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15 Awe-Inspiring Landscapes That Will Melt Your Brain

The world is full of fantastic landscapes and wonders that are rarely seen, but when they meet the eye, they’re simply awe-inspiring. They leave us questioning if these places are made by human hands and state-of-the-art technology or whether Mother Nature is to be blamed for all of that beauty.

Moeraki Boulders New Zealand

Why They Are Special

There is nothing like staring at a spectacular sight for the first time. Your irises are spread, your teeth clenched, your heart beating wildly in your chest and every fiber of your body wishing it to never end. That’s the main proof of how special these landscapes are. Thrown on different sides of the world, each of them has a story to tell. Whether it is a raving volcano painted with unusual colors, a river defying all laws of nature, mindblowing rocks that remind us of dragon eggs or even stones that form forests and passageways as fiery and wicked as if they lead to Hell.

All of them are connected deeply to the tradition and culture of the people living nearby, witnessing everything our civilization has endured through all of these years. They were sculpted and painted by nature with the sole purpose of holding priceless keys to our past and future. This, my friends, is why each and every one of these landscapes is more special and unique than all other places on the planet.

These magnificent landscapes are the source of numerous wonderful stories and legends that enrich the folklore of the nations. Versions range from one absurdity to some plausible theories to based facts. The landscapes of the northern countries, for one, are often linked with mythical creatures such as giants or enormous sea turtles that roamed the Earth’s surface once upon a time ago. Then, there are some that are considered to magically change colors and shades due to the shift of weather or weird natural processes that science can easily explain nowadays.

When You Should Visit Them

If someone tells you that these breathtaking landscapes are gorgeous throughout the whole day, every day in every season, they surely won’t tell you a lie. That’s a fact. However, there are certain periods when the magic of these landscapes reaches its peak. You may think that they’re made specifically for that hour of the day or that season.

Usually, the best time for visiting is the transition between the day and the night and vice versa. I’m talking about dusk when the colors of the dying sun wash over these places and turn them into unforgettable scenes of fairy tales.

If I were you, I would hold the camera tight in my hands during this period.

15 Awe-Inspiring Landscapes That Will Melt Your Brain

Finally, without further ado, I present to you the glorious 15 landscapes that will make you go out of your mind in excitement.

Antelope Canyon-Arizona U.S.

1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, U.S. – Situated in the southwestern parts of the States, this slot canyon is separated into two parts – Upper Antelope Canyon and Antelope Canyon. It has been a constant part of the tourist maps from all over the world. Its magnificence is a magnet for curious sightseers and photographers hungry for some piece of art. If you’re one of these people, you can purchase a tour in Page that will cost you from $28 to $128 per person, depending on the length of the tour and the time.

Sunset in Halifax England

2. The sunset in Halifax, England – You may all know the large market town of Halifax in West Yorkshire by the amazing wool, the internationally popular Mackintosh chocolate, and toffee, but you might not have heard about its otherworldly sunsets. As the summer nears and leaves the cold winter behind, the sun graces this piece of land with an amazing shower of sunlight around 5 to 6 a.m. whereas the spectacular sunset occurs around 8 p.m. and sometimes well past that.

Socotra Yemen

3. Socotra, Yemen – It is often called ‘the alien-looking place on Earth’ or ‘a whole nother planet’ and that is 100 percent true. The island of Socotra is like nothing you’ve encountered before. It makes all the other corners of the world look mundane in comparison to the harsh climate and the weird looking flora that serves as an inspiration for science-fiction novels. There are almost no roads, so getting around would be a tough job, but seeing the Dragon’s Blood Trees, the Desert Rose and the Cucumber Tree, to name a few, in person is totally worth it.

Tuscany Italy

4. Tuscany, Italy – The gem of Italy and probably one of the most attractive places in Europe is, of course, this lyrical town that is one of the marvelous landscapes, itself. The art in this place lives and breathes in the vast vineyards and the extraordinary cuisine. Moreover, the dome of the Florentine cathedral, the hills engulfed in morning mist and the narrow authentic streets are what makes Tuscany look as if taken straight out of a postcard. If you’re on board, check out some amazing hotels here, and a couple of astonishing restaurants here.

Bay of Smoo Cave Near Durness Scotland

5. Bay of Smoo Cave, Durness, Scotland – You simply cannot visit Scotland and not include Smoo Cave on your way to Durness. Set into limestone cliffs at the eastern edge of the village, it is pretty big. Smoo Cave is, in fact, a sea cave and a freshwater cave whose uniqueness comes from the fact that the first chamber of the cave was formed by the sea while the inner chambers exist thanks to rainwater. If you’re an adventurer, this is definitely the thing for you.

Girona Spain

6. Girona, Spain – Northern Catalonia’s pride and in the same time biggest city will absolutely wow you with the echo of medieval times vibrating through its walls. Before heading to the Spanish beaches, make sure to stop by the mesmerizing museums, churches, galleries and cobbled alleys that stand out from this rare jewel. With a great nightlife and impeccable restaurants, Girona is one of the landscapes you surely won’t forget. Ever.

Moeraki Boulders New Zealand

7. Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand – One of my personally favorite landscapes is the guys on the picture. The Moeraki Boulders, which are a miracle of nature that date back more than 60 million years ago. Both scientifically and as a tourist attraction, these boulders are very significant and popular. Scattered all over the beach, they attract visitors from all over the world, who cannot resist the temptation of mysteriousness and antiquity around them. For more information, you can take a look at the website here.

Door to Hell Turkmenistan

8. “Door to Hell”, Turkmenistan – No, we aren’t in a horror movie, but we’re standing before the ‘doors of Hell’ nonetheless. Not literally, of course. Among the landscapes, this one is definitely the scariest and one of the most thrilling ones. In fact, it is a 230-foot-wide crater in the desert where there was a platform for natural gas reserves that collapsed, leaving the crater on fire. This is not a place for the ones with a weak heart, so bring out your bravery and experience this once-in-a-lifetime spot.

River Tinto Spain

9. River Tinto, Spain – Probably the queen of the unique and outlandish rivers is occupying the ninth spot on our list. River Tinto, which means red river in Spanish, is located in southwestern Spain, flowing from the Sierra Morena mountains. Just like taken from a Steven Spielberg movie, the blood-red river snakes itself through a fantastic out-of-the-ordinary scenery. Possibly because of the mining that is performed on its banks, the river is toxic with several kinds of metal dissolved in the water.

Stone Forest China

10. Stone Forest, China – The wonderful set of limestone formations in China is as magical as you might imagine. The rocks create the illusion of falling to the ground by the way of stalagmites as many of them remind us of trees thus getting the name Stone Forest. Since the year 2007, UNESCO has declared two parts of this unusual forest as World Heritage Sites. Moreover, it has been the inspiration for many legends such as the one of the beautiful girl Ashima.

Volcano Dallol Ethiopia

11. Volcano Dallol, Ethiopia – The lowest subaerial volcanic area in the world is precisely the Volcano Dallol, who aside from the other landmarks, is distinguishable by its hot, multicolored white, black, pink, gray, green, red and yellow salt deposits. It is believed to be the hottest place on Earth with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius annually. The geysers and unbelievably hot springs are just spicing up this exotic location. If you’re into volcanoes, Dallol should climb the top of your list.

Reine Norway

12. Reine, Norway – The popular landscapes around the globe can envy this little fishing village with approximately 300 residents. Built in the Lofoten Archipelago, Reine can boast with its main asset and that is peace. Tourists come to Reine to hit the brake pedal and just relax. Aside from the amazing food, the superb show of northern lights will definitely leave your jaw on the floor. Other great pluses are the accommodation in old fisherman’s cottages, the kayaking, and, of course, camping under the sun. A paradise on Earth!

Chocolate Hills Philippines

13. Chocolate Hills, Philippines – Ranging from 1268 to 1776, the exact number of chocolate hills is unknown. As sweet as its name, this is one of the most interesting among the landscapes. The hills are not very large and are stretching on a fifty square kilometer area. As for their name, there are extraordinary legends with giants who fought for days and then fell on top of each other as well as a romantic love between a mortal woman and a giant who wept for her after she died forming the Chocolate Hills. In any case, all curious souls should explore the beauty of this place.

Pinnacle Desert Australia

14. Pinnacle Desert, Australia – This is one of Australia’s most unique landscapes. With the lunar-like Pinnacles rising from the yellow desert of Nambung National Park, it’s a real wonder for all visitors. You can ponder the natural beauty in the eerie silence or just rest yourself from everything and embrace the mystery. What’s even better, while you’re there you can visit the Pinnacle Desert Discovery Centre where you can learn about the whole story behind these astonishing rocks.

National Park Goreme Turkey

15. National Park Goreme, Turkey – Among the spectacular landscapes, we must make some space for the amazing Goreme National Park. It’s a volcanic landscape with valleys, mountain ridges and pinnacles known as “fairy chimneys”. That makes it an irresistible destination for the lovers of rocks and rough terrain. Here you can even find monuments with signs of monastic activity as well as villages and churches from the Byzantine era. So, if the road leads you this way, definitely stop by to admire this wondrous landscape that nature has given to us.