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Playa Blanca Colombia Ultimate Travel Guide

Playa Blanca Colombia sounds like the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

I can already imagine myself sunbathing on the beach while sipping a cocktail and listening to the waves breaking on the sand.

In recent years, Playa Blanca became more popular and truly geared up to welcome tourists.

Afterall, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a vacation on beautiful sandy white beaches and aqua blue waters?

Let’s dive in and find more about this little paradise!

Playa Blanca beach on Isla Baru

Where is Playa Blanca Colombia?

Playa Blanca is a beach that is found on Isla Baru, one of the many Caribbean islands of Colombia.

The country of Colombia is located in South America, and it shares borders with northwestern corner of Brazil, Amazon.

Isla Baru actually originated as a peninsula attached to the mainland. It was later separated by a strip of water, a canal, making it into an island.

Aerial view of Playa Blanca

The city of Cartagena is the closest to Playa Blanca, to which it is joined by a bridge that was built fairly recently.

The bridge is why there has been a boom in visiting tourists to the region because now it is easier to get to.

Still in doubt? I will give you 10 reasons!

Why Visit Playa Blanca Colombia? 

1# Beautiful clear blue water and sandy beaches

Stunning vistas await you at Playa Blanca, Colombia.

You can expect to see beautiful, aquamarine-blue water that you can swim or snorkel in.

The beaches are stunning and serene with white sandy shores and palm trees.

You can enjoy excellent downtime just sitting and resting on the beach and enjoying the sights and sounds of the area.

2# Close to Cartagena

The close proximity of Playa Blanca to the city of Cartagena means that you do not have to travel far to get to more shops.

In fact, the city is a mere 45-minute drive away from the beach. It is quick and easy to go into the town, or even stay overnight in Cartagena.

There is more in general for you to explore if you go into the city, which has a rich history you can learn about.

Lighthouse at Cartagena

3# Close to the Rosario islands

Besides being close to the city of Cartagena, Playa Blanca is also close to the chain of Rosario islands.

While it is possible to plan a trip to the outlying islands while stationed at Cartagena, the Playa Blanca is much closer .

This makes it a better option and is also definitely more affordable to stay at the Playa Blanca and then set out from the beach to explore these other islands.

4# Delicious seafood and drinks

Be sure not to miss out on the tasty, mouth-watering selection of seafood and shrimp cocktails you can find in the area of Isla Baru and on the beach itself. There are various vendors selling foods, drinks and other services right on the beachfront.

For tourists, enjoying great cuisine including locally-made dishes is an important part of a trip. If you are someone who likes to travel and likes food, then you should explore food options wherever you go on holiday.

Crabs being sold on the beach at Playa Blanca

5# It’s affordable

A trip to Playa Blanca can be very affordable.

Not only are there several options for traveling to the area, but there are different types of accommodation you can choose from to suit your specific budget.

In fact, Playa Blanca is one of several affordable tourist destinations that you can choose for your next vacation.

While you cannot exactly go on holiday to Playa Blanca without paying something, there are always options for free travel you can read about.

6# It is not too overcrowded

Many popular tourist destinations are so jam-packed with people that it becomes less enjoyable, particularly for introverts.

While it is true that Playa Blanca has become busier in the last couple of years due to the presence of the bridge, it is still not as overcrowded as some other places.

You can also plan a trip during the off-season when fewer people are present, and stay overnight. Another useful tip is to avoid setting up right near the main entrance to the beach, where most crowds are likely to be.

7# There’s a variety of things to do

You can choose from a variety of activities in the area.

You may want to swim or snorkel in the clear blue waters, rent a jet ski, or sign up for a tour.

Another possibility is you can also just sit on the beach and read a book, or lie down and suntan.

People diving and viewing marine life

8# Guided tours and day trips are available

You can choose a guided tour or plan a day trip on your own.

Guided tours often leave from the hotels in Cartagena and include an informative drive.

If you want to plan your own trip, that is also possible and may work out cheaper. There are also tours that go out into the sea and to the Rosario islands, so you are not limited to land-only tours.

9# It has a mild, warm climate

The temperatures are generally mild and warm, making for a nice holiday destination.

You will never need to worry about it being too hot or too cold. Average temperatures are not much above 30 degrees and not usually below 20 degrees. In fact, it is a perfect place to go to get away from a very cold climate and even to visit during the summer.

10# There are lots of places to stay

Accommodation is readily available at Playa Blanca, so you can choose to stay right there on the beach overnight.

The other option is, of course, to do day trips to the beach while staying in Cartagena.

The point is you may have many options for places to stay that suit a range of different budgets and tastes.

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What to See at Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is a great beach to relax on with its beautiful clear, blue water, and sandy beaches.

An overnight stay is highly recommended so that you can see stunning tropical sunsets and sunrises as well.

Aviario Nacional de Colombia

An excellent idea is to make a trip to the nearby Aviario Nacional de Colombia, which is an aviary of birds.

The park also has various trails you can walk and exhibitions you can see. This is both a fun and educational outing to go to with lots to see and is particularly good if you have kids.

Birds at Cartagena aviary of birds, near Playa Blanca, Columbia


When it comes to tours, there are several you can sign up for, both on land and in the water.

Cartagena: You can choose to go on a tour out on a boat or even a guided tour.

Rosario Islands: You can visit and see the nearby islands by taking a tour out to the Rosario Islands.


You can snorkel and swim in the waters around the islands.

The area of these islands is designated as a national park for conservation. Snorkeling is a great way to see several beautiful fish and other ocean life in the waters.


Playa Blanca is well know for having lots of planktons – tiny bioluminescent creatures that live in the ocean.

Take a Planktons tour and learn minute ocean organisms including larval fish and crabs.

It’s an amazing experience and well worth it. Can you imagine swimming surrounded by bright blue tiny creatures?

Buildings in the Old City of Cartagena in Columbia

Visit Cartagena

Cartagena has an interesting history that you can learn about either through an organized tour or by planning your own trip.

Some tourists even prefer to stay in the old city of Cartagena and then visit the beach during the day or go on a tour that includes Playa Blanca.

You can also go on the Isla Baru Playa Tranquila tour.

This is a guided tour that includes both Cartagena and Playa Blanca.

How to Get to Playa Blanca

You can fly into Cartagena, which does have an international airport, Rafael Núñez International Airport.

When making travel plans remember that airfare varies depending on how far in advance you book your trip as well as what airline you choose and if you fly direct or make several stops along the way.

You might be able to get the best deals if you plan your trip in advance.

Once you arrive at the city of Cartagena, you now have several options to select from to travel to Playa Blanca.

Before 2014, Playa Blanca was an island but the development of a bridge with a road has made it much easier to reach the beach.

Boat in the sea at Playa Blanca, Columbia

This means that although you can get to the beach by speedboat or ferry, you can also get there by taxi, shuttle, bus, or by renting a car in Cartagena.

Some resorts may also offer a shuttle service, so it is worth contacting places ahead of time to see what they offer.

Travel time to Playa Blanca from Cartagena is about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how you travel.

The quickest way to get to the beach is to go by taxi, but this is also the costliest.

The bus is the most affordable way to get there but takes longer. The bus also first takes you to Pasacaballos and then you need to get a taxi or moto-taxi to travel the rest of the way to Playa Blanca.


Playa Blanca Colombia Resorts

You can find a variety of Playa Blanca hotels and hostels in the area.

Some of the hotels and hostels also organize tours and offer extra services such as currency exchange or room service.

We will mention a couple of places you can stay, which have good ratings from customers.

The Eco Hostel Shekinah is a great choice if you want to be right on the beach at Playa Blanca.

There are few things more soothing than falling asleep to the sound of waves breaking on the beach.

They have chairs on the beech outside the resort so you can sit outside and relax without paying an extra fee to rent chairs

Chairs on the Playa Blanca beach with palm trees and sea

Another place on the beach is Nuestra Cabañita, which has a private beach area and is close to the public Playa Blanca beach. This can be a big advantage if you find the public area becoming crowded.

A great choice in Playa Blanca is Vista Linda Cabaña. This is also found right on the beach. Like the other resorts, this hostel has excellent ratings and reviews. They also offer free WiFi, room service and there is a bar available.

The beachfront accommodations are not luxurious so you should keep this in mind.

For a more upscale and expensive place, you need to look further away on Isla Baru.

One example is Hotel Playa Manglares Isla Baru, which has a restaurant and patio. It is only 10 minutes from Playa Blanca in Colombia, and also gives you access to a private beach.

Best Time Of The Year To Visit Playa Blanca Colombia

You can certainly visit Playa Blanca any time of the year since the climate is mild.

However, if you would like to avoid big crowds, Easter or Christmas won’t be a good time.

Traveling outside of peak holidays is also a smart move because it will cost you less in terms of airfare.Playa Blanca in Columbia

You should also try to stay overnight at Playa Blanca since many day visitors will only be on the beach from mid-morning to mid-afternoon and so it will become quieter early and late in the day. Rather also visit during the week if you can; since there would be fewer local visitors.

Playa Blanca Colombia is an excellent choice for a seaside vacation, but there are other amazing similar places as well. You can read more about other great seaside and beach holiday destinations, below.

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