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Isla Mucura and Why You Should Visit It

Isla Mucura is one of the reasons why Colombia is so popular with the tourists, not to mention its amazing food, hospitality and nature.

Colombia is the only country in South America that has coasts on both the Caribbean and the Pacific ocean, and Isla Mucura is one of those amazing places in the Caribbean ocean, a great advantage in South America!

About Isla Mucura

Isla Mucura is part of Corales del Rosario National Natural Park, along with a few other islands in the San Bernardo del Viento archipelago. This is the most popular natural park in Columbia, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Most of the “park” area is underwater and serves to protect and preserve the marine ecosystem.

colombia isla mucura

Among all the islands in the park, Isla Mucura stands out with its beauty. It is a mandatory stop on every cruise through the Caribbean, both for the big families and young couples.

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How to Get to Múcura Island from Catagena?

To get to Isla Mucura, your best bet would be to start from Cartagena. From there, you can take a boat at the Bodeguita Pier; the trip lasts 2 hours and will set you back about $25, plus an additional $4 tax per person. Try to book in advance and keep in mind that you can’t take large suitcases onboard. The journey is pretty smooth and feels much shorter. The ship usually leaves at 8:30 am, so make sure to be on the dock by then.

isla mucura transport

If you want a slightly cheaper variant, you can take the bus from Cartagena to Rincon del Mar for 25 000 COP and then take a boat to the island. The boat price here is variable, but it’s consistently cheaper than the one in Cartagena. To reach Isla Mucura from Tolu, you can grab a bus and a ferry. This will set you back somewhere around 50 000 COP in total.

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What To Do in Isla Mucura

A trip to Isla Mucura will give you an opportunity to connect with nature and admire its beauty. It’s hard not to appreciate the vivid colors, clean air, and welcoming water all around you. But after soaking in the atmosphere, you’ll probably start wondering how to make the most of your visit. Here are some of the best activities to try out during your stay on Isla Mucura:

Go Snorkeling

Snorkeling can be fun and engaging wherever you are, but clear water and tropical environments definitely help. All islands in the San Bernardo archipelago offer plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, as do many hotels. On Isla Múcura tours are offered by most hotels, so you are unlikely to miss one.

colombia snorkeling

Swim With the Bioluminescent Plankton

One of the most memorable and stunning attractions are the bioluminescent plankton beaches. So-called “blue beaches” they look like scenes straight out of a fantasy movie are truly unmissable. They appear around mangroves near Isla Tintipan during the night, especially when the moon is full. It’s one of the most fantastical experiences you can have, so jump in and swim around to your heart’s content. Be sure to take pictures!

isla mucura plankton

Visit Tintipan Island

While visiting the island for the blue extravaganza, feel free to stick around as Tintipan has a lot to offer. It has some of the most beautiful and famous beaches on the archipelago, which you are guaranteed to notice. Sunbathe on the white sand beaches sipping cocktails, and if you go hungry, there are a few restaurants that serve food like grilled fish and rice.

Tintipan Island

Grab a Drink at Casa En El Agua

If you’re only visiting one restaurant during your stay, let it be this one. Accessible only by boat, Casa En El Agua, or a house on water, is a sight to behold. Here you can find the freshest food on the archipelago, as it’s all made from the fish caught by the locals daily. The restaurant also has no Wi-Fi on offer, so it will be perfect if you’re going there screen-free. There’s also usually snorkeling in the area to take a break from all the cocktails.

Visit Santa Cruz Del Islote

If you’re an extra social person, you might be interested in visiting the most densely populated island on the earth. Close to Isla Mucura, Santa Cruz Del Islote has a population of around 1200 people living on a 0.12 km2 island. It’s like a small residential pocket, and there’s really nothing like it.

Santa Cruz Del Islote mucura

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Mucura Island Hotels & Accommodation

The Mucura Club Hotel

Located on Mucura Island, this hotel is an obvious first choice for newcomers due to its name. It’s about an hour away from Tulu by boat, and 2 hours from Cartagena. You can also take a sea shuttle in Tolu when they’re available, which isn’t all that often.

The hotel offers a range of activities, including diving, snorkeling, and canoeing, with additional costs. The rooms have air conditioning and a private bathroom. Electricity is produced by a generator in order to minimize the ecological impact of the establishment. It is, therefore, only available from 6.30 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Isla mucura club hotel

The rooms themselves are really nice and decorated with wood. They have private showers and toilets, and all the conveniences you would expect. The hotel offers a great view of the Caribbean Sea and blends perfectly with the environments.

Hotel Punta Faro

On the side of luxury, Punta Faro offers a quality restaurant and direct access to a private beach. It has rooms with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. During your stay, you can try out windsurfing and canoeing.

Punta Faro has a maritime theme and really sticks to it. All the rooms contain a minibar, cable TV and a private bathroom. This is one of the more luxurious hotels you can find on the isles, but it’s well worth it.

The hotel’s kitchen serves a wide selection of international dishes if you prefer a familiar touch. They have a convenience store, which are very rare in the area, and also a snack bar serving drinks and simple meals. You can relax on the beach or indulge in various water sports, and there’s a beach volleyball court available to the guests.

punta faro hotel

Sal Si Puedes Hotel

Sal Si Puedes is the best choice you have on Tintipan Island. Aside from the lodgings, they also have a restaurant, a bar, a garden, and a private beach. There are spacious family rooms with a balcony, and the property offers a concierge service and as well as free Wi-Fi. This hotel also serves a full American or English breakfast each morning and strives to make English speakers feel at home.

Food on Isla Mucura

If you plan to avoid restaurants, food might be a problem as there are no supermarkets on the island. There is only one shop, and hotels understandably don’t provide access to their kitchens for cooking. Your best bet is to rely on restaurants for all the best food island has to offer. Tintipan Island also has some nice restaurants, and locals will point you to the closest one should you ask.

When it comes to the food itself, lobsters are a must! Caribbean lobsters are easy to differentiate due to their size and exquisite taste. They are over 9 inches long from the tail to the antennae. You can find them almost anywhere, including Casa En El Agua, which you’ll probably visit at some point.

isla mucura lobster

As you can imagine, seafood is the most plentiful one on the island. Fish is caught by local fishermen and prepared on the spot usually, so it’s always fresh. In regards to the types of fish, the most common ones are cojinúa, barracuda, sierra, and chino. All of them are delicious when prepared properly, and they usually are.

Fish comes with fried or cooked bread that’s served before it matures so that it preserves the unique flavor. Other delicacies to try out are cocadas, fruit juices, and ahuyama cakes.

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Final Words About Isla Mucura

Isla Mucura, along with other neighboring islands, can really seem like a hidden paradise during quiet months. You can pretty much explore any islands if you have a speedboat to move between them, even if they aren’t a part of your route. You can get a unique impression of what’s it like to live independently on an island without technology.

Prices on the island are usually higher than in-land due to their distance from the coast, but nothing outrageous. Most hotels and bars are rather tame in nature,  there’s no wild nightlife to indulge in. But if you’re a nature lover who appreciates the calm beauty, you’ll find a lot to appreciate here.