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A Guide for Backpacking in the Wild

Remember your first time backpacking in the wild? Or is this going to be the first adventure of this kind? In any case, if you decided to go, got yourself prepared physically, and are starting to pack and plan, this article is for you. We’ll cover several important aspects that will make your walking adventure in nature and nights under the open sky totally easy and unforgettable.

Picking the right gear

When going in the wild, the gear that you’ll bring will totally make or break the experience, starting with a good backpack and sturdy shoes. Once you got the right clothes and packed your food it’s time to think about the shelter and sleeping equipment, if going backpacking for several days. Having an appropriate, quality, and durable tent is a must as it should allow great protection from possible storms and wildlife danger.

Second and extremely important, good rest means everything when it comes to backpacking in the wild. You might want to consider investing in an appropriate and comfy sleeping bag convenient for the temperatures expected to keep you warm and dry during the night. If you are still looking for gear that is professional and reliable, we recommend you to check the affordable and versatile options at

Backpacking in the Wild

Backpacking clothes- what to take?

Backpacking in the wild can be exhausting to the body, depending on the terrain you’re going through. That is why having the right clothes and shoes matters a lot to you. First, we have to say- your clothes must be dry, warm, and cozy at the same time.


Now, onto the real deal- clothes may be carried in your backpack as well so that you can occasionally change them. Having some extra shirts in the backpack won’t make some big changes in terms of weight and carrying. You must not underdress, but you mustn’t underdress as well. The temperatures during day and night can vary greatly, and that can bring you nothing else but a cold. You wouldn’t want your nose runny when exploring the wild.

Make sure that your skin is protected. There are all sorts of bugs out there, just waiting to see some skin that looks too good to be resisted. Nasty bug bites are the last thing you want to deal with on your journey, so make sure that you are well protected from them. Using some spray or cream can also help with this particular problem. Also, protect your ankles. You never know when a snake can appear out of the blue.


Backpacking in the wild

Now, shoes are a completely different topic. Having the right shoes on you can make your adventure unforgettable, but so can the wrong ones. Well, you’ll still remember the days you used to go backpacking, but you will remember them by the pain and blisters that took too long to heal. Wearing boots and semi-boots can help greatly in this because it will give you the support you need, as well as the protection that we’ve discussed earlier.


Having the right backpack makes great changes when it comes to walking long distances. You wouldn’t like your water bottle poking you all the way to your final destination now, would you? Choosing a backpack, preferably one that doesn’t make your back hurt all the time, with little to no pressure points and with good foam pillows, is a tough challenge. Make sure to look really good, and don’t think about the price too much, because comfort has no price.

Grabbing the essentials for backpacking

When it comes to backpacking in the wild, there are a few things worth mentioning that you might want to bring with you, just in case you or someone else needs them.

Source of light

Here, we will mention lamps and lighters. First off, you will need a source of light when it gets dark out there. That way, you’ll be better aware of your surroundings, and less scared as well. The lighter would be of great cause for setting up and starting a fire. There are several things that you need to know before starting a fire, but you can look up videos on how to set up a campfire.

 Backpacking in the Wild

First aid kit

First aid kits are a must-have in every backpack when it comes to backpacking in the wild. You must be prepared for every scenario possible, no matter the odds of it happening. Also, it would be of great help to look up a few videos on how to do basic first aid.

Phone and rechargeable battery

Again, out of obvious reasons, you’d like to have your phone and preferably a rechargeable battery with you. If there is an accident, you will immediately seek a place with a good connection and call out for help.

Enough food and water

You should always make sure that you have enough food supplies in you before heading for an adventure. A long walk will make you really hungry, so if you think that you grabbed enough food, try adding at least two more items. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Water is crucial when it comes to backpacking, and make sure that you always have enough. Also, you can look up some videos and articles on surviving in the wild, they’d be of great help.

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