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Flea Markets In NYC – A Complete Guide

New York City is one of the most famous and beloved cities in the world. People come from all over the globe to take in its iconic sights, Broadway shows, attractions, and shopping including the awesome flea markets in NYC.

But did you know that you can go beyond the big department stores? There are also a lot of flea markets in NYC full of treasures to find.

Flea Markets In NYC

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Most weekends and some weekdays, if you go to these markets for a bargain, you’re sure to uncover something great. And we’re here to help you start your adventure, with this guide to the best flea markets in NYC!

Year-Round Flea Markets In NYC

Greenflea Market


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The Anderson School, 100 W 77th S

One of the most charming flea markets in NYC is the Greenflea Market. It’s held in the playground of The Anderson School, a K-8 elementary school, on Sundays all year round.

It’s open rain or shine, meaning you might find fewer crowds if you’re willing to go on a wet day. While it isn’t the largest market, it usually has a nice selection of items.

These often include antiques, home décor, collectibles, vintage items, clothing, jewelry, accessories, global goods, and food. Are you looking for a specific sort of item or just want to see what surprises you might uncover?

This is a great little market to do some exploring. The vendors also change frequently, including the number of them. On some days, they add extra booths outside the playground when they have too many to fit inside it.

Also, all proceeds go directly into helping the public schools in the area. So shopping here, you’ll be doing a good deed as well!

Flea Market at 14th Street

Flea markets in NYC - woman browsing clothing

414 E 14th St

Another of the hidden gems of the flea markets in NYC is the one held at 14th Street each weekend. Located between 1st Ave and Ave A near the Church of Immaculate Conception, this flea market doesn’t have a name.

But it makes up for it, as well as its modest size, with the unique finds you might stumble upon. This is a particularly great market for home décor, vintage clothes, and artwork.

And are you possibly looking for some old record albums or CDs to fill in holes in your music collection? You can often find some classics and rarities here as well! They have great prices and a great selection, and are open year round so don’t miss it!

Grand Bazaar Flea Market


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100 West 77th Street

Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest flea markets in NYC. It runs every Sunday year round, featuring more than one hundred local vendors each week.

You’ll find the vast open air space filled with all sorts of merchants. These include furniture designers, jewelers, and photographers selling their latest work, as well as antiques, vintage items, collectibles, and more.

Are you looking for bell bottoms for a 1970s theme party or crystals for your New Age practices? You might just find them here! Due to COVID protocols, the market is currently being held only outside.

When things fully return to normal, however, the Grand Bazaar has indoor space as well. This is particularly convenient for when it’s wet or cold, as the market runs in all weather!

Grand Bazaar is also known for its fun themed events as well as its wide variety of food carts. We can particularly recommend the Mexican elotes stand if it happens to be there when you visit!

Artists & Fleas: Williamsburg


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490 Broadway, Brooklyn

There is a group of flea markets in NYC called Artists & Fleas that occur in various locations. All of them appear on our list, and the first we’re covering is the one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The flea market in this location, which is open every weekend of the year, is extremely popular. In fact, it’s doing so well that the operation has expanded recently. It now hosts not only 100 vendors but featuring live music performances as well.

This atmosphere is a perfect match for this notoriously hipster heavy area. This can also be seen in the sort of merchandise you tend to find here.

This include vintage clothing ranging from the Fifties through the Nineties, downtown jewelery styles, and even trendy beard oil. People visit this market not only to shop but to soak up its creative, energetic environment.

Some of its most popular vendors include Roots by Bella, Eat Records, and Aliens of Brooklyn.

Weekday Flea Markets In NYC

Bushwick Market

French fries in Brooklyn Flea Market NYC

54 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn

Open almost every day of the year, Bushwick Market is one of the most fun flea markets in NYC. It’s extremely convenient, being so regularly available for a visit.

And because it’s open on so many weekdays, you can often avoid crowds by going then instead of the weekend. It’s also a great place for a more unusual and cool selection than many other flea markets have to offer.

Here you might find home décor, furniture, and dishes. You may find vintage vinyl records, CDS, and classic cameras. This is along with all sorts of knick knacks, and even plants, if you’re hoping to start a garden!

Bushwick Market is a very fun, uniquely Brooklyn experience that you won’t want to miss!

Makers Market

Makers Market, flea markets in NYC

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Bryant Park

Every year, Bryant Park hosts an incredibly popular Winter Village during the holiday season full of vendors selling their crafts. Just recently, they decided to make a spring counterpart to this Christmas tradition. This makes one of the newest additions to our list of flea markets in NYC.

Although it only runs for a few weekends a year in May, this pop-up market is the perfect place to find unique handmade items from local artisans. The park fills up with 85 small huts, each featuring a different seller selling all sorts of décor, tchotchkes, candles, sweets, and more!

We can’t think of a better afternoon than browsing this selection in one of NYC’s loveliest, most iconic parks. It’s also right behind the main building of the New York Public Library with its word famous lions. A perfect opportunity to visit a historic part of New York culture and to find a unique item the same afternoon.

Artists & Fleas: Soho


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568 Broadway, Manhattan

Another Artists & Fleas location recently set up in Soho, adding another to the list of flea markets in NYC. This location is open every single day of the year and features forty vendors selling all sorts of boutique items. If you’re looking for a great item for either a gift or special purchase for yourself, this is the spot.

Like many of the other flea markets in NYC, at Artists & Fleas: Soho, you’ll find new and old things. Vendors such as Soap for Sinners sell apothecary items, while hats are sold by merchants like ALIENSofBROOKLYN.

Meanwhile, new jewelry from artists like Jewels by Atlantis sits alongside trendy vintage fashions sold by Gypsy Nation Vintage. You can also find classic and rare albums sold by Eat Records, and vintage jewelry at Brooklyn Bleu’s stand. Real Bearded Men sell various balms and oils. Even the iconic Strand Book Store sells there!

Nolita Market


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Prince Street, between Mott and Mulberry

Nolita Market is another of the lesser known flea markets in NYC that deserve some recognition. Although it’s one of the smaller markets, it’s huge on unique and usually very affordable finds. This makes it a great destination for the savvy shopper. Open on Fridays and weekends year-round, Nolita Market has about 15 vendors a weeks.

What makes this market particularly worth checking out is the vendors alternate on a regular basis. You never know what you’re going to find, so come back frequently! Their regulars include Mano NYC, Coko Collection, Viva Zapata, CaraCruz, Nolan, Shaya NYC, and Prince Street Sunglasses.

Meanwhile, some temporary ones they’ve featured in the past include Birdcage Beanies, Dangerous Breed, and Cameo Sisters. You’ll find everything here from graphic design t-shirts to pendant necklaces, and everything in between.

Whether you’re looking for a bargain on home décor or artisan jewelry, this is the place for you! And while you’re here, check out the nearby Elizabeth Street Garden for some gorgeous photo opps on a beautiful day.

Weekend Flea Markets In NYC

Hester Street Fair

South Street Seaport

The Hester Street Fair is another one of the smaller yet still much beloved flea markets in NYCd. Running all weekends from April through November, this vibrant flea market sets up shop at the picturesque South Street Seaport.

Hester Street Fair is known for its casual vibe and the amazing vintage and artisan discoveries you can make there. There are also many sellers with tables of flowers and fresh fruit and vegetables. Plant-It, for example, is a regular vendor there whose booth is full of gorgeous flower arrangements to purchase.

There are also some great food options as well as coffee on offer. And we can highly recommend Roll n’ Chill for some incredible ice cream.

Hester Street Fair is also known for doing special theme days. Some of their most popular are their Halloween Day in October, Girl Power Day, Pride Day, and more! Come check it out!

Greenpoint Terminal Market

Flea markets in NYC - Greenpoint Terminal Flea Market

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2 Noble Street, Brooklyn

Greenpoint Terminal Market is another great option for people looking for flea markets in NYC. It’s open all year on Saturdays and Sundays, and no matter what the weather. This is despite the fact that it is, indeed, an outdoor market. So if you can brave the rain, you might just find some amazing things with fewer people in your way!

This flea market has everything you might expect from a NYC flea market. Vintage clothes? Antiques? Artisanal goods? Candles? Knick-knacks? Fruit and veg? Greenpoint Terminal Market has you covered for all of that and even more!

Additionally, they regularly have musical arts and bands playing live, as well as yoga classes and other fun activities. Especially if you’re a fan of flea markets that provide other entertainment, don’t miss out on this hidden gem!

Night Flea Markets In NYC

Bronx Night Market

Bronx Night Market held at Fordham Plaza

Image Credit: quiggyt4/

One of the most vibrant and magical of the flea markets in NYC is the Bronx Night Market, which runs on Saturdays from April through November. This market is particularly known for its food vendors. Over 50 options are featured there every week, providing scrumptious global delicacies for you to sample.

Popular vendors include Sweet and Salty Empanads, Sechebel Catering Co., Osicala NYC, La Braza, and Downeast Lobstah. We can also highly recommend the delicious San Antonio’s Wood Fired Pizza if you’re craving Italian.

You’re also spoiled for choice in terms of desserts. Dre’s Water Ice and Ice Cream provides incredible Southern-style indulgences. Island Love Cake is known for its aged rum cakes. Meanwhile Sweet Obsessions has all of the mouth watering baked goods your heart could desire.

Be aware, ever since COVID-19, you do have to get a ticket in advance. That ticket is completely free, however, and can be booked on their website.

Queens Night Market

Flea Markets In NYC - Queens Night Market

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Flushing Meadows Park, Queens

And then there’s Queens Night Market which, unlike its Bronx counterpart, is actually open more of the night than the day. It runs from 6 PM until midnight every Saturday from mid-April through mid-August, and mid-September through late October.

Like the Bronx Night Market, it has a strong food focus, with cuisines from more than eighty different countries. You’ll find everything from tacos to chimney cake from Romania/Hungary to fishballs from Barbados to stews from the Middle East. In addition you will also find tater twists and fried ice cream, and plenty of beer options at the beer garden.

You’ll also find many gorgeous art, crafts, and merchandise from all over the world. And all of this while being entertained by live performances. They can range from Bollywood style dancers to Hawaiian dance troupes. And all in the gorgeous environment of Flushing Meadows Park. Don’t miss a visit here for anything in the world.

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Outdoor Flea Markets

Brooklyn Flea Market

Flea markets in NYC - Brooklyn Flea

Image Credit: littlenySTOCK/

90 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, and Pearl Plaza, DUMBO

Brooklyn Flea is possibly the most popular of all of the flea markets in NYC, running every weekend from April to November. And it’s actually in two locations. On Saturdays, it’s in Williamsburg on The Williamsburg Hotel’s second floor patio.

And on Sundays, it’s under Manhattan Bridge, the perfect spot to browse through the vendors’ eclectic wares in front of a breathtaking view of Manhattan’s iconic skyline.

Vendors might include vintage clothes from Superfussy and Champion, art from Boomerang, and antiques and rugs form A. Franck. You’ll also find glassware, vintage cameras to appeal to the hipster set, and more. We can also recommend Big Mozz Pizza, particularly their delectable mozzarella balls.

If you’re a flea market junkie, be sure not to miss this multi-award-winning market!

Ludlow Flea


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159 Ludlow Street

One of the most recent of the flea markets in NYC, Ludlow Flea’s a small, lovely addition to the roster. And small is actually part of their brand. They started up specifically to encourage people in their community to shop from small local companies rather than mega corporations.

At this charming little market, you’ll find unique items from fully independent vendors from the area. Most of them are selling vintage and second-hand merchandise, the focus at this market being on clothing.

Are you going to a costume party? Or do your personal style range towards the vintage and unusual? Either way, you’re sure to find something perfect here. And they’re open Friday through Sunday all year long!

Indoor Flea Markets In NYC

Artists & Fleas: Chelsea Market

Books and Artists and Fleas, Chelsea Market

Image Credit: ivodukic/

88 Tenth Avenue, Chelsea Market

The third Artists & Fleas location on our list of the best flea markets in NYC is the one in Chelsea Market. It’s a particularly great place for flea market fans as it’s open 7 days a week all year round.

For those who don’t know, Chelsea Market is also a fully indoor venue, so weather is never an issue. There are also many other retail and food options within Chelsea Market itself.

So after checking out Artists & Fleas, there’s still plenty more to explore there. The Artists & Fleas there, however, offers an amazing variety of things on its own. Every day, you’ll find over thirty designers selling their merchandise.

This is the place for vintage or new fashion, design, art, and other sorts of home décor and baubles. You’ll find sunglasses, crystal jewelry, handmade soaps and candles, and more.

Regular vendors include EAT Records for used albums, Curated Basics, and Brookyn Charm.

Rock ‘n Shop


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The Paper Box, 17 Meadow Street, Brooklyn

Rock n’ Shop may be the most unique out of all of the flea markets in NYC. It has personality all its own. Largely music focused, it’s actually located within one of the largest music venues in Bushwick.

Furthermore, it’s run by a local rock band called The Bushwick Hotel, every Sunday throughout the entire year. You’d be hard pressed to find a more unusual or fun flea market in NYC or anywhere else.

They describe it as a shopping, culinary, and musical entertainment experience. And that’s exactly what it is. You can spend the entire afternoon there eating delicious food, browsing all of the various artisan booths, and enjoying free live music and, on some occasions, other performances such as comedy shows. Think of it as an edgy indoor street fair.

Merchandise on sale includes Natalia Cortes’ rock n’ roll apparel, vinyl records, Brooklyn Smith’s handmade jewelry and more. You can even get a tattoo or haircut while you’re there. A truly one of a kind experience.

Antiques Flea Markets In NYC

LIC + Astoria Flea & Food


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5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City, Queens

Many think of the Long Island City + Astoria Flea & Food as the Queens counterpart to Brooklyn Flea. They are outdoor markets. Both are also largely focused on antiques and vintage objects and fashions.

Both provide breathtaking, up-close views of Manhattan’s iconic skyline. Aesthetically, they’re two of the most beautiful flea markets in NYC.

Come to this flea market for all of the sorts of fashions, home décor, curiosities, and more you’d hope to find. And while you’re here, relax at the flea market’s beer and wine garden that exclusively serve Queens-brewed drinks.

There’s also plenty of food, including delicious barbecue and desserts such as A Lil’ Bit of Fun’s funnel cake. We also highly recommend the “gramwich”, an ice cream sandwich in between two graham crackers on a hot summer day!

The LIC + Astoria Flea & Food runs on weekends from April through October every year.

Chelsea Flea Market

Chelsea Flea Market

Image Credit: Laura Pl/

W 25th St, between Broadway and Sixth Ave

Located by the Cathedral of St Savra, Chelsea Flea is another of our favorites of the flea markets in NYC. It used to be called The Antiques Garage and antiques still remains it focus. So if historic memorabilia and collectibles are what you’re after, this is the flea market for you.

This outdoor flea market is open on weekends all year round. It also costs $1 to visit but that’s more than made up for by all the treasures within. You can spend a full day combing through the vintage photographs, costume jewelry, records, and art. And there’s plenty of furniture and other various antique pieces to peruse as well.

Amongst its more unusual pieces, you will also find vendors selling African masks that have been handcrafted, and musical instruments. Each week, there are more than 130 sellers. Also check out the delicious snack options at the Smorgasburg food stalls. You can also get a drink at the flea market’s bar, which is fully stocked.

Be sure to bring cash, however, as not all of the vendors are able to take electronic payments or credit cards!

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Conclusion On Flea Markets In NYC

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the best flea markets in NYC and use it on your next trip. A day out in NYC doesn’t have to mean fancy restaurants and overpriced department stores. Your next amazing bargain, collectible, curiosity, or vintage find might be just a flea market away!