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19 Falls in Kentucky: Full List, All Waterfalls Reviewed

The waterfalls in Kentucky are spectacular, and attract a lot of tourists. Naturally, when I went to Kentucky, I decided to check out some of the falls as well.

In this post, I’ve created the ultimate list of all the waterfalls that I could find, and also I’ve included some tips on some of the hikes where you can see those falls.

Let’s get into it!

Best Waterfalls in Kentucky – Locations

48% of Kentucky is covered by forest, so you can find falls and good hikes in many parts of the state. There are waterfalls in Albany (Clinton County), McKee (Rockcastle County), Whitesburg (Letcher County), Menifee County, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park (McCreary, and Whitley Counties) and in a ton of other places. Here is the full list:

#1: 76 Falls (Seventy Six Falls), Albany, Clinton County


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Location: Seventy-Six Falls Road, Albany
Height: 84 feet

The Seventy Six Falls are one of the most popular waterfalls along Cumberland Lake. These stunning waterfalls are tucked away in a rocky area fed by the Indian Creek. When driving towards the 76 Falls, use the address 1749 Seventy-Six Falls Road. This will lead you to the viewing area and parking.

To get the best view, take the trail from the parking lot. It’s safer and has a concrete ledge to prevent any accidents. A short stairway down the ledge and you will get to the beautiful view of 76 Falls. During the summer season, you can enjoy a relaxing boat ride in Lake Cumberland’s waters.

#2: Anglin Falls, McKee

Anglin Falls, McKee

Location: John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest, Rockcastle County
Height: 75 Feet

The Anglin Waterfalls are spectacular, especially picturesque during spring. These falls are located in the John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest owned by Berea College.

The Waterfall is shrouded by rocky ridges that lead off to limestone caves, here you’ll find a wide variety of wildflowers, ferns, and native plants to marvel at.

While hiking, be careful of any slippery rocks that may get in your way. Poisonous snakes and black bears have also been sighted occasionally along the trail, just follow wildlife protocols and give the animals their space.

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#3: Bad Branch Falls, Whitesburg


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Location: Bad Branch Falls State Nature Preserve, Letcher County
Height: 60 Feet

The Bad Branch Falls is a scenic gorge and often gets included in various lists of the best waterfalls in Kentucky. The gushing water runs down the south face of the Pine Mountains, the second-highest mountains in Kentucky.

The falls are protected by the Bad Branch State Nature Preserve. The hike to the falls is steep and slow (2 hours), and it’s best to be careful, walk slowly and pay attention to what’s under your feet. The view is glorious, but still not worth an injury 🙂

The moderately difficult trail is really enjoyable because of the wildlife that you may see along the way, and the beautiful forest around you. There aren’t many facilities here so hold on to your bottles and snacks!

#4 Broke Leg Falls, Menifee County

Bad Branch Falls, Whitesburg

Location: Route 460, near Frenchburg, Menifee County
Height: 60 Feet

The Broke Leg Falls is a roadside waterfall near Frenchburg. The waterfalls drop 60 feet down into a rocky gorge. By taking a flight of concrete steps below, you can get to the bottom of the falls. A passage even leads behind the falls, it’s the best spot for pictures!

A wooden bridge stands over the creek as the water flows below, but be careful with your step. It can get slippery.

Once you descend the gorge you can enjoy the splendid view of the falls surrounded by rock formations.

The Broke Leg Falls are one of the waterfalls in Kentucky that suffered severe damage due to the EF-3 Tornado of 2012. The bottom of the gorge is still littered with debris and tree stumps from the tornado.

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#5: Cumberland Falls, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Cumberland Falls on the Cumberland River - Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Kentucky

Location: Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, McCreary, and Whitley Counties
Height: 68 Feet

The Cumberland Falls are possibly the grandest in Kentucky. They are dubbed the ‘Niagara of the South’ due to their impressive width. If you haven’t visited Cumberland Falls yet, then you may want to consider planning your visit close to a full moon; you don’t want to miss the breathtaking moon reflection in the waterfalls.

There’s also a ton of stuff to do at Cumberland Falls like sightseeing, hiking, swimming, boating, and birdwatching.

Cumberland Falls is one of the best places to visit in Kentucky. The hiking trail is half a mile long and pretty easy to get there and back.

#6: Dog Slaughter Falls

Dog Slaughter Falls in Daniel Boone National Forest - Falls in Kentucky

Location: Daniel Boone National Forest
Height: 15 Feet

The Dog Slaughter Falls are part of the incredible Daniel Boone Park. You may wonder about the name – we all do – but even the locals aren’t too sure where it came from. Some people have told me it’s because the hunting dogs sometimes got the rough treatment from the prey they were chasing.

In any case, they are absolutely worth a visit.

The trail to get there and back is fairly easy, about 2.5 miles long, and starts at multiple parking spots before joining the main trail. The trail follows along the creek before descending the falls. As always, watch out for snakes and bears.

#7: Eagle Falls, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Eagle Falls in Cumberland Falls State Resort Park - Waterfall hikes in Kentucky

Location: Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
Height: 44 Feet

The Eagle Falls are a 44 Feet high waterfall located near the awesome Cumberland Falls and are often overlooked. Nonetheless, these falls are a treat and you should try to check them out as well.

The Eagle Falls Trail starts near the trail known as Trail 9 Loop, you’ll need to get up the trail to get the best view of the magnificent Cumberland Falls. As the trail goes uphill, you’ll have to climb over a couple of boulders to get to Eagle Falls.

What the falls lack in popularity, they make up for with the serene and quaint atmosphere. Getting down the trail is the challenging part, avoid slippery and loose rocks and you’re good to go!

#8: Flat Lick Falls, McKee

Beautiful Flat Lick Falls with Fall colors near Gray Hawk - Best waterfalls in Kentucky

Location: McKee, Jackson County
Height: 33 Feet

The charming Flat Lick Falls are located in Jackson County. All the waterfalls in Kentucky are pretty special, and the Flat Lick Falls are no exception. The best thing about these falls is their accessibility for everyone. The hiking trail is short, easy, and paved for wheelchairs.

The trail begins in the parking lot, by taking the paved trail you can go upwards towards the observation deck. An unpaved dirt path can take you to the bottom of the falls too.

There is a long version of the trail as well – if you want to explore the surrounds.

Take a refreshing splash in the waters and cool off after your hike, always keep an eye out for snakes!

#9: Greasy Creek Falls, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Cumberland Bridge Kentucky - Falls in Kentucky

Location: Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
Height: 20 Feet

The Greasy Creek Waterfalls are just spectacular. Having various waterfalls before reaching Lake Cumberland, this place is perfect to swim and have fun while enjoying the beautiful surrounding.

1. Greasy Creek Waterfall is the major one with four levels of waterfall. There is also a rope swing for some real fun on hot days.

2. Greasy Creek (old 127 Bridge) is a small waterfall which you will come accross on the way to old 127 Bridge.

3. Greasy Creek Joby Falls (past the new 127 Bridge) is a large waterfall, however you can only reach it by water. That means canoeing or kayaking but only when the water levels are high.

4. Woolen Mill Waterfalls are 2 beautiful waterfalls which you can also only access by kayak or canoeing. The Woolen Mill Falls are located on the opposite side of the bridge. Check water deph before going.

5. The Bluff Waterfall/Harbor Springs are 2 lovely waterfalls that you can reach by foot.

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#10: Honeymoon Falls


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Location: Pine Mountain State Resort Park, Pineville
Height: 25 Feet

Honeymoon Falls are the largest falls in Pine Mountain State Resort Park. After rising to a height of 25 Feet, the water plunges into a rocky cave below.

The falls are a popular destination among honeymooners as it’s scenic and calm. The Honeymoon Falls Trail, named after the falls, is short and strenuous. Rack up your daily step count and hike up the trail!

The Honeymoon Falls Trail is over a mile long (1.35 miles to be exact) and has a steep incline over the mountain. The trail starts at the park lodge, once you start hiking along the small creek you’ll soon get to the falls. The falls have enough rocky room behind them to crawl through and enjoy a well-earned picnic.

#11: Meadow Creek Falls, Wayne County


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Location: Near Mill Springs Park, Wayne County

Height: 35 Feet

Meadow Creek Falls is an amazing waterfall located near the Mill Spring Mills, if you’re visiting the Mills be sure to check the Meadow Creek Falls too.

The falls drop down twice into 3 cascades, from afar they look ethereal. The hiking trail towards these falls is treacherous and you may end up crossing into private property. Most people prefer to kayak their way from the Mills to Meadow Creek Falls.

Once at the falls, carefully step over rock formations and tree stumps. Make your way to the passage leading to the back of the falls and take in all that nature has to offer.

#12: Mill Springs, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park


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Location: Mill Springs Mills, Monticello

The Mill Springs are located at the South shore of Lake Cumberland, also near the historic Mill Spring Mills.

The Mills are open to the public, but before swinging round, check the opening times and any events that may be on. When you’re planning to hike towards the springs, don’t forget to tour the battlegrounds from the Civil War and the memorial monument.

Mill Springs Mills is a lovely spot to have a picnic in summer, and to enjoy gorgeous waterfalls and beautiful views!

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#13: Princess Falls, McCreary County

Princess Falls of Kentucky

Location: Daniel Boone National Forest
Height: 13 feet

Princess Falls is located in the Yamacraw Day Use Area, and are a part of the Big South Fork National River.

Princess Falls are ethereal and dreamlike; the easy hiking trail makes them a great option for beginners or those who have less mobility.

The trailhead begins near the parking lot of Yamacraw Bridge, from there follow the Sheltowee Trail straight for 1.25 miles. Further down the trail, you will come across a small wooden bridge. The bridge leads to Lick Creek following a 3-mile walk.

It’s best to enjoy Princess Falls after a bit of rain – they really get pumping after a downpour.

#14: Shanty Hollow Lake, Bowling Green


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Location: Bowling Green
Height: Up to 150 feet

This hike is one of the best waterfall hikes in Kentucky, and is perfect to tune in with nature. The Shanty Hollow Lake Trail is 1.5 miles long and leads to the falls which are somewhat hidden.

The water gushes down into a small creek surrounded by dense trees and interesting rock formations. The trail is pretty easy and pet-friendly, so bring your kids and whatever animals you’ve got 🙂

Once you get to the falls, you can have a swim, it’s quite refreshing after the walk.

#15: Star Creek Falls

Location: Daniel Boone National Forest, Whitley County
Height: 50 to 60 Feet

I didn’t actually personally make it to the Star Creek Falls, but from what I’m told, they are really magnificent falls located along the Sheltowee Trace on the Cumberland River.

They are located close to the Dog Slaughter Falls (#6 in this list).

Start your hike from Sheltowee Trace by continuing from Dog Slaughter Trail 414. The 1.5-mile walk parallels the Moonbow Trail; you will be able to hear the roaring of Cumberland Falls.

Once you reach Cumberland Falls, continue for another 2 miles down towards Star Creek Falls. While walking you can admire the massive and unique rock formations, namely the Godzilla Rock and Star Creek Arch.

You can rest up in the tiny Star Creek Shelter. Once you reach the falls, you should be able to also take a route that leads behind the falls, supposed to be a really cool way to see them from a different angle.

#16: Tioga Falls

Location: Westpoint, Kentucky, near Fort Knox
Height: 130 Feet

Tioga Falls are some of the highest waterfalls in Kentucky, located in Fort Knox. The falls are not open to the public at all times, as they are located in a military camp. The times when they are open for hiking, they prove to be a spectacular view.

Falls in Kentucky - Tioga Falls

Tioga Falls, Kentucky

The falls are fed by the Tioga Creek, and have multiple drops, each being at least 30 feet high.

The hiking trail to Tioga Falls is an old wagon roadbed at least 150 years old. The terrain is unreliable and often closed by the military when conducting exercises. The trail is 2 miles long and pet friendly, but you need to keep your pets on a leash.

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#17: Torrent Falls, Campton

Location: Campton, near Natural Bridge State Park and Red River Gorge
Height: Over 100 feet

Torrent Falls are privately owned and are not open to the public, to tour the falls and hike in the area, you’ll have to register yourself over on their site.

The hiking trail is worth the fee, it’s picturesque with lush trees, rock formations, and flora. Information about the trail and how to access it is not public, to avoid crowds trying to jump fences. So contact them through their site (link above).

If you register for rock climbing, make sure to check out their cozy lodges.

#18: Town Creek Falls, Monticello

Location: Wayne County
Height: 54 Feet


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At a height of 54 feet, the riveting Town Creek Falls are located in Wayne County. The falls feed off the Elk Spring Creek, cascading down two drops.

Town Creek Falls are a beautiful sight, although not the most popular as it’s a fairly secluded destination.

To reach the falls, start at Mills Springs, take Old Mills Springs Road, then take a right onto Kentucky 90. Go down Kentucky 90 until you get to Monticello. Then look out for the Grace Baptist church, and the entrance to the falls is not far from there.

Once you’ve parked your car, make your way up the hill. Multiple trails lead off towards the hill, pick anyone and follow it downstream. You’ll soon reach the edge of the falls.

#19: Yahoo Falls, Daniel Boone state Forest

Location: Big South Fork National Recreation Area, Whitley City
Height: 113 Feet

Yahoo Falls are amongst the highest waterfalls in Kentucky, being a seasonal waterfall they are better appreciated after rain. The falls are an excellent place to birdwatch, the area has an exceptional population of wildlife.

Yahoo Falls Kentucky

Yahoo Falls Kentucky

The Yahoo Falls Trail is an easy hiking trail, you can take your kids with you. The mile-long trail makes a complete loop around the falls, starting above and ending at the base. You can modify your hike by adding the Yahoo Arch as well.

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