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Best Vegan Restaurants In Las Vegas | Top 10 Vegan Restaurants

Veganism probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of Vegas, but these days it’s easy to find plant-based options on and off the Strip.

In fact, you’ll find some of the best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas.

vegan restaurant in Las Vegas.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just looking to try something new, there are plenty of options sure to please even the pickiest of palates.

Here are my top 10 picks for the best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas.

1 – Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant

Map | Website | 702-889-0939

Chef Kenny Chye is a legend in the Las Vegas Vegan community. His restaurants (yes, plural) top nearly every list of the Best Vegan Restaurants In Las Vegas.

His incredible meat-free reimaginings of Chinese food favorites helped put Veggie House on the map. And he didn’t stop there. Chef Kenny introduced the first vegan fast food and drive-thru, Vege-Way, to Vegas.

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant is the third of his all-vegan eateries to grace the city, but certainly not the last. Located in the Korea Town Plaza in Las Vegas, the restaurant offers an immense menu of Chinese and Thai dishes, as well as sushi.

A recently opened second location offers much of the same core menu, with the addition of vegan dim sum.

Enjoy your favorite rolls, sizzling plates, Bentos, and more, all made without animal products. You won’t miss them! I honestly preferred a few of Chef Kenny’s dishes over their traditional meaty counterparts. With some dishes, I couldn’t even tell the difference!

If you’re planning a visit on your next trip to Vegas, get acquainted with the menu online. There are so many options it was a little overwhelming to pick out our dishes.

Of the items we did order, the Vegan Orange Chicken and Spicy Vegan Crispy Beef were my favorite. The Sizzling Shrimp Vegetable Plate was also quite good!

2 – Garden Grill

Map | Website | Facebook | Instagram | (702) 929-2244

tasty vegetarian vegan lunch with double decker hamburger made from plant based soya beans burger, organic bun with seeds and fresh garden vegetables and french fried potatoes

Starting out with a stall at Las Vegas festivals and farmer’s markets, Garden Grill opened the doors of its first restaurant in the summer of 2019. They’ve been serving fantastic vegan comfort foods and some truly original creations ever since.

We were lucky enough to stop by when their most popular offering, the Thrillist, was on offer. The Thrillist is a crispy breaded vegan chicken breast, topped with vegan provolone, smoky ‘bacon’, fresh lettuce, and a slice of tomato served on a sweet donut bun from Ronald’s.

While it’s not exactly a healthy option, it’s worth the indulgence. The sandwich was a perfect blend of savory, salty, and sweet. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything with the meat and dairy substitutes.

Due to its popularity, the Thrillist won’t always be available, but that doesn’t mean the Garden Grill isn’t worth a visit. They have a bunch of other great vegan eats on the menu, including the unique Stone IPA Beer Battered Avocado Tacos and creamy Potato Rolled Tacos.

Be sure to save room for dessert! Garden Grill has some of the best vegan desserts in Las Vegas. Their soft serve ice cream can’t be beat!

3 – Cafe No Fur

Map | Website | Facebook | Instagram | (725) 222-5211


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Cafe No Fur is serving up the best of American Comfort Food, without any animal products. The menu is full of plant-based burgers, including the diner classic Fried ‘Egg’ Burger and fast food dupe the Double Beyond Big Mac(k), and other favorites like Chicken Strips, Mini Corn Dogs, and Hot Wings.

You can wash down all of that cozy comfort food with more than 25 flavors of creamy (Almond) Milk Shakes or a refreshing Bubble tea.

I opted for a coffee-flavored milkshake and a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich and was happy with both. The milkshake was thick, creamy, and full of flavor, while the sandwich tasted just like the real thing.

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4 – POTs

Map | Website | Facebook | Instagram | (702) 754-6200

Arabic cuisine kushari of rice, pasta, chickpeas and lentils close up on a plate

Inspired by street food restaurant Zööba, sisters Iman Haggag and Ayat Khalil decided to bring the flavors of their home to the heart of Las Vegas.

Their restaurant, POTs, is the only Egyptian restaurant in Las Vegas. It made the switch to an all-vegan menu in October 2018.

Their menu is focused on providing the best of Egyptian street food made vegan. You’ll find familiar offerings like hummus, samosas, and shawarma, and new favorites, like koshari, the national dish of Egypt.

If you’re visiting with a group, the platters are perfect for sharing. Since I was ordering for one, I opted instead to try the koshari instead. A hearty dish of rice, mixed pasta, chickpeas, black lentils, topped with crispy fried onions.

I ordered the spicy version of the tomato sauce and found the dish to be both flavorful and filling.

Not so filling that I had to skip dessert though! The restaurant’s Konofa cups are famous in the vegan dessert scene and I wasn’t about to miss out.

Made with sweet, lightly spiced cake, coconut pudding, latike, raisins, and sugarcane syrup, each bite was wonderfully moist and sweet.


5 – Vintage Vegan Diner

Map | Website | Facebook | Instagram | (702) 595-7010

The Vintage Vegan Diner is only a year old, however it’s quickly becoming a go-to for Vegans in Vegas.

The cute retro-styled diner is owned and operated by restaurant power couple Tumn & Taylor who specialize in serving vegan versions of your favorite all-American comfort foods.

Their goal is to make veganism both affordable and accessible to all communities, something they’re approaching from a number of different angles.

Not only is their restaurant serving up diner favorites at an affordable price, the couple also offers their most popular menu items online, frozen, and shipped across the US.

I ordered a plate of the vegan sliders and a side dish of their buffalo tofu tots. I found both dishes to be full of flavor and true to the origi that inspired them.

The sliders were soft and buttery, offering a nice contrast to the crispy zing of the tofu tots. I finished my meal with a sweet sample of cookie dough and left the restaurant quite happy.


6 – Tarantino’s Vegan

Map | Website | Facebook | Instagram | (725) 777-3888

Tarantino’s was the first fully Vegan Italian restaurant in Las Vegas, but you don’t have to be vegan to love the cosy Italian comfort food they offer.

They’ve got all the Italian classics you know and love on the menu, including antipasta platters, bruschetta, pasta, Italian wedding soup, cannoli, and more!

I tried the lasagna, the bruschetta, and the tiramisu. Everything was fresh and tasty, and the portions were quite generous. I was pleasantly surprised by the meat substitutes used here.

They are very high quality and lack an obviously plant-based taste or texture, blending into the traditionally meaty offerings.

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7 – Tacotarian

Map | Website | Facebook | Instagram | +1 702 979 9329

Tacotarian is another fresh addition to the Vegas Vegan scene that has people talking! The restaurant was inspired by the sheer amount and quality of vegan and vegetarian dishes seen on a trip to Mexico City.

In that spirit, it opened its doors in 2020 to serve a unique take on Mexican cuisine and vegan dishes with a focus on tacos.

The tacos on the menu aren’t just any tacos, they are plant-based, original, and worthy of a true tacotarian.

You can try your favorite dishes with jackfruit barbacoa, mushroom Asada, Beyond Beef, Chicken Gardein more, with new options all the time.

I ordered a taco trio with a side of Asada fries and found the portions to be quite large for a single meal. The food was excellent though, so who’s complaining?


8 – Veggie House

Map | Website | Facebook | Instagram | (702) 431-5802

Noodles with steam and smoke served in a vegan restaurant in las vegas

Located in the Chinatown area of Las Vegas, right next door to an Asian supermarket, Veggie House has an unassuming presence. But check any list of the best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas and you’re sure to find it!

The restaurant is known for its authentic Chinese food made vegan, cooked up by Chef Lee. While you might find the occasional vegetarian or vegan dish at other Chinese restaurants in town, you’ll find a whole menu of familiar favorites on offer at VeggieHouse.

Their most popular offerings include the Veggie Crispy Beef, General Tso Chicken, Vegan Dim Sum, and Vegan Fried Rice. I was able to try each of these dishes.

I found myself very impressed at how closely they matched the Chinese food I’m used to in both taste and texture. If you didn’t know the dishes were vegan, I don’t think you’d be able to tell.

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9 – VeggiEAT

Map | Website | Facebook | Instagram | 702-780-5659

Specializing in Asian Fusion cuisine with a Vegan twist, VeggiEAT has grown from humble beginnings to one of the best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas.

Starting out in a food court space, the fresh offerings which highlighted Chinese and Vietnamese style cuisines attracted plenty of attention, quickly leading to an expansion into multiple full-service locations.

I ordered the Vegan Shrimp Spring Rolls and a Vegan Chicken Sandwich. After trying the food for myself, I can see why the restaurant is so popular! Both items were good,  but the ‘chicken’ sandwich was the highlight.

The sandwich is the restaurant’s take on a vegan Banh Mi, loaded with fresh lettuce, crunchy pickled carrots, jicama, cucumber, vegan mayo, jalapeño, and cilantro. I found it to be light but filling. I wish I’d ordered two!


10 – BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark

Map | Website | Facebook | Instagram | 1 702-960-4000

BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark is easily one of the best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas, offering high-quality food and an innovative dining experience all-in-one. It’s definitely on the pricier end of the restaurants I visited, but you’re not just paying for the food.

This is the only restaurant on our list where reservations are suggested. And even though you’ll be spending the evening in the dark, dressy attire is required. I’d also suggest bringing an open mind as the seven-course meal is a mystery. You won’t find out what you’ve eaten until the meal is complete.

It’s all in good fun though. During my visit, everything was tasty and there were no strange items on the menu. I won’t say more, I don’t want to spoil the fun!


It’s easier than ever to be Vegan in Vegas. There’s a variety of plant-based cuisines available around every corner, both on and off the strip, and more vegan restaurants are opening all the time!

Whether you abstain from animal products or not, I highly recommend checking out these excellent Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my top 10 list of the best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas. Now if you are looking for more travel guides, read more of our stories for great food, entertainment, and exploration on our website Travel Croc.