The views of Organ Pipes, Hobart and the Derwent River are absolutely breathtaking.

The best time to see snow in Tasmania is in July and August, however there could be snow in September but it is not as common. Temperatures vary between 37°F to 51°F (3 to 11°C).

The Overland Track (Tasmania)

Have you ever wanted to go on an alpine walk? The Overland Track is the most famous one Australia has to offer.

Containing a horizon of beauty, it can be adapted for any skill level depending on where you start and how far you go.

Thrillseekers will love the heart-pounding portions further along that come closer to the edge.  This track is open most seasons, though it depends on current weather conditions.

Due to the usually light snow, you can enjoy the light powder while also safely traversing the road that runs along the side of the peak. The Overlack Track doesn’t get much snow, but it is still worth a look.

Ben Lomond (Tasmania)

Ben Lomond illuminated by the last rays of sunshine of the cold winters day

About 1 hour away from Launceston Ben Lomond National Park is one of the snowiest areas in Tasmania. Best known for its Jacob’s Ladder peak, it brings climbers from around the globe. But winter is where it really stands out from the rest.

There are plenty of snow activities to keep you occupied, though just spending time looking over the dolomite cliffs that make up most of the mountain’s face is worth a visit.

If you have time after hitting the slopes, be sure to make the trek from Alpine Village to Little Hell. It takes approximately an hour and a half and is a great walk.

Fun Ways To Enjoy The Snow In Australia

As you can see, there are so many fun ways to enjoy the snow in Australia, you won’t regret the trip.

Skiing and snowboarding are a given, as are cross-country skiing, ATV, and 4-wheelers. But it doesn’t stop there.

Walking trails are wide open through the winter, as many people love to take a nice walk along a genuine winter wonderland.

Huskies pull sleds are available at more than one resort, an experience you would normally have to go to Alaska for.

The villages near resorts are charming and full of restaurants, bars, shopping, and interesting features such as gnome gardens and sculpture parks.


Australia might not be known for its winter wonderland, but there are some gorgeous spots for snow and snowy activities in the country.

If you enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, or just sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate, it is worth checking out the snow in Australia.

Have you been to Australia in winter? Let us know what your favourite place was!